Becoming Alpha, AM, sex master and Limitless

I am here to improve myself. To unleash my full potential. To become the best version of myself.

I have suffered from PMO addiction since Teenager which means i wasted a lot of time for growth. I am here using subs to help me recover from my past mistakes and build a new foundation of life where I can grow.

I have purchased the following.

  1. Ascended Mogul - to build my personal power becoming a high value man.

  2. Sex mastery - Overuse of PORN has left me with premature ejaculation. I am using this to recover.

  3. Limitless - Since recovering from my porn addiction, i find it hard to be motivated to do stuff. Especially hard to focus and be productive. I use Limitless to overcome this.

I have been using limitless for two month. This was my first sub. Had a good breakthrough in my productivity whenever i Listen to it. For me it works when i listen to masked version and do the work. I used to do one loop everyday.

AM and SM just purchased 3 weeks ago.

AM had a big impact in the way i communicate with people. Finally i stood up for myself when i think people do me wrong. I don’t beat around the bush, but speak to them directly. This caused me to be uncomfortable for a period of time but i got through it because i believe it was the right thing to do.

SM still had no impact in curing my premature ejaculation. Should i include some physical training for it to work. As far as i know It has only been one month but i had fast breakthrough with the other two subs. Can somebody explain why?

“You will rapid improvements in sexual stamina and longevity, resulting in longer, more fulfilling lovemaking sessions. Sex Mastery X2 contains the same technique mastery scripting found in our other “Mastery X” programs, meaning you’ll automatically and intuitively pick up on sexual techniques that enhance pleasure for both you and your partner and be able to recall and execute that techniques at will.”
The above is what the sales page says but I don’t feel any changes yet. Is there any reason why?

Btw, i believe subs will help change my internal mologue. That is why i bought it. I have always been skeptical in terms of manifestation. I believe in God you see. Is this the reason why i dont get the results i wanted.


What you see on the sales page is the end result of the program. It depends on how much work the subliminal has to do and change within you. Which is in others words where are you starting from.

3 weeks is a short time. Be consistent and give your self time it will definitely suprise you.


Thanks for the response. I am still a newb, bit i will keep on hearing. I had good results from Am and Limitless, so i will keep listening to the subs.


Elme has some great journals on AM + Sex Mastery, I’d highly recommend checking them out!

Sounds like a great stack.

One thing I’d recommend is getting Diamond and then adding DiamondZP into your stack in replacement of Sex Mastery. Diamond ZP will get released 3 days from now so if you already have Diamond it’ll be an automatic upgrade.

Diamond ZP really helped me out with this one so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. However, one thing I’ll note is that I slept with 3 people while listening to DiamondZP and in the one that was obviously a very casual, low-intimacy one-night stand, Diamond didn’t help me whatsoever.

However, in the two interactions with women I genuinely liked, Diamond exponentially improved those nights and allowed for mindblowing, as-long-as-I-wanted sex with both of them where even kissing felt as pleasurable as getting a blowjob.

Try Diamond. But, to give you an explanation as to why I think SMX doesn’t work as well as Diamond does for PE…

Men like myself who’ve suffered from PE are SO focused on the fact that they’re failures in bed. I felt that very hard. I was always trying to improve my stamina “so I could satisfy a woman” that I never even took the time to enjoy sex myself. The only times I had any stamina at all were with women who proved to me they didn’t care whether I came in 2 minutes or 2 hours. Ironically, this improved my stamina with those women.

SMX doesn’t take you out of that mindset of making it all about the other person’s pleasure. Diamond DOES help you feel your own pleasure. And contrary to popular belief, feeling your own pleasure does NOT make you ejaculate faster. By feeling your pleasure, you can relax. And when you are truly authentically relaxed, you’ve solved one component of premature ejaculation.

As a spot treatment, you can also take 1 acetominiphen tablet and 1 anti-histamine medication 2 hours before having sex, that helps too. Just make sure the anti-histamine does NOT contain any sudafed, because sudafed is a boner killer.

