Ascension + Regeneration + PCC not working

Hey all, it’s been almost 3 months since I have been running those 3 subs. I ran each one each day, with 1 loop before bed and 1 after waking up. Before buying those 3 which are my first subs from here, I read a lot on the forums before deciding to go with those. Almost all recommended ascension because of its light scripting and quick results from masculinity, standing up for yourself, general alpha traits to eradicating the nice guy syndrome.

Unfortunately I don’t know and with great disappointment, I have not noticed any of those changes within myself, I still have the nice guy syndrome, social situations are still same, I don’t really notice anything and as the days go buy I really don’t know what to do. And I know these subs are effective since everyone in here reports results of all kinds of stuff and the only thing I can relate to them is dreams only. The only notice I have seen so far is regeneration helping me with past trauma and bringing up to surface, through dreams and me becoming emotional when I run it throughout the night sometimes or etc. After 3 weeks I even ordered Sennheiser hd280 pro headphones thinking that will help the process and il start seeing some results.

From lack of results I have considered and even typed here asking some of the users on what to do, increase the loops? Order custom with Terminus? Go with Emperor? Someone said I’m running a lot which I don’t think I am tbh …or even running too many loops but how can that be since max I run is 2 maybe 3 throughout 24 hours. And even then I interchange each day one sub. Maybe my subconscious is really stubborn so I’m pondering whether to go all out on a custom and just stick with that for about a year, and with Terminus version. @HypeDaddySovereign your advice?

Anyone else if you all could please let me know what I should do? I really need to eradicate my nice guy syndrome and start to face conflicts as they are instead of avoiding them. Maybe name embedded will help me a lot more and if it’s terminus version too…

Could those 3 be to much in stack like what if you run ascension alone

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Honestly, it’s been a week I dropped pcc, and I run as ascension 2 days before I run Regen. Someone mentioned I should take a 4-5 day break, since I only have been taking breaks 1 or 2 days since I started them in May 24.

What’s wrong with being a nice guy? Nice guys are the ones the girls actually end up with. :sunglasses:

I figured long ago that I couldn’t pull off the bad boy image so I just decided to own being a “nice guy”.
Yep I had a couple of girls walk on me, but I also ended up with a great girl who I still think is way out of my league. Hilariously enough, she thinks I’m out of her league! Go figure.

I realize lots of guys want to go be playboys and hook up with lots of different girls, but that wasn’t the right fit for me.
I think I was destined to be a serial monogamist until I met the right girl and settled down to start a family., and that’s where I’m at right now.

I can’t speak for why you aren’t getting the desired results from your subs, and can only suggest that if you think you need to stop being a nice guy to succeed then there may be some conflicting beliefs arguing in your subconscious that are blocking your progress.

Just a thought!


As for eradicating nice guy syndrome as much as ascension helped I still had to push myself to step out of comfort zone and put myself in uncomfortable situations. For men to grow we have to take risk and put ourselves in uncomfortable situations by taking action. Ascension helped give me the inner power to rise above my nice guy syndrome with people trying to cross a boundary.It gives a nice boost.
It would be interesting to see if you dropped regen and went strictly ascension what would happen


Hmm, I totally get what you’re saying, but let me elaborate here and open up my history and as to what I mean by me wanting to eradicate the “nice guy” syndrome, also I do not want to avoid conflict anymore.

My past traumas and why I avoid conflict goes to my childhood to the time where my dad would beat my mother, as a child when that happens in front of you, you dissociate from yourself and the situation, you don’t know how to react and what to do and at the same time every fibre of your being doesn’t want to be there being exposed to what’s happening, hence the dissociation part. Because of that and my dad always telling me to behave in front of people, guests etc I grew up not showing my true feelings or act like how I wanted to. I conformed into everything and agreed to everything, also just to avoid conflict as well and not disappoint or make the environment situation etc be tense, bad, people not validating me all that.

