Aura of love coming ? please vote


For all of you I know 2020 was a challenging year. Yet you persevered and you all barreled through. Things got a whole lot better as the year progressed we had new members join like hermit and brandon who both helped shape the community in a positive way.

The new year is now before us SC has hinted upon us the release of a new ultima the aura of love coming out soon. I want all loyal customers to raise their hands and say “Aye Aye I want to buy this product”…YES RADIATE LOVE to everyone.

Lets share the love and make this planet a better place to live in !!

Peace Your Friend


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Honestly 2020 was one of the best years of my life despite the challenges
and Compassion and Love to all who struggled.

and Aye Aye captain @blackadder I’m all aboard, and ready to walk to the credit card plank

@blackadder tell them about project Hero…it’s time…


Aye Aye Captain Azriel well if 2020 was a good year for you 2021 will be even greater.

Project Hero is coming soon !!!


I think…

Spartan was released in Feb 2019…
Emperor Fitness in Feb 2020…
So, it’ll be time for Hero in Feb 2021.


Wealth subs release around July-August too, like:
Emperor v1 in 2018,
Ecstasy of Gold in 2019,
House of Medici in 2020.

Saint & Fire probably have a Calendar of some sort in the backoffice.


(Dates are Approximate & Unverified.) :smile:



Aura of love, joy, wisdom and positivity would be the best sub for beginning the year

So AYE AYE AYE @blackadder


Last year was unforgettable. Sadly it’s not my best year, it’s a year of losses, that to this day I could not believe. Regardless we are all here now and looking forward to better prospects and experiences.

That said, one of the best things that happened to me in the previous year was finding SC. There’s a roadmap again.

Cheers and AYE AYE


Oh Jesus. It was indeed.

I appreciate this. I’m glad I/we could have a positive impact on the community, I hope I managed to help in someways :pray:t4:.

What @Azriel said.
The world could use a little more love.

I’ve just got an commercial vision in my head with this being part of the small print.


@Apollo your not alone brother. I promise you thougj 2021 will be a better year for you :smile:.


Aye Aye BA
I want to buy this product :heart_eyes:


@SaintSovereign @Fire see all your disciples are so loyal to you they want aura of love.


Aye Aye cap N


@mecharc good man Mecca


@Simon are you going to be with us and purchase the aura of love ?. You are a fitting recruit for this, you have shown you have what it takes to make a difference to the world.


Yes let’s make 2021 even better than the last year!


@Nemesis yes agree i hope you will join us and buy aura of love

I believe Saint is creating the product so it wont be long till we get it.


Aye Aye, Captain.

Rainbows of Love will be scourging the Planet forever after.


Great to have you onboard young Hermit. People like us are a dying breed.




I want it now!!! Give me some love aura!!


@Joa93 The Smiths ? Seriously? Nothing like the angst of Morrissey