Beginning of a new era - PurpleRT Custom Sub Q


After almost two weeks of waiting, I managed to buy a specialized custom subliminal less than a hour or so. Last Friday I finished my studies. So I’m on a break until December.

Back in February I used to think about the vacations I was going to have from June to December of this year. However after the sudden events that happened, I found some intense will to improve finally many aspects of my life. My custom sub is heavily involved in social skills (DaredevilQ core #1) and to get fit. (SpartanQ core #2). Also to heal some personal traumas and wrong beliefs I still have.

I no longer want to slack off, I want to take some action in these 6 months I have, to finally make my plans and dreams come true. Improve my social life to another level, to stop being so damn serious all the time, and to stop caring for unnecessary opinions from others. Plus, to take care of myself and remove negative beliefs.

Probably my custom sub will arrive next week, between Wednesday to Friday. So I’ll keep a personal journal, and the one on this forum. I rarely post here, but I like to follow some journals, maybe it’s time I make one too!

It’s time for me to grow some wings, and to stop living in the comfort zone I have.

I’m excited to begin the steps that will lead to my desired life. And to take action everyday, to keep my place on the hill. I’m grateful for this opportunity to change as the man I want to be.


It’s 23:22 for me as I’m writing this, Tuesday night.

I was having a nice, long chat with my brother as we commonly do. Both of us had a shit day yesterday so we were talking and having a good time as always.
So I tell him the things I want to accomplish with my custom audio. I told him the DAY it arrives, I’m gonna work hard to achieve it.

It’s late, we wave goodbye to each other and I go to my room, and have 3 new emails. It’s from SubClub. My audio is ready and I’m downloading it as I write this.
I gotta hand it to both @Fire and @SaintSovereign, it arrived a day before! Thanks a lot guys!

I’m intrigued, excited and a bit scared (I AM module is inside). I’ll run it first thing in the morning tomorrow. It begins.

1st of July, the first day I work on myself.
I’ll report later.


Not every sub with I AM inside is scary to run :wink:


18:27 - 1st of July.

No big change at the moment. It’s been almost twelve hours since the first loop.
However, I do felt a brief, weird feeling in my neck during the first loop. It felt like cold, like if something sprayed my neck with water. Also felt some pressure in my temple. Not much else at the moment.
Of course, the sub is going to take some time, so I need to be patient. It’s the first day anyways!

@Sirchiropractixalot You’re right! No big reconciliation (at the moment). I don’t know how it will it be with my custom sub. Anger? Sadness? Don’t know, but I’ll eventually see.

My inner voice is a bit at ease, I guess. It hasn’t been as negative as usual (It’s a nice change)

Tomorrow I start to workout, I’m proud of my legs, they are sturdy and a bit fit, despite my physical condition. (I used to squat way too much a year ago.)

I’ll run one last loop at the evening. The journey will be slow, but rewarding indeed.


Do you feel the I AM module working? What is it like?


If you’re implementing the right actions that are congruent with the sub, you may not even experience it!


07:59 - 2nd of July

It’s early morning, I usually just woke up at this time as usual, but I had a thought about exercising right now, and I did! It’s the first time EVER I workout not only first thing in the morning, but have a strong will to do so.

I ran not one, but two loops last night. This must be it!
Also, I can confirm the sub is indeed stronger with my name in it. Every time I hit play, it gives me some weird feelings in my head, some sensations similar to a weak headache, as the sub progresses this feelings stop. This never happened with traditional subs (Emperor, Ascension…)
I’m more relaxed, with a more optimistic perspective. My inner voice is slowly changing.
There is the usual self-loathing from my voice, but it’s been less. It’s like if it’s finally decided to shut up.

@Badboi Hmm, I wish I could give you a more detailed answer, but I haven’t noticed a big difference with I AM, I’m starting to feel a bit more centered, more confident? Don’t know if it’s Daredevil, Iron Frame, Lion IV or I AM. Maybe it’s all of them! But I can’t tell you how the I AM module feels like specifically. I’m sure as I get more exposure to it, I’ll know how the module works like.

@Sirchiropractixalot Really? I’m glad to be doing it right then. I always thought that if you never experience reconciliation, you needed more exposure because it’s barely working.
Thanks for telling me that.


If you’re not moving closer towards your goals despite listening to the sub, then that’s a possibility. But if you’re constantly improving according to the suggestions of the subs made to the subconscious, what is there to reconcile?


12:12 p.m - 3rd of July

Never in my life I felt such intense disappointment.
Something personal happened, and well… I’m glad to have my Custom Sub. Gave me an interesting perspective. I may not have the thing I desire the most… but I appreciate I’m still here, to take care of myself for a change. I’m not very motivated for many things. I’m sure it will pass, I just have to give it time.
It was a pretty good move to include Overdrive.

Facial Morphing is working! I’m starting to grow beard, finally. It’s fascinating!
It’s been three days and no morning woods, no erections whatsoever.

I’m gonna leave it here. I’m still dissapointed, annoyed and confused.


@blackadder has left the chat

On a more serious note, take all time you need to heal.


@Sirchiropractixalot oh no you did it again after reading this I decided to go and check my face in the mirror again urrrmm nothing yet :rofl:


LOL. I intended to create the opposite effect!! :see_no_evil:


08:01 a.m - 4th of July

I do feel way better now. I’m feeling some faint, but assertive feeling in my forehead.
My beard is slowly growing, nice! My non-existent mustache is starting to grow too!

Yesterday my abdomen felt sore, it is now a mild pain.
More good news: In the place I live, this upcoming Monday they lift lock-down. Everything will now open, everything. Just with way reduced capacity.

I can now work my social skills as I wanted, and in perfect timing too! This months I have been locked at home made me more shy, in a horrible way. Soon enough I will fix that issue.

Erections are now back.
Inner voice is doing better. Nothing much to report right now.
Congrats to those who live in the States.


08:28 a.m - 5th of July

Ironically I place social modules, and the last thing I have been this days is to be social. I mean, I feel more at ease with myself, to the point that I want to spend my time alone, 'cause it feels good. Haven’t been interested to talk and hangout with both friends and family.
Don’t know what to make of it.

Beard is still growing, slowly. My voice is changing too. Feels more… dominant? More assertive.
Eye contact still needs improvement though, but I’m working on it.
I feel calmer too, a faint feeling of being in control.
Motivation has returned, gonna work on some health habits today.


Due do you feel that stronger erections are because of the masculine enhancement module ?


Yes, they feel different too. Before the sub, for me it was like, gets hard like a rock and that’s it.
With the custom sub, this one… well. It’s weird to describe, but it was stronger and and the same time way soft, and my testes felt way too heavy.

Plus, @blackadder you have aura of craving right? How does it feel, or how does it work?


You mean like:



Just like that man!
At this pace, I’m gonna need a wheelbarrow to move 'em.


Lmao, I’m dead :rofl:


I can feel the energy of people who approach me or those I approach. Now I am not saying I attribute this to the aura of craving perhaps its playing its part amongst the other modules. I can tell which women find me attractive and which ones do not before I even approach. As I wrote in my journal some middle age women who began talking to me gave me that bambi eye look and began staring deeply into my eyes. The girl who runs the coffee shop with her husband came over asking me questions again she gave me the bambi eye look.

Its not like AXE advert women are jumping on me :rofl: but its interesting how certain women look at me. Ideally I would like this to work with the girls I really fancy.