Ascended Mogul + Limitless (Becoming the tech guru with two loops a week) HUGE UPDATE

Hey everyone. This topic will be for people who want to experiment with using there sub once a week. Put all the results and experience you get from it here if you don’t mind:)

Personally I’m going to be using either Emperor or StarkQ once a week on Saturdays.

Can’t wait to see what happens and excited to see how it works for you people :grinning:


Hi @Cybersec this looks like a follow up to my thread / questions. Do you have experience @1 a week?

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Yeah that’s what I’ve for the past month before the washout phase I did. Works remarkably well and give me far more superior results.

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Plan on trying this out for this week, will post back here

First loop of Emperor starting today.

Day 1 (Days On): Feel pretty good, a bit of recon but not much. About to go to sleep because I feel quite sleepy which is a good thing for now because I can fall asleep easily. When I run Emperor I will run it after 6pm in case I have recon so it doesn’t impact my study and work negatively.

Day 2 (Day Off): Was productive for a hour or two. A bit of recon but not too much. Felt a bit angry sometimes when I was playing a game with my friend but I was able to keep calm while doing so. Also it seems that some girls I use to talk to starting talking to me again out of blue which I don’t really care because I’m more focused on my career then going out with them. Also weirdly had pretty good sleep and felt asleep quite quickly. One more thing muscle growth and fat burning seems to have come back and I can finally see my abs again and gain a bit of muscle since yesterday (P.S: Probably water weight).

Day 3 (Day off): Decided to give StarkQV2 a try because it’s more similar to my personality then Emperor hence it will probably give less recon. As much as I love Emperor it makes me angry and want to quit my job whenever I use it (Not a good thing). Also makes me introverted when I want to be social. Great sub but doesn’t match with my personality. Anyway I will stark StarkQV2 on Saturday as usual to do my 6 days of days off.


Hold I just realize that I use each of my 3 main and 1 Ultima 1 loop I’ve been on days off for some time, today is my third day off saw a productivity increase for show

So you’re only running Stark once a week. Emperor is out? Will follow this thread very closely. I’m currently doing a 1/2 schedule. I’m thinking about changing it to a 1/3 schedule. But I’m very curious to see how a 1/6 works out for you and others.

Still in the thinking process. The problem with me is I’m very indecisive and have the shiny object syndrome lmao. Stark is dense so I’m still deciding if I should talk with something lighter. Definitely keeping my one loop a week schedule no matter what.

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Try to set your goals and the vision of who you want to “become” on Stark and review it daily planning the action that has to be taken to move forward towards your vision of yourself and your goals. It works wonders. I use a workbook for that purpose:

Thank you for what you sent me! I will actually try to create a plan like you did and share it here:)

Sure. I wish it was my original idea but I stole it from some people who found it extremely useful and I improved it and tailored it to Mental Alchemy. This workbook is supposed to be work in progress all the time. It’s only the second version of it you can find in my journal.


So as some people have realized I have been inactive for more then usual, I apologize for that. Anyway since using Ascended mogul and Limitless my productivity skyrocket and my motivation too. It’s crazy like my mind won’t let me rest sometimes because I had the constant need to be productive that’s how much motivation I had to get things done. Now as far as focus it increase but what really helped get things done was the motivation even tho I don’t have that laser focus yet. I can pretty easily get 8 hours of work done even if I do it in one shot. Cognitively speaking, Limitless hasn’t really gave me any effects except the hormonal benefits. I think I will replace it with QLQ ST3 for the focus and memory since working at AWS (Oh ya I think Ascended Mogul got me a tech job at AWS somehow but I’m not sure if it’s the sub that did it or just that I got lucky) requires me to understand and learned complex things fast and effectively. Anyway overall the results have been outstanding using Ascended Mogul however can’t say the same for Limitless yet.