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I understand that the majority of the members of this forum are men, but am I wondering whether some kind of “Attract a Specific Person” subliminal would actually be a bestseller among female subliminal users?

I see that many of the energy healing, Law of Attraction and to some extent even many Neville-Goddard forums/Facebook groups are dominated by women who want to manifest their “SP” or get their ex-boyfriends or their ex-husbands back.

Given Subliminal Club’s knowledge of LOA, healing and other esoteric beliefs, would there be more subs for such females one day?

Interestingly, in such a female-dominated online environment , there is a lot of reference to love, self-love , gratitude and much talk about relationships. I can’t find much talk about careers for example in those female-dominated manifestation forums.

In contrast, in male-dominated forums where lots of guys focus on using subliminals to be alpha males or wealthy people, there is so much aggressive male talk such as

“I am no longer letting my bosses kick my ass”
" I have had enough of being her slave"
“After running Emperor I feel like everyone is afraid of messing with me”
“I feel like the women are all going crazy over me”

Such differences always make me wonder which approach in life to take in order to speed up manifestation - the mushy-lovey self-talk like “I feel so loved by everybody and everyday I wake up feeling grateful for everything in the universe”, or the aggressive “I must destroy everything in my life that is stopping me from building my empire or harem of women” type of attitude.

Like…does anyone feel like he loves his mother 100 times more than before and feels grateful to her and obliged to put her before himself after running Khan?

About Women, Manifestation and SPs

Who sows the wind will reap the storm

As long as you are choosing a non harmful approach it doesnt matter.
Force in any form to kick asses so to speak will bring you only a short term success. Dealing and acting fair is the way to change your life.
Nevilles approach is realy interesting and i love his books but his lazy approach to manifest never worked for me. I am into this LAO thing since years and tried many variations of manifestation techniques.
With meditation. With brainwaves. With iso tones. With my david delight pro mindmachine. Daily for years and i never had any success.

My visions in life like building a house with a family and having an interesting job are all real now because i WORKED towards those goals my whole life. I didnt meditate or used any technique to accomplish like most of the succesful people out there.
They all worked hard for their career or they were born in the right circumstances. And others only had luck without any effort.
All is possible and selling books how to improve your life and get rich is a realy succesful strategy to get rich quick if you are the author.
This doesnt mean that the infos or programs are useless. Some people need such personal trainers to move their asses.

Anyway this whole esoteric stuff fascinates me since the 80s.
We had telepathie and telekinese and astral projection to play with. Monroes book was a must have. Astral projection btw was interesting and i played around with it for years. Sometimes i had a teacher on that plane showing me how to stick my arm through the wall in my room and other stuff. Was it a dream? I dont know but it was damn real. At the end i lost interest in astral projection because my main life was more interesting. A girlfriend a car good friends and much fun in the real world. Then we had our first subliminal on tape. It was for general health issue. My friends in the car were always laughing at me because of this tape. But i liked it and i had positive effects.

The whole scene changed a lot with the internet. I have still my problems with that manifestation term you also used. You can change your world in changing yourself. Subs can help. You will probably acting different. You will take other roads and will meet other people and so you may have the chance to create circumstances who will give you the possibility to accomplish your goals. And thats the reason why it is important to be fair on this road. Dealing with people is always a challenge and i am still learning how to put the bad ones aside without too much negative force. Its a game of balance.

And yes there should be more specific subs than those general “i build an empire” ones. Maybe i only want my ex back and dont want an empire because i am lucky with that guy/girl. I am married and i would like to see a sub which focus only on this relationship to improve sex and romantic. Those subs should be much more effective than the big ones because they are much more focused.

And dont forget: We are all not from here


While i get what you mean I feel like people here are more focussed on building their empire and reaching their ideal life.
When it comes to women I usually see them as being more short-term focused on things like SPs etc. Just my observation


Women in general are more practical and grounded than men.
Men are still fascinated from power to rule over others.
Yin & Yang. But the ego based insanity we see all over the world is a real big problem leading the whole world to nothing but chaos.
Its time to put the old egos down. We need more consciousness to break out of the old ego based patterns.


@King - interesting thing is that I have wondered over this question too. So far all I can theorize is that it is possible that men and women attract things differently due to their respective Masculine and Feminine energies. This is a guess though based on how the different genders approach life (this is also a generalization).

For example, men are expected to be active with regard to dating. They are supposed to approach women they like. They need to build empires, raise their status, game, money etc inorder to attract good looking women.

Women on the other hand need only look good on first impression. And can get away with being passive in dating (among other things)

Now I don’t exactly know how this translates to LOA but according to various “teachers”, LOA (which looks quite passive and feminine) works regardless of the gender.

Either that or there is an interplay of masculine and feminine forces where the emotional attracting force is feminine and the mental (and probably physical) attractive force is masculine. And hence why a combination of masculine and feminine forces (thoughts and feelings respectively) lead to attracting what we want through LOA.

And yes, the reason why men are automatically going for success, wealth, etc are because they feel this is what makes them desirable whereas women are usually more focused on relationships.


This was on my mind recently. SubClub has very few unisex titles (and even less for women specifically). They did say in their latest roadmap back in August that they are working on more female-oriented titles I wonder how many unisex titles are indeed possible. Right now the only unisex programs I can think of are Mogul, EoG, and Alchemist. The rest are relationship and status/dominance related which could make it more difficult to script them toward both genders in a way that delivers the most effective results.


Why not a sub focused on becoming the person who can attract a really compatible person to oneself for a relationship.


Becoming a person you can attract a compatible person is essentially what they all do. Becoming your best self will help you attract your ideal partner


Like dorfmeister writes, you don’t want to get too specific. As much as I’d love to draw Taylor Swift into my life as a friend or more, I accept it as unlikely.

But you can draw someone into your life that is ideal for you, possibly focusing on one specific “superficial” feature you’d like them to have (like wealth, race or hair color). Doing that is more in line with the concept of abundance and makes it easier for the LoA to pick someone that can actually cross your path within a reasonable timeframe. So in my example, I may not get Taylor Swift, but I can ask for a country singer. :slight_smile:

Also keep in mind that if you are on a journey of self-improvement, the person that is ideal for you right now may not be the person that is ideal for you a year into the future.

As far as I know, some form of manifestation is present in all the subs by SubClub. But unlike the competition, there are no targeted manifestation subs like ideal job or ideal lover. Possibly because SubClub subs are made to be flexible and easily switched, while manifestation takes time.


IMO it comes down to being free of attachments (as many sages say) and you can have anything as long as you give up wanting it. So as far as wanting it you’d release all feelings of attachment and all non loving feelings around your particular person. Sedona Method has some good processes around this. There’s one that’s like what would I like to change about (person)? Then you release your feelings about that. Then you check, could I allow myself to love (person) as he/she is? until you get to an absolute yes, an all loving feeling. If it’s truly meant to be it will be and if it’s not it won’t (another thing you’ll find sages telling us.) Either way you can set yourself free and from that place of freedom and being whole complete and perfect as you are, you’ll be find if you have it and fine if you won’t and that’s also the place of miracles. Some thing Lester Levenson would say, get hootless. When you are fully released on an impossibility no matter how impossible, it becomes immediately possible. There’s a documentary about him called Go All The Way available on Amazon Video, it’s pretty good.