Ascension Q after running ascension v2


Hello good people…
I just started listening to ascension Q and limit destroyer Q today and I can feel my entire body paining…
Any idea why? Maybe releasing some blockages?
Oh and by the way I can really feel the power of Q…you!


Hi good people…
Been running regeneration Q and ascensionQ twice in a day with regeneration alot…
Please let me warm you guys… AscensionQ is not a toy guys…
It gave me extreme rage last night when my wife disrespected me…I became will and fearless…I was never like that…
Or maybe it’s regeneration clearing up old emotions…I’m not sure maybe some experienced user can guide me…oh and one more thing I noticed is I have huge amounts of energy…it’s crazy…
Please provide feedback guys…



Had a wet dream last night…I rarely dream…i go months without dreams…with an unknown girl…the dream was very clear I could remember it.
I lasted very very long in the dream…it was very strange cause while on the deed the room door was open and the bed was not mine…I also kept checking the door way to see if any one walked pass…the blanket also had a logo of a local soccer club in my area…
Feedback and analysis welcome


Feel little bit of nervousness today after running ascension Q two loops …


Trying to run ascension now but feeling scared while running it like something is going to happen…I wonder why? Any insights people?


For what I read here, they journal their dreams and sooner or later they will see the patterns, only you can best interpret your dream…


@pacman I get how you’re feeling. I’m feeling anxious as fuck myself today and I think it’s necessary to accept the anxiety and work through it. How? I have no idea


I also had head pain today around the different parts of the head short burst of pain and then gone then later a different part and so on…


would like to recommend this book, it helped me understand this ‘monkey mind’ that we are having…

Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind: How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiety, Fear, and Worry
by Jennifer Shannon


Sounds like something Mark Manson calls the Feedback Loop From Hell


This is my third day off…I’m having a break since Q is really dense.
I have more headaches on off days then on day I run the sub.i can also feel something’s happening upstairs not sure what…there is also alot of pressure in the head that’s causing a slight headache…
Last night before bed I felt pain in the different parts of the brain


How many 'loops are you running @pacman?


The days that I did run them I ran 2 loops one morning and one at night before bed


wow. That’s not much, but you’re new to SC subs too. Q changes a lot due to its density, as I’m having lasting effects myself on single loops.

Masked or ultrasonic?


Masked…until now I can feel my brain processing…lol and it’s my 3rd day off


I reported some irritability using masked myself this morning (on Terminus), and I’ll go back to ultrasonic tonight to compare how I feel.

I’ve not had 3 days down time myself–but wow. 3 days off and you still feel it? This is completely new to me.

I do not remember who else shared similar effects, but someone reported it still working on them 2 and 3 days off. I’d keep reading Q journals since you’re most likely not alone in this.


FYI, I’m running loops both morning and night myself, one in the morning and 2 at night. I’ve wondered how different effects would be if I ran loops in the morning only. Having 24 hours of processing might have a different effect.


From what I notice is when I run the subs I don’t feel anything so different yes a slight tiredness but nothing drastic…but the longer I’m not on the sub the effects get stronger…my head feels like something is processing then the headache and pressure starts…


Like its doing its major work during processing. Thanks for sharing this.


Maybe it’s also reconciliation I’m not sure…