Ascension New Dawn?


Been using Ascension for over 3 months now. But I’ve using Ascension V2, and I just found some posts saying that the newest version of Ascension is the New Dawn. I haven’t used it because I thought it was the old one. Now I figured out that I only used the old one and never the newest? Is New Dawn the most recent version of Ascension?


I’m unsure if Ascension New Dawn came before or after v.2, but New Dawn is still in experimental mode for Ascension. It’s in your downloads, and you’re free to use it. I’m sure they’ve got testers using it reporting on its efficiency, impact, and everything related.

Ascension was my first major sub, and I used the first version until version 2 came out. Since version 1 was my first exposure to asserting myself, I had some reconciliation, though it did not sideline me. Version 2 was even smoother.

I only used the New Dawn version for a single day to see how smooth it was. I found it very smooth, even relaxing.



Ascension v2 was made in PrimalTech, and was released almost exactly a year ago - like New Years 2019. :smile:
It is considered the official stable version of Ascension, and is the ONLY one available in the Masked format.
PT is the same technology in which the currently available Primal, S&S, Regeneration, Mogul, AM, and all of the Stack Modules are built.

Ascension New Dawn is made in well, New Dawn. It was released around early Feb 2019, and is one of ND’s earliest experimental files.
New Dawn went through a lot of updates through 2019. Spartan, Primal Seduction, Daredevil, Limitless v2, Emperor v3, Khan, EOG, etc. were built on it.

They both work. Choose the one you like best. :+1:


Thanks a lot both of ya for clearing my doubts, that’s the best part. No matter which versions they are, they still all work as a charm.



Perhaps you’ve got on the difference between PrimalTech and New Dawn. I’m trying to figure out how exactly Emperor v2 is affecting me differently compared to v3.

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Thinking of adding Ascension to my stack of Spartan, Primal and Power Can Corrupt.

I have never used Ascension, but had Emperor in my stack for 9 months straight until the beginning of last June.