Biofield resonance anybody?


Anybody tried the biofield resonance type entrainment? With or without subs…


You mean like iAwake or Eric Thompson?

I’ve actually become interested in some Theta brainwave entrainment after @Anonymanas mentioned Bruce Lipton and I got lost on YouTube watching some of his videos. If he’s correct, then making Theta the mostly default state helps creativity and the effectiveness of the subliminals.

I actually remember a subliminal creation program that included a brainwave generator. You could select your background music, your voice track and check a box for the entrainment and it would create a file with binaurals.


Yeah. I got the iAwake harmonic resonance few days ago. Pretty interesting how this biofield stuff works. You can definitely feel that stuff. I’ve been playing the theta track along with my subs.

Bruce Lipton is pretty amazing. I’ll have to check out that video you posted.

I think I’ve seen that program your talking about.


I just played an Iawake track last night while sleeping. It appears to deepen sleep and reduce waking and not being able to get back to sleep. Just playing through my phone speaker.

I also have a dedicated mp3 player in the room running subs 24 hours a day.


Whats the name of it?


Name of what? That subliminal recorder? Since it does help in creating subliminals, I don’t think I can share it here. Use Google wisely.


Was it Transparent Corps product? I used that a lot many years ago but they fairly recently went out of business.


Pretty sure the program Dark’s referring to is called - Mindzoom. I’ve used it for a couple of years (minus the theta entrainment) to create personal subs and it’s great. Not shilling.

Note - I’m still purchasing sub club subs because IMHO it’s all about the scripting and layering/speed up or whatever other secret sauce sub club uses :slight_smile: