BDNF Brain-derived neurotrophic factor


So there are various habits and practices that can be implemented that will increase your bodies levels of BDNF.

More BDNF can cause neurogenisis (growth of new neurons) which can results in better learning and memory.

I’d imagine that doing these practices alongside subliminals can help your mind integrate the subliminals better.

Meditation, excercise, Wim-hof method, sunlight exposure, intermittent fasting, keto.

I personally do all of these except keto. I try and keep my sugar and carb intake lower though.

Oh and something else I forgot to mention.

Psychedelics even when microdosed will raise bdnf levels. I’d suggest if you take this route it’s better to microdose because even 5 ugs is enough to raise bdnf levels.

To put it another way. If you’re listening to quantum limitless but you’re over consuming sugar, staying inside all day, being inactive, etc then you aren’t stacking everything in your favor to improve your brain function.


I remember @CyberSec talking about his experience with using subliminals and psychedelics, I might try it soon. Stacking healing ultima + Maybe Khan St1 or my I AM custom to see what comea out of it.

I think since BDNF is increased so much, it might be possible to increase the amount of subs we are exposed to, like, run 3-4 loops of terminus in a day.

@Joe What about Pramiracetam?


Yeah healing subs can be great for this. Elixer, rebirth, or regeneration are great.

I remember seeing a study that showed piracitam increased bdnf partially.


I would advise against running 3-4 terminus loops though


Yeah, 3-4 is pretty much hahaha

Maybe 2, on LSD, maybe your brain would be able to grow.