Becoming Harvey Specter (EmperorQ & Libertine Ultima)

Hi guys, hope you’re all doing well out there.

Welcome to my journal I guess.

Just a little background on me: I’ve recently come out of a long relationship after finding out she was a cheater.

Not fun finding that out and my self-esteem and mental health have taken a significant hit. Never mind, I’ll get through it.

The subliminals I currently have are EmperorQ, DaredevilQ and Libertine Ultima.

With the current pandemic, I’m putting Daredevil on the back burner and just using Emperor and Libertine. I’ll be listening to Emperor twice daily, and Libertine just the once.

I’ve recently started a new career as an accounting and a large firm, so my main goal now it to pass my exams, get my chartered qualification and begin to progress my career, with the ultimate long term goal of starting my own firm, along with investing & turning around struggling businesses.

My social goal is first and foremost to rebuild my self-esteem and get back to a healthy mindset then start bringing high quality girls into my life.

I’m lucky enough to have some amazing friends around me already, but I do also want to grow and develop a high status social circle.

That’s all I can think to put for now, but stay tuned for further updates.


Or if you’ve been here and just starting a journal.
Harvey is a great model for the Emperor/ Libertine combo

arguably Don Draper lol, but there is more Primal/PS in that

Emperor will support in becoming a better man for whatever challenges you have and will face. Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

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Harvey Specter doesn’t mind his girl cheating on him, because he knows how to make her come back - with another girl :rofl:

Good luck and give em hell! EmperorQ with PCC is a killer combo.


After running this stack for a sufficient amount, no girl will ever cheat on you haha


Are you sure you want to be like this pencil neck, thin lips of death, close set eyes and 15 inch clavicle cuckold looking face?

Took a couple of days off from the subs to let them settle then went back onto 2xEmperor and 1xLibertine per day.

This is causing extreme tiredness and eye fatigue making concentrating on work rather hard at the minute. I’m going to push through, I’m sure it’s just an adjustment period.

I’ve noticed I care less in general. I’ve set up a date this Saturday to go for drinks with some girl: thing is it was her who was asking me to meet up. She was eager to meet up but I said I would in a couple of weeks once my busy period at work was over. She asked if we could meet this weekend in case we’re put into another lockdown. I said only if I passed my 2 exams I had coming up - which I did, so now I’ve agreed to go meet her.

It’s always her texting first, I’m just constantly in a state of carefreeness - either she texts or she doesn’t but I’m not going out my way to start a conversation.

I was listening to Libertine the other night just before bed and around 30 minutes in I get a snapchat from girl I used to work with saying she was going to be in my city the following day; clearly hinting at a meet up. I don’t have time to be talking to too many woman at the minute so I just left her on read.

After libertine finished and I was trying to get to sleep, another girl send me a snapchat just saying “Hey”. Damn girl - it’s time for me to get some rest. So I left her on read too.

I feel it Emperor giving me this “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, and then Libertine is doing some crazy manifestation stuff getting these girls to pursue me.

It’s still early days so let’s see how this develops. I’ll probably post my next update on how the date goes. I’ve not met the girl in person yet so, let’s see if she’s cool.