Ascension before Ascended Mogul?


I’m continuing to listen to strictly Regeneration and plan to do so for at least the next month or so as I want to eliminate any skeletons and Nice Guy traits that was discussed in the thread by @subliminalguy. My question is should I run Ascension for a period of time afterwards before moving onto Ascended Mogul?


Depends on how fast you want results, Ascended Mogul will be a little bit slower than plain Ascension. But most users here prefer Emperor, have you tried it?

Nice to hear the OG sub titles get a mention for once.



Being completely honest, that month on Ascension will really change you from day to day. I’d run Ascension first, but allowing the unknowns that may pop up on Regeneration will be a main priority for you now.

Associated with that, I read last night in Glover’s book that nice guys are essentially “control freaks”. Yep. I do this, but of course, I do it “nicely” :laughing: (smells like BS cuz it is)

Running Regeneration has been like that for me, as hiding truths from myself has been commonplace in my life.

I’ll share my ugly (to me) truth now. I had some major revelations running Regeneration this week…and I jumped to EOG quickly. Too quickly. Without thought of what was happening.

I don’t know why. Maybe taking action is exciting, and this change was. EOG is not a mistake. But my timing is off.

I was going to run Emp4 and sleep with EOG. I let fear run its course, and I took the safest, most painfree way.

I messed up. I’m going to put on Regeneration now. I’ll take it one day at a time. That’s all I can do, as planning 1, 2, or 6 months out presently is loaded with my own filters, and pain and failure I’ve tried to avoid. I bullshitted myself, so thank you for the mention, the reminder.

I will add I read @Elme’s Sex Mastery thread today, and his masculinity was pumped and primed on it. I’ve been running GM and Emperor in response to this today. I may have cowered to responding here otherwise. For taking action is lifegiving.

Thank you for the mention @JCast. I just loaded 2x Regneration and 1x Godlike Masculinity, looping it.


@subliminalguy I hadn’t thought of running Godlike Masculinity along with Regeneration. I am going to give that a shot myself starting tonight. Maybe it will help with some of the anxiety Regeneration seems to bring up


@subliminalguy im glad i am helping a brother out :muscle::muscle::+1::+1:.
I have the same question, starting with ascension or ascension mogul since Ascension could be more of a general Alpha male behaviour and Ascended mogul more towards finances.


I actually put on GM since I knew it would motivate me to take action. Yesterday it unsettled me and even angered me, making me consider which actions were best. I was thinking of @Elme’s shifts on SM, and I really desired it. GM, for me, will light a fire under my ass.
So anxiety reduction wouldn’t be a good match, unless you’re anxious about taking some actions. I knew I’d been hiding behind some fears, so I put it on.

People have raved about Sanguine settling down some anxieties, though I’ve not had major anxieties myself. I do check myself here; my daughter has heavy anxiety.


You spoke of running AM in your thread. I ran AM myself for a month after running Ascension a while. It is a little slower to start up, but once it does, it’s pretty smooth and focused. I began it since my mind began drifting to many financial possibilities while running Ascension. I desired it.

Having read your thread, AM may be best. SM brought out that “get it done!” aspect of your personality, which sounded very Ascension-like. AM would be a good transition, though the startup (1-2 weeks) may feel slow to you. GM is a possibile add-pn if you don’t want to lose that drive pushing you now. That’s my $0.02.


How would you compare Ascended Mogul to Ascension from your experience?


@subliminalguy I have Sanguine so adding that to Regeneration would probably be a better option. I remember either @Fire or @SaintSovereign saying that the combination would make one more stoic. Given that one of my main reasons for running Regeneration in the first place is to eliminate my automatic responses to lots of things and also to stop losing my mind or temper over the dumbest or smallest of things, Sanguine will definitely help. I’m starting a new job mid next month and after insurance kicks in I plan on getting back on my anxiety and ADHD medications but also starting therapy.


Both took two weeks to get going, but eventually brought out the alpha and respect from within. AscMogul has mini-wealth management on top.


Ascension has a clear focus, and it’s on making you the man you were meant to be. Since I’ve normally been the “nice guy”, it made me pretty defiant initially to old standards I’d allowed. I had a near physical encounter with a bully coworker. Ascension gets straight to work on you seeing the man you could be, thus the inner anger due to contrasting realities (one lived out, one believed within).

Ascended Mogul didn’t deny any of Ascension by itself, but it took time to fully feel and know my inner truths. Mixing with Mogul, it goes from “grow ME” to “I can grow this idea/business, and others could help it grow”. It’s a slightly different perspective. It allows that awareness that even in business, no successful man is an island.

I still enjoyed the masculine edge (mannerisms, voice, walk) on AM too. :+1:


@subliminalguy That definitely explains why I feel so on edge when I run Ascension. It’s almost if not an anger knowing you aren’t living up to your potential and you need to get to work on that. I can’t and don’t procrastinate at all when running Ascension. Like I mentioned before I am seriously considering running Ascension along with PCC in preparation for a new job I am starting February 19th.


@JCast, I wrote up on PCC in its discussion thread. I thought of you first before ever writing it, knowing and seeing your history. I considered PMing you about my experience.

For me, PCC is dismantling old thinking–which kept me constantly angry and defensive. I realized I’ve been keeping this thinking in place, as it “made sense” to part of me.

Essentially, I realized I was able to drop this thinking in the moment and relax. Noone in my vicinity was threatening me, but I was recreating this in my thoughts and feelings. Just old habits.

It allowed me to drop the subtle hell that I’d actually created. PCC is completely worth it.


@subliminalguy I am grateful that you thought of me. I know from our history here and elsewhere that we share similar pasts and goals to an extent. If I could eliminate the anger and defensiveness that would help out immensely.Those auto pilot reactions always keep me from responding to something in a rational way.Now that I think about it it’s almost as if me being that way benefited some folks because it kept me from realizing that I was giving away my power to those people. I think that’s what a lot of so called " Nice Guys " don’t realize. The second you become subservient for lack of a better word to a woman they instantly lose any kind of attraction to you


I honestly believe that’s why a lot of guys think that women are attracted to so called “asshole” type of guys. It’s not that the guy is purposely or intentionally an asshole just because. It’s that he isn’t willing to stop living his life or doing what he has to do to please someone else


@subliminalguy Just purchased PPC. I’m going to starting running it today along with Ascension V2


Give it a day or two before responding on mindset shifts. I’d really be curious on its affects on you.

Regarding noticing changes, I’ve been inside all day doing nothing. I shopped and did laundry yesterday, my main to-do’s, but I promised someone I’d get out today. I’m going to walk my neighborhood.

I also just recalled that inner defensiveness I felt the last time I walked out in public. That same defensiveness is why I’ve not dated anyone since my divorce: old fears played over and over again. I’ll report back if anything stands out to me.


@subliminalguy I will wait a few days like you said. I will say this though.Anytime I run Ascension procrastination is not an option. I wasn’t aware that you had gone through a divorce. My heart goes out to you.


@subliminalguy I just purchased Khan and I am going to run PPC alongside that. I think my future just became scary and awesome at the same time


The separation began in 2011, and the divorce happened in 2014. I don’t have much pain with her since while chasing her pre-divorce, I said and did things I’d never done during our regular years. I tried loving her, and that changed me… She didn’t accept. I don’t blame, as that only hurts me.

I can’t and won’t change her. I only have power over me. I do miss having a family, and I’m wondering where that’ll lead now. I felt it during my walk today, which I detailed in the PCC discussion thread. Hmmm.