Best device to play mp3's


Hi all, has anyone got any recommendations of any good mp3, players, ipods or music devices which they are using which have lasted for a long time whilst playing subs. I have gone through 2 ipod nanos in the last few months where the batteries have died or they have just stopped working. I play them continuously at night and in work so i am most probably using 16 hours a day.


I’ve got low cost Sandisk players that I’ve run pretty much continuously since 2012 that are still going strong.


I recommend a FIIO M3k: supports uncompressed formats, and 26 hours battery.


I like speakers with an SD card playback functionality.


Does it have speakers? Or do you need headphones to use it?


It doesn’t have speakers, you need headphones.


I think it would be great to get recommendations for devices with speakers to set and forget around the house.


For me it is inexpensive sandisk mp3 players and computer speakers. I leave them running 24/7. Minimal cost.