LimitlessZP will also be getting released at the same time as Diamond, December 1st! So make sure to upgrade (it’ll be free in your account) and listen to the ZP version to try it out :smiley:


Day 3, nothing much happening. I am still listening to one loop per day.

AM is my main subs, followed by SM then limitless.

Life is still not where i want to be, but hey, who said self improvement is easy. It is very difficult. I will keep moving forward.

Goal for 2022 is

  • Get a solid side income that can cover my living expenses
  • Lose my waist from 38inch to 34 inch and keep it forever.

Planning on changing my morning lifestyle.
To wake up at 5am, sleep at 11pm. A solid 6 hrs.

Wake up and Do

  1. Workout
  2. Reading
  3. Some of my side job hustles.

My long term goal is to start waking up at 5am. Slowly creeping it back. Right now I’m at 630 am and actually waking up at that time maybe 30% of the time.

But I find the most important thing is to do a tech-shutdown and stop working by 9pm. I’ll do things like Start reading and having a more night-like relaxing ritual. Sometimes I’ll stretch, or journal, but usually I read or meditate.

I’m 6 months into Ascended Mogul and life is still not where I want it to be. But WOW am I a drastically better person than I was 6 months ago. I’m infinitely more capable of creating the life of my dreams, and I’ve already started making it more in line with what I imagine my perfect life to be.

Internal changes take years while external changes take seconds. Don’t forget to never stop digging, because at any point in time, you might just be 2 feet away from striking gold.


Day 9,

My overall mood is improving while listening to SM and AM. usually i listen to Ultrasonic SM when i am sleeping.for AM, i listen to when i am working, a mix of Ultrasonic and Masked, depends on My Mood.

I am more willing to workout now than ever before, which is a big change


Keep pushing and dont think too much about it. The secret is letting go and do do your own thing during the day and let the subconscious take care of everything.

Thinking back on all the success i had with just sex Mastery alone ( that was my first sub), i already was helping my subconscious process things faster ( meditation, breathing exercises, power afirmations and monstly important relaxing the body and mind)

I have been in the hypnosis business myself, and subclub are the best.

Keep posting your progress, keep persisting one day at a time.


Day 16

I can feel some changes in My life.
I have started to develop a routine for my life.
I used to just wake up everyday late and prepare urgently for my work. But now after listening to AM, i am getting more organized.

I know the explanation is rather vague. It os hard to specify what is it. But i do feel change. It is like my dream self is slowly growing into existence.

Who is this Man, someone not fat, is wealthy and lives life now.
I don’t have the specific. But i need to have them. Author Ramit sethi has mentioned that a Rich Life is lived when we decide what is important to us and we mobe to get it. Just moving without direction is just another form of Laziness.

One more thing about Laziness. I used to call myself Lazy. Now I have changed this Mindset. Whenever, i felt the need to do something. I do it immediately.

Subs has been great in help me changey internal dialogue. No more am i procastinating doing anything. Before this, doing something simple would take me 30mim to start. Now it becomes easier. I believe this. Was caused by AM and Limitless.

Day 26,

It has been a while since i posted here.

Sex has been increasing better. Thanks to SM.
My wife always wants more sex now. We get great amount of pleasure.
But i still suffer from Premature ejaculation.
To alleviate this problem i have purchased Diamond. I want to improve my stamina.
I will listen to Zero Point, by following its guideline.

AM has improved my life so much. The biggest thing i see is my approach to workouts. I am overweight. Working out and eating healthy was hard. But now, Working out is easier than ever before. I want to workout. What AM helped me is realizing what my actual goal is to workout.


Day 31,

My wife is more active now.
I am getting better at sex, albeit slowly.
Premature Ejaculation is still there. I believe Diamond will fix this.

New realization i just got was that i have a fucked up Sexual energy due to All the years that i watched porn. I plan on fixing this first. AM and limitless has to take a backseat for some time.

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Watching this journal now to see how Diamond effects your PE!

Diamond helped me out a lot. When i listened to SM i found it helpful for my sexual vibe but knew it wouldnt help my PE. Diamond helped instantly, on the zp test.

I ran solo diamond which gave instant results. Since pe is such a big issue, i’d recommend starting out with solo diamond for a few days just to really integrate it. Hope it helps you!