When all that happened in my childhood, as I grew up I became more and more conforming, this is where my “nice guy” syndrome really developed, I hated conflict, couldn’t stand up in any situation that required someone to respect me or my opinions (that’s if I even said my opinion or expressed my feelings lol), if someone disrespected me, I wouldn’t say anything in order to avoid confrontation or any of that sort. I just didn’t say anything or I would remove myself from the situation environment etc. This is a problem for me and has been haunting throughtout my adolescent and now my young adult life. Add to that masturbation everyday from age 11-25 and you get someone who’s lazy, can’t stand up for himself, gets shit talked to and couldn’t say anything to avoid problems, it really grows a hole inside you, so you start to shit talk yourself as to why you can’t do anything if someone says or does something to you. It’s been a year since I started semen retention and that also came up from searching yt, watch countless alpha videos, self improvement etc all that to discover how I can eradicate my nice guy syndrome and start to express my opinion in crowds, friends etc, demand respect, and biggest of all fucking stand up and confront conflict whenever there is one.

So yeah, this is what I mean lol …that’s why I’m here and how I discovered subliminals. Plus I also want not to give a shit about anyone or what they think of me etc all that. Part of the nice guy syndrome.


I see, il try it out…I don’t mind going past 90 days for another month of ascension only.

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@Sigma11 - I agree with what @Grimm1390 said. Run just Ascension. One loop per day for week. Rest on the seventh day. Two loops the next week. Rest on the second seventh day. And so on.

Also get yourself Robert Glover’s book “No More Mr Nice Guy” and mimic the actions he took to change himself.

Possible that the nice guy syndrome is deeply embedded in you thanks to TV, social media, family and society. It might take some time to dig yourself out of there but it is worth it.

Heck, i am a nice guy myself but changing thanks to Khan.

PS: you could use Emperor instead of Ascension too but i would encourage you to just try Ascension + the nice guy book, at least for a month or two


Il try out your method, and yes I know about that book and read most of it actually. How long you been on Khan? Does it really make you stand up and dominate situations? I actually loved the sales page info of Khan in the beginning here and told myself il run that after 3 months…but for my goals and what I want to do, Emperor resonates more or I should say makes sense. But maybe if Khan really does eradicate the nice guy syndrome, he’ll il go with that.

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Bro you wrote my life experience. I got beat lots of time’s as a kid, saw my mom and sister get beat. If it wasn’t physical it was verbal abuse. The verbal abuse was the worst when i look back on it. It had the lasting damage. I fear conflict with other men as well, and have porn addiction.
AM and emperor have a stop porn module that could help you with that.
Few months back i made a post about helicopter parents, emperor was recommended for getting independence, but emperor does more for masculinity as its users can tell you.
Ill link the helicopter parent’s post as some of the stuff written there had some golden nuggets that i think could help.


@Sigma11 - Khan was my first alpha male sub. The second was StarkQ.

The initial Stage 1 of Khan was pretty brutal but fortunately I accidentally discovered that adding Spartan to Khan, reduced the reconciliation.

Thanks to Khan, am more alpha than before but in hindsight must admit that i could have taken more action and also reduced adding too many other SubClub subs to it. I guess i felt like a boy in a candy store at that time since i was new to SubClub then :grin:

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@Grimm1390 - am sorely tempted to go back and start with the basics. Like Ascension + Survival Instinct (SI for health) is what am mulling over. Or Ascended Mogul + Survival Instinct. Especially since i feel am lacking Action.

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Whats survival instinct ? You could keep your stack depending on how much your running and throw in ascension, but with sigma not feeling ascension while having it in a stack im not so sure now. Your other option is throw in khan st3 to give you that push to take action if action taking is what your seeking

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@Grimm1390 - Survival Instinct is the second Aegis title “Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct”. Or we can think of it as the first non-experimental Aegis title since Aegis Initiative: Covid is considered experimental.

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Sorry to hear about the helicopter parents and yeah I actually read your link before, glad you taking steps to improve and change all that. As for the abuse, if you can cut yourself out from that shit, no one deserves to go through with that even if it comes from family, sooner to later karma will get them or once they’re old and realize how they fucked up bro. Oh and I have erased porn from my life man, once I found out how much effect it has on you, to the point where you know it’s causing almost all pain that comes in your life from it, I quit cold turkey man. It’s been a year, temptations are there but thanks to Sr/nofap my will is stronger, so I have no problem with porn anymore. Masturbation too I have cut it down drastically, and now I’m on my longest streak of 3 months … though I made a lifestyle so don’t really count the days. It has helped me immensely :+1::ok_hand:


Seeing abuse at any age is bad, it’s extra crappy as a child. :pensive:

I’m an absolute novice at psychology, so please feel free to take anything I say with a grain of salt.

