ATTN: Short Q Delay, Name Embed Cancellation


Unfortunately, we’re going to have to delay Q a bit. This also means having to cancel our name embed tests – for now.

A helpful member of the community informed us of a “competitor” who was potentially stealing our files and reselling them under different names. After a thorough investigation, we can confirm that they’ve done just that. These pirates attempted to modify the length of the files in order to change the hash, but unfortunately for them, we’ve included “markers” within all of our titles that allow us to identify if someone has stolen our titles and are presenting them as their own. Even if these thieves were aware of the markers, attempting to remove them would render the subliminal useless. We’ve since initiated legal action.

We’re not going to post the name of this website, but if you’ve seen it, you’ll know it. Not only did they steal our files, they also attempted to mimic the way we write our copy, design our product boxes, the way we name our titles, etc.

To prevent this from happening to titles created by Q, we’ve asked our Director of Technology to devise a system that would allow us to quickly identify stolen or pirated titles. We’ve spent far too much money on Q to allow unscrupulous characters who want to profit off our hard work, or think it’s “funny” to steal from us to do these things without recourse.

The delay will be short – our Director of Technology is working non-stop to implement and test various solutions.

Place questions, comments here.


Not that there was a frame of reference by which we could speak of as a delay :joy:

Speaking of name embedding…as an added precaution, would it be possible to include scripting for name-embedded versions which say something along the lines of “This subliminal works only for (Name here)” which would add extra security?


Oh, no. I was really looking forward to testing the name embedded Emperor and seeing more Of Q titles.


I couldn’t hold myself. I went to the competitor’s website. They have even same black box. OMG, that’s really crappy.
@SaintSovereign and @Fire may the force be with you, my friends! The Truth always win.

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So wait does this mean the release of Q was sometime in the next few weeks?


It’s strange how world wants to capitalise on efforts of another, no body realises hard work that must have gone for creating something and then all they want is quick Money / gain / profits / fame for themselves .without any efforts .


Yep. Was shooting for 2-3 weeks.


So what’s the projected timeline now with those cunts out of the way?


It seems words that start with C just cause trouble!

COVID-19, Climate Change, Competitors…

In all cases, this is sad news to hear.


That’s so stupid. They could’ve just used your products to create a legit business instead. :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile:


What if you set up an affiliate system?
Wouldn’t it solve most of these problems?


I don’t see it yet, how an affiliate system would protect original content creators from people stealing and reselling their content.
I can see new problems like bad guys using the affiliate system for bad business practices like spamming users with sub club products or making phantasy claims on their own landing pages to get some bucks.


It would be monitored, ofc. This isn’t the first time someone uses an affiliate system.
It would give Sovereign and Fire a lot more control and potential pirates would be much more likely to participate in the affiliate system, since it is also much less work than to change the subliminals, create new designs etc.


So now it is probably may release?


Most likely.


Does that include EmperorQ?


How can I imagine those markers? And why are they not enough if you can already identify stolen subliminals.

Also if all subliminals will be name-embedded in the future, will this not make the problem obsolete.


When you make better markers, somebody will come up with better marker-detectors. :slight_smile:

Although closer than originally envisioned, having absolutely everything SubClub name-embedded is still a while away. And then you’d still have to wonder if subs like Sex Mastery aren’t better off being non-embedded so that you can listen with your partner.


Probably these guys are reading this, so I guess what is really being done is better kept secret. :slight_smile: