Been on khan for the past 6+ months


Listened to 500 hrs of kahn ST1 and 2.I am on khan ST 3 now.
I have noticed many changes similar to other members here on ST1 and 2.I believe my core confidence has improved.


Could you expand on some of these changes? I’m curious, and it might be helpful and encouraging for others to see


Would like to hear what you experienced!


Khan ST1
My action taking ability improved noticeably.Prior to khan i was always dithering.Took some concrete action towards my goals.I am primarily using khan for business building.I was able to bag my first client while on ST1.Though the client was willing i believe Khan ST 1 helped me make it contractual.Otherwise it helped me eliminate/negate bad programming/habits such as time wasting,lack of prioritizing and helped me get started on my project.


Awesome stuff. Excited to see the journey continue with ST3 and ST4.


Amazing amazing stuff! You are the role model kind khan users!