EDIT: didnt realize i already posted a similar comment. But to give you an update, I’m still PE free after all this time thanks to diamond

I just listened to Diamond ZP today about 1hr before sex, but it has no effect on my PE.

My sex my partner is great though. She like the intensity and an eager everytime we do it. From the reaction, she likes having sex with me.

But she is just a little bit let down that i have PE. Not a big problem, cause i make up other way. But i still want to cure it.

@Billions I am thinking of going All in on Diamond ZP with ME for two weeks to see of there is improvement in my stamina. Should I still follow the quideline or just listened to it everyday.

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Continue to follow the best practice guidelines that SC have advocated.

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Follow the guideline. What other practices are you doing to combat your PE?

To be transparent, I didnt just listen to diamond, i took a lot of action for a long time before finding diamond… I got it a little bit under control on my own, and then when i found diamond that was what really gave me more confidence and control

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Edging without porn is important, using lube (coconut oil works best for this… might also heal damaged nerve endings as well)

I think learning how to eat your partner out is really important… if you can gove her an orgasm before you even start, she’ll care less how long it lasts

At the beginning of sex it helps to go really really slowly… i find that the first 5 minutes is really hard to last, but if i can last 4 or 5 minutes something clicks and all of a sudden i have orgasm control. Giving yourself permission to slow down and sometimes ask her to stop so that you don’t cum even though you only just started is hard to do but extremely helpful.

Another trick is to insert yourself into her, give her a few thrusts, then eat her out. Then tease her with a few more thrusts. Then eat her out more. Repeat until she’s either satisfied or you feel more confident… this way you have fun, it’s actually quite dominant, and you get to condition yourself to insert without ejaculating.

The exercise (taichi brocade #6 or 7…) where you bend forwards, move yours hands down your back and leg, then bend forward to touch your toes is more than enough to completely stop wet dreams in their tracks with just 5 minutes a day before bed. Useful if you’re edging… but also helpful for PE as a whole because it strengthens involuntary nighttime releases… imagine how powerful it is during daytime.

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Tried edging without Porn, but got demotivated after sometime.

As for the Oral, i still find it a bit physcological discomfort to do it. Any ideas that can help me to get better at it.

I have tried this but got no results.
Maybe i am the cause, i am expecting too much of the results instead of just doing it and learning on the way.
Plus, i still have emotional discomfort to do oral. Doesn’t it smell down there?

Patience takes time. Acceptance of where you’re at takes character. You can’t just immediately fix this. You should realize that there’s no trick. You just have to retrain the nerve endings over months and years.

Edging is the right thing to do, so keep doing it for as long as it takes. But don’t get as close as you can to cumming… don’t “hold back” an orgasm after building yourself up to a 9.5 and then pulling away your hand at the last second.

When you edge, ride the wave of your pleasure at a solid 7/10… don’t go higher than that, it’s okay to go lower than that, just focus on lasting for a long time without the urge or suddent contraction to ejaculate. A pocket pussy or fleshlight (recommend fleshlight) is great for this. It’s going to be one of the key factors of learning control

The idea is to train yourself to last for a longer period of time without wanting to cum, which is why 10 minutes at a 7/10 pleasure is better than 1 minute at 9.5/10

Relaxation is a massive factor. That’s why pressure we face to last long doesn’t help. That’s why your partner’s unconditional love does help. Another thing that you can do is be more active about teaching the muscles there to relax by massaging the tough PC muscle between your balls and anus. Literally just press on them as if you were removing knots ans muscle cramps.

As for eating pussy… idk man… if your girl genuinely smells bad, that sucks. Have you tried? Or are you asking me if she does? Some girls smell bad. But healthy girls that drink water and eat fruit taste anywhere between “Ok” and “amazing”

Plus, you need to take the pressure off yourself. If you just finger her to an orgasm instead, that’s kind of the same thing… but girls want to be eaten out. That’s why girls said i was “the best fuck they’ve ever had in their life” even though i came in 2 minutes. I made them from from eating out first


Yes exactly! Same for me. I am wondering why this is