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On a whim a few days ago I purchased Ascension mainly to see what it would do on it’s own separate from having it be part of Ascended Mogul. Holy f****** death. I began listening listening that night.This has to be the strongest Alpha Male audio I’ve ever experienced. I have always been someone who apologized for everything. Similar to the character in the first part of the film “Wanted” . I also asked permission for a lot of things I didn’t need to. Not trusting my own opinion. Both are gone or at the very least greatly reduced. This is definitely what I need to be able to focus on what’s important to me. I’ve mentioned before how important to me freedom & self reliance are. I can see Ascension being the catalyst for that happening


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Yes, the alpha programming in Ascension is going to come across as much stronger because of the “one-pointed” nautre of the script, as opposed to Ascended Mogul’s multi-faceted goals. That’s not to say that Ascended Mogul is weaker. It’s just that script is much longer, and there’s more information for your subconscious to digest, so it takes a bit more time for it to settle in.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the program, though. Are you running Ascension or Ascension ex Machina?


Ascension. Given how much fun I’m having running it I look forward to running Mogul by itself then Emperor. I plan on running Ascension for a while though. You answered previously but I don’t recall what is the difference between Ascension & Ascension Ex Machina?


Build method. ex Machina is theoretically more powerful and smoother, but we need more data to confirm that before I start rebuilding all the programs in ex Machina. No pressure – if Ascension is working for you, use that.


Ah ok. I may have to be a bit careful with that then. I’ve always been someone who has held back what he said . Ok maybe not always because I am known for being incredibly sarcastic. The last couple of days though I have lost a lot of the filter I had before. Its incredibly liberating. Honestly it will also help me tremendously at my job because I noticed almost right away after I began there that the ones who do the best & make the most money in commissions walk that fine line between unshakable self confidence & arrogant dick. To give you an example the day after I started Ascension I had a man call in using a very unpleasant word rather liberally. He said " can you help me find the ****** that just hung up on me " . I told him I had no idea who he may have been talking about. He replied with " well you do have some ******* working there right ? " . It took every bit of will I had not to say " I don’t know does your Mom work here ? " I admit I hung up on him & let my supervisor know what happened.
My point is , is that I’ve always avoided confrontation. I’m rapidly getting to the point that I don’t care. That fear is being eliminated . I never really thought about how much fear can hold you back. Especially when it comes to achieving things that are important to you. I just chalked it up to self sabotage of some kind not realizing that fear can make you sabotage yourself as well


Ascension is scary. I’ve had to catch myself more than a few times before I said things I knew I would probably regret later. It’s most likely the impact of holding things in most of my life & not saying how I really feel out of some silly or ridiculous fear. In a world obviously addicted to outrage there is a massive difference between being honest & genuine versus being a douche canoe . That’s a technical term .


I know the feeling. When I first started running Ascension, I was verbally slapping down rude people left and right. It’s the result of the internal power modules – for many people, they aren’t used to feeling that inner strength and it results on the surface as aggression.

Don’t be afraid. Embrace it. There’s a difference between being a jerk and just keeping it real. If the latter is the type of person you want to be, BE that person.

Good results, keep running it. The real fun starts after about a month.

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I’ll take your word on that.


What do you mean by the real fun starts after a month ? what fun can a person begin to experience after using ascension for a month ?


It’s a euphemism, not meant to be taken literally. After 30 days, the sub has begun to really integrate and you’ll start to see more profound, obvious results.


@SaintSovereign I am going to switch to AscensionQ today. I desperately need all the inner strength , power , and confidence I can get.


Eager to see how it performs for you!


Will it makes sense to combine AscensionQ with EmperorQ? To kinda boost the alpha aspect of it?


How did it go?


I’ve never used Ascension, but it is supposed to be in Emperor in its entirety, which I’ve logged pretty much a year with, in different versions and either solo or as part of stacks, but I keep wondering how it might be to run the more bare bones, focused Ascension instead?

Any thoughts on what effects the “Q” treatment has brought to it?


Q-powered subs are capable of hitting you with much more information at once. I can’t go into much more detail than that, but one loop of Ascension Q would be the equivalent of… about 6 loops of regular Ascension. I was gonna post about this once all the sub upgrades were done.

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I’ve switched out everything in my stacks for the new Q versions so that is exciting.


The ratio isn’t quite the same with newer subs, especially the multistages. @Fire can elaborate more since he developed the multistage technology exclusively, but I’d say 1 loop of EoG Q is about 3 loops of EoG.

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Ok, I am running Spartan, Primal Seduction plus Aegis, so I am guessing somewhere in between for those.