The subconscious mind doesn’t do anything on a whim, if you hold a belief or subconsciously act a certain way, it’s because your mind feels that is what is best and safest for you. I can’t say why regeneration hasn’t helped with that, but to be honest I don’t think your issue is that you’re too nice. There are lots of nice people who don’t feel submissive or taken advantage of or feel they have lower social status.

I think what you need is more self confidence, but in a way that doesn’t disagree with how your subconscious sees the world right now. If it’s afraid the new ideas from subliminals would threaten the “safe mode” it has you in, then it’s far less likely to accept the new programming.
If it were me, I’d try to reframe it as a positive approach… instead of “no more nice guy”, try “I’m going to be the most awesome, confident, fearless version of me that I can be.”

I’ve never had any success trying to achieve a goal with a negative mindset, only positive ones. “I don’t want to be overweight” was far less effective than “I will be fit!”, for example.


Not enough exposure. We recommend starting with one loop, but increasing until you reach your sweet spot. This means, adding more loops until you start to feel reconciliation. With this many subs, you might not be able to get the exposure you need, so you may have to go down to two subs. Ascension and Regeneration is probably your best bet. PCC is more of an “add-on” after you’ve started to receive results.

If you’re getting dreams, you’re processing the subliminal. Again, it’s probably just a lack of exposure. Most people start with one or two subs, then add more as needed.

Not noticing isn’t the same as no results. You have to set an honest baseline that’ll allow you to gauge your growth. That means, NONE of this “it could be the sub, but” excuses that float around in the subliminal scene. If it’s something that you never experienced before, but experienced after listening, it’s not a coincidence. Once you set your baseline, chart your growth. This doesn’t have to be a hard process, just noticing what’s actually changed. I can pretty much guarantee that if you sit down and do this, you’ll notice that things have changed.

We see this occur a lot. People will buy a sub, then demand a refund because they “see no changes,” and if we put them on the blacklist, sure enough, a few months later, they’ll come back begging to get off the blacklist because they actually DID see changes and reconciliation was clouding their judgment, or they were playing the “it could be the sub, but” games.

You’re kinda engaging in that now. Saying “the only” thing is a diminishment of the results you’re getting. This is a big thing. Your “nice guy syndrome” is directly caused by past trauma. If your stack is helping you get through that, THAT’S PROGRESS. That’s BIG progress. Just because it’s not manifesting in the physical world as huge shifts in personality doesn’t mean things aren’t happening behind the scenes.

And again, you have to TAKE ACTION. The next time you’re in a “nice guy” situation, don’t act like a nice guy. Just say “no,” and watch the new programming kick in.


^^^ This! :+1:t2:

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Yep, I agree, reframing how you see things and :100: no one can lead a positive life with negative mindset and vice versa. This past year I have made lots of growth, since I started sr my negative habits went down a lot, stopped playing games as much, procrastination is down too although it can be improved ofcourse. My negative self talk also has drastically gone down and I actually am starting to write positive affirmations before going to sleep or saying them to myself. Overall in a year I made more positive changes in myself then all of my 26 years of life before …now just to make subs work on myself so I can completely transform myself and like you said be the best version of myself and not only that but to feel it too and talk the talk as well as walk the walk. I’m gonna try raphaels advice on ascension starting next week. Will do it till September and see. This week im taking a break from all 3 subs. Let’s see what happens.


We see this occur a lot. People will buy a sub, then demand a refund because they “see no changes,” and if we put them on the blacklist, sure enough, a few months later, they’ll come back begging to get off the blacklist because they actually DID see changes and reconciliation was clouding their judgment, or they were playing the “it could be the sub, but” games.


Yes I read that before, and I’m not asking for refund cause I know they all work :slight_smile: :+1:

As for the rest, I agree…and will do accordingly. I will up the loops and drop pcc altogether. Thanks for the info