Audio against addictions?

Hello everybody,

is there an audio which helps against various bad habits or addictions (alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, Internet dependency etc.)? Which one is to recommend?

Thanks for any answers

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Doing a little research on the forum, I found this old thread, but I guess things have changed since then, haven’t they?

The answers in that thread are still relevant. Do consider them.

Limit Destroyer is a good audio if you are having habits that you use to cope with your limits. For example if masturbation is being used since you can’t attract women. Or using alcohol to gain confidence or not face reality.

Another option is Elixir + Regeneration. This has helped me a lot to clear out emotional baggage that caused me to do emotional eating. It also helps to do a general mental and emotional healing for you with a lighter hand (and less reconcilliation).

Dragon Reborn is an excellent option. But I wouldn’t recommend it as a first option. You need several months experience with a dense title like Emperor before embarking on DR.

Besides the healing subliminals, you can also think of running subliminals to replace your bad habits with good ones.

For example, running Godlike Masculinity to have self-discipline and stoicism instead of being lazy and emotional.

Or Ascended Mogul to build money habits instead of procrastinating on wealth-building.

Or one of the many seduction titles combined with going out more often instead of porn and masturbation.

I think you get the idea.


If you are willing to go custom’s route, there are a few modules regarding that.

Being a Newbie: What does “to go custom’s route” mean?

You can make your own custom with title cores and modules.
Up to two cores and 20 modules in total

But if you are a newbie, forget about that and focus only on Major subtitles.


I think I’ll do that. I am just about to finish my first 21 days with Ultimate Artist, Wanted and Ascended Mogul, starting my 5 day-washout this Friday

I could replace Wanted with Diamond or Sex Mastery ZP for that purpose, and maybe Limitless with Ascended Mogul.
Or is that too early? Should I rather run one or two more cycles of the old stack?


Rather run the next cycle with the same stack.


What @Lineer2 said:

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I know for emperor and AM Q etc they have the anti porn scripting but I’m not sure about the ZP versions.
Saint said ZP versions are all new scripts so I’m not sure if it was confirmed that the ZP versions of AM and emperor have the anti porn scripting

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