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Hey All,

Time for a new Journal. This one is on a mission.

It will be performance orient and results driven.
It will also be a place to celebrate wins and victories no matter how small and how big.
I will also actively process, reflect, and alchemize- stalls, setbacks, and what is not working.

I’ve developed/ and am developing this profound sense of what I commit to and say will happen-will now happen. I can feel it ‘in my bones’.

I may have doubts, concerns, insecurities, or nervousness and I may slip into them or let them go at times but they just don’t really hold a candle to this other power. It’s like the show is going on and I’m getting on stage no matter what.

I recently set three financial goals

Set up to make 7 figures by March 2024, Triple monthly income, be making money monthly doing predominantly what I love (not strictly financial but I believe leverage where there can be flow-i.e. passion and love or at least intense engagement will always yield better financial results )

The pathway:

I’m declaring I will be a rainmaker with the two companies I now work
and for the business I am creating.

One principle I’m discovery on EOG : It takes the same energy to aim big as it is does small

That means concretely.

  1. $200,000 in sales a month at company 1 (100,000 is considered excellent so I’m doubling that)
  2. $50 million in new business development by July 1 at company 2
  3. 100,000 copies of the product I’m creating for my business sold between $10-29.99 a unit (want to do more market testing before I set this) by January 7 2024
  4. $100,000 in adjacent service of my business by March 2024

The stack currently

  1. Emperor: HOM
  2. True Sell
  3. Ecstacy of Gold Stage 3
    4.Ascension Chamber 1x a week

Goals for week 1

  1. Source an investment for a movie production and I’d like to close
    2 million on that in the next 10 days. I’ll split the 5% commission between 1-2 other parties so this will net $32,000-$50,000.
  2. Close another 50K in sales by Sunday

Clearing Emptying out:

Yesterday rocked
tonight sucked… I can feel my cynicism and resignation flood back in.
This is the inner game of ‘sales’. Moving forward when stuffs not clicking. This is an another element I’m not clear if recon or not covered in True Sell. Either case definitely in recon so suspending judgement.


what benefits do you get from this title?

i have tried it a few times and never not once seen anything at all.

it seems to do nothing.

and worst for me on days i have used it, it seems to negatively impact the results of the title i combined it with.


I run it in 2-3 minutes spurts
The few times I tried it in full-especially with other titles it was too much.
Ended up having funky days.

The benefits for me when I run it in 2-3 minutes spurts is literally an elevated sense of existence.
Everything feels higher vibrations, cleaner, clearer. My thinking and visualization is improved. And I have a knowing of creating what I intend and choose. Often results show up in unexpected ways I didn’t expect but intended.

Even in 2-3 minutes in the beginning made me really tired- it’s a strong sub.


Sales- Worked 3 hours shift today closed- just under $5k. Good not great, but solid.

Independent Biz Dev

New leads on biz dev for one 2M investment- really great options opening up-there’s about a week left to close
so declaring some magic and sourcing the full amount or more.

Fund Biz Dev

Putting in work tonight-still a stall.


Strong goals!

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Doubled this month already, with a pathway to tripled, I am also loving what I am doing.

It’s not my ‘ideal’ that would be manning/CEO’ing/building my own company or other companies/ influencing/acting or coaching. Those will come. But I really do love sales. It’s inspiring people to step into something that serves them. I could do that all day.


1/1 Today- 4 calls canceled
tracked 1 down- $7K

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Huge recon lol
Ran 1 loop each title, HOM, EOG Stage 3, True Sell
Was already in recon so threw in 30 seconds of RICH

been tired and off all day, got a cancel request for a purchase.
Initially saw myself back sliding-super fxxing annoying when that happens-it was 1K in commission
then turned into a win.

They’ll likely do a much larger purchase a little bit down the line.

Also HOM/True Sell woman make jokes about- or directly ask me out on the phone consistently
while I’m selling them! It’s tempting sometimes, since it’s not cold calls, I know who I am talking to.
But won’t cross that professional line.

Anyway super behind today

have a few schedule calls later- my goal is $36K by midnight


Posted on True Sell thread but I’m beginning to thing HOM is diluting my pure sales effectiveness.
It started before this, but then Saint mentioned HOM hitting deep and other energy intensive subs could drop the performance of both when run in tandem.

Its level of relatedness may be too much in a way. You want rapport but not if it lessens authority, creates too much ease, or makes the container untight.

It’s all coming into focus.

Last week I closed at $35K

2 Days into week 2 I’m at $12K.

Want to hit $50K+ this week. Declaring I’m hitting $50K plus.

@Niles mentioned running Stark and RICH for sales performance and I want to start experimenting.
I absolutely love HOM but I am also craving some Alpha and seduction and Stark would fit the bill while still being perfect for sales, my own business, and EOG compatible. All TBD

My plan now is to washout a couple days and pick up with RICH, True Sell, and EOG stage next week

I can see which subs improve performance the most.
It won’t be 100% correlation because I’m not my own control group but still…
The numbers won’t lie. That’s why I love sales! Such a quick clean metric.
Biz dev I fill the pipeline. Sales I close the pipeline. It’s way more fun imo.


Yeah man my opinion on H.O.M is that it’s great for building trust and rapport on calls but I believe sales people put wayyyy too much emphasis on this. Rapport simply needs to be a level of agreedness to work together, more then that and it becomes actually harder to influence someone.

What your looking for is putting them in a state of acquiescence where they go along with your suggestions and being viewed as an expert advisor and leading them through the best way to solve their problem is how you move the sales process along. For that purpose stark is much better.

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What is your #1 clear concise goal of this stack?

The thing you want beyond all else in one single sentence.

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Time to clear!!
Alchemical Process

Jordan Belfort- wolf of wall street (ethical implications aside he’s great at sales)
talks about two elements to sales- the actual process and person’s certainty.

Certainty in the product, the company, themselves (they are the best possible for the lead in front of them). He likens it to a furnace and the sales system/skills the pathway to transfer the heat (of certainty efficently) efficiently.

I want more of this with my stack. Still not clear if recon but it’s hit or miss,
it should feel like nothing to be confronted by what I ‘don’t want to hear’ or to have a few misses in a row. I can lose momentum and even conviction in myself.

The winner effect, and loser effect is strong with such immediate feedback

I’ve gone two days without a close, and it’s driving me fckking crazy
my head is swimming with doubts, what if it was a fluke, I no longer know how to deal
with ‘I need to think about it’ etc

The truth is that’s all bullsxxt but I can get hooked.
Possibly the dark before the dawn

I’m dealing with that as one form of recon or a missing in my stack. Unclear yet. I may reintroduce emperor once I create custom, as Emperor crushes doubt.

It’s funny because their are two kinds of doubt I experience.

  1. Doubt in the sale in the moment
  2. Doubt in my path or self and my process of becoming the best.

The 1st NEVER stops a sale. In fact some of my best sales so far turned this way. There is always a ‘click’ when I can feel the space of registration though. Were in a real game.

People can say ’ I need to think about it/ can I think about it’ in that space and I’ll still close.

The second space is doubt in myself overall and the process, this kills my ability to to enter that space of registration. And it has ‘I need to think about it’ become a nightmare for me.

I went two days with no closes and 3 hot leads fizzled out.

I was at a point on EOG stage 3, HOM, and True Sell where I literally feel such insane confidence, and relatedness, and my mind was bursting like 20 steps of everyone in the moment but still completely present, I felt like a whole different level. It went into the performance of that role and throughout my whole life, envisioning my goals everywhere. I closed $43K in about 9 days during that period.

Then I went two days without a close, a bunch of personal challenges happened at once and all this doubt was creeping. I feel a little like at square one, or like ‘what happened to my superpowers’ lol.

probably recon

The space I w dealing with is staying confident and believing my destiny as the best at this ever.
I have to stay there even though I’m off for a couple days and no sale yet.
Such good practice of being/ internal being primary.


I will do $300K this month
I will be the best this company has ever seen at that
I love this game
I can do this like no one else.

That’s a fantastic question although it annoyed me when I first read it :sunglasses: :black_heart:

(To know myself) To be and be known as someone who adds so much metric value to where ever I involve myself that everyone, including me, succeeds and wins because of it and I can essentially print money.

(I will continue to contemplate this though.)

I like this game too

External by end of EOG stage 4 (so about 3 months on my current cycle )

  1. Hit or exceed chosen metric goals in sales and business development. (i.e. I say 5M in biz dev I hit it/ I say $300K/month in sales I hit it)
  2. Build a business that passively/with minimal involvement, or up to 10 years a month of my direct service does $10k a month


  1. To live at an unrecognizable level of freedom, abundance, and choicec
  2. To be of service from a position of real wealth and power universally,

I’ve noticed that too, I’ve listen to all my top sales tapes and they have a few things in company

  1. I’m driving the convo and in control
  2. I’m authoritative and neutral to positive
  3. I’m not hedging myself or slowing my tone. If I want to talk fast with power I do. (this was tricky cause I was worried about forward selling but it works better for me to go with my instinct here)
  4. It’s about a solution for them, that’s it. The rapport is mainly from understanding their pain and what they want.
  5. There is a tiny personalized element of rapport, we have some laughs, and inside joke, I acknowledge them uniquely.
  6. I keep things extremely relevant.

H.O.M is showing up as people staying in touch with me after the sale, and trying to build partnerships and relationships that way. It’s actually kind of hilarious.

It’s great for the long game. Less so for one call close but it does have elements that help with that. Negotiation, relatedness etc.

I want to defend HOM as great for sales. Stark seems like it could be better though based on what your saying .

I’m curious if Emperor would be any good. I was great at marketing sales when on Emperor, but I ran the product and it was such a good deal with such hot leads my close rate was literally 95%.

Some of my success could be Emperor bloom contributing. Although when I ran it with the stack, my sales felt clunky.

@Niles what do you think of True Sell vs. Stark. I’m curious to stack them.

Yeah those questions that hit deep are always annoying and a pain in the ass.

I’m going to ask more follow up, probably a thorn in your side, feel free to tell me to pound sand. Someone asking me uncomfortable questions gave me clarity and has accelerated my growth along with subs.

  1. What is your definition of unrecognizable level of freedom, abundance, and choice?

What does it feel like, look like, smell like, taste like, etc.

What current emotions do you feel when you think about this vision? What emotions do you want to feel when you have embraced this vision and have become it?

  1. Same exact questions for #2

I apologize for further recon hell. Questions tend to do that.

Let’s take this over to my other journal, I love the discussion and philosophy, but don’t want to dilute the intentionality here.

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Clearing Emptying out:

It may be time for a washout.
Week 1 was my most effective- HOM/True Sell/ EOG Stage 3
Week2 Was my least effective HOM/True Sell/ EOG Stage 3
Week 3 was second most effective RICH/True Sell/ EOG Stage 3
Week 4 is RICH/True Sell/ EOG Stage 3 – I have nothing yet -1 day so far, only reached 7 new contacts, one high ticket prospect re-engaged, 3 relatively high follow ups.

On RICH I have a little of that Emperor- I don’t have time for people who don’t take action, I find myself quite angry and furious when things are not going my way. Could be recon not sure.
Or RICH is much more lasered in. I’m not getting the easy and flow and manifestations in previous weeks yet. It may be time for a washout.

Perhaps a RICH manifestation some friends ‘bought’ me a plane ticket to Europe and a room to stay for their event. They said pay them back whenever.

Really wanting to get that HOM/ True Sell custom but waiting to see what will drop.
Not sure how to make this stack more effective. I’ve had moments of insane effectiveness and Glory on both RICH and HOM.

I’ll vent this responsibly: the truth is I’m so committed to effectiveness its insane. I have the one of the top close rates in the company, but struggling with the reality of how low overall it is expected to be even for top performers. I want to win more often and I want other people to get what they want. And they won’t when they stay on the fence. I’m not experiencing a lot of power or magic here with my stack. My ability to move people off the fence has shined only once or twice, normally I’m effective when I execute everything flawlessly and people are a clear yes. I’d want more swaying power and being great when people aren’t ready. I’m great when their uncertain but not when there not ready or have a heuristic to sit on something.

I’m earning quite a lot with what I’ve done so far ($5k in the first two weeks on my way to $10k if my performance stays or raises last week)

What I am dealing with, despite the praise, initial success, and effectiveness, is I’m ‘terrified’ I won’t being able to be consistent or continue to progress and if I let that leak in and at my performance drops. I felt untouchable and now that’s what I am present to so clearing that out, taking a few more days off and looking forward to that alchemizing.


I don’t know what the F is going on this week lol
RICH and True Sell, EOG stage 3 -not landing anything
doing a washout - looking for some bloom

beginning to thing HOM and Emperor bloom were the source of the initial effectiveness.
True Sell has definitely helped but it’s weird how it works with RICH not sure if its the best fit

Was getting ready for a custom RICH/True Sell with Saints guidance. Going to finish the week out to re-assess

Open to turn around

Declaring 30K turn around by tonight

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If your open to it, what’s your take on this situation sub wise and/or
intuition/spiritual sense ? I was on ‘fire’ 3 weeks two weeks HOM/True Sell, 1 week RICH/True Sell
I can’t discern what’s different in my performance, other then I’m dealing with more resignation/stagnation and less possibility as this goes on longer- even though I keep letting it go and resetting.

Week 1 best week HOM/True Sell
Week 2 worst week HOM/True Sell
week 3 2nd best Rich/ True Sell
All super good good
Week 4- Rich /True Sell- nothing- despite more action and contacts then ever- literally nothing

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