About Women, Manifestation and SPs


Hi, I’m not sure whether this is the right place to ask such a question, but I would like to hear the perspective of the women who are using Subclub subliminals on this topic. I’ve raised a topic similar to this one before but thought I would get better perspectives from women here.

For the ladies here, I have observed that in a lot of manifestation, healing and law of attraction forums that women tend to focus a lot on manifesting their SP (could be specific person, significant person or special person but I don’t really know the meaning of the word SP), and the approach to manifestation often involves thinking deeply about emotional well-being, self-love, gratitude, imagining the most lovable circumstances for yourself and your loved ones .

Basically the approach to life looks more passive, gentler and much more in harmony with one’s emotions. Women also appear to be more easily made happy by many simple things in life, such as seeing a flower bloom.

You might observe a difference in the way men approach their objectives on this forum, which involves a lot of aggressiveness, ambition and planning in terms of planning their end-goals. For men, there is a lot of focus on becoming more and more powerful internally and externally in order to achieve one’s goals, especially in this subliminal community. Power for men may be expressed in the form of lots of money, sexual prowess, or the ability to dominate and influence other people.

My question here is, do you think these differences in terms of the approach to goal-setting and manifestation are a product of the environment/society or are they actually determined by one’s gender?


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