Ascended Mogul Journal


It’s now a little more than 3 weeks since I began Ascended Mogul, so I’ve decided to start a journal.
I’m trying to stay above 7 hours/day and I get that in for the most of the time.
Disclaimer; I am listening to multiple subliminals, which may have an effect on my results. But I am writing out the changes/differences I am noticing or already have taken notice of.

The first 2-3 days were rough. I was in physical pain, my whole body was aching and I had energy movements around my knee area. I felt sick and in general I wasn’t in a too good mood. Most of the physical pain was gone by day 4, but there was still some ache left in my body. I was also VERY stiff. During these early days, I got comments about me looking like I was grieving over something, I was easily irritated and there was anger coming up. It didn’t do too much good for my personal relationships in those days.
In order for me to be able to function somewhat normal in day-to-day interactions, I began EFT-Tapping as well as using PSTEC on negative emotions. The night I added tapping I also had some dreams.

During the first week, I had random experiences relating to wealth, where I get an idea from someone else, or an opportunity seems to present itself - long term at least. An example of this is how I found a guy who does Forex trading and shortly talked to me about how he uses Forex with leverage and how using the leverage can increase your profits. This guy hasn’t been working for the latest 8 years.
I also got some opportunities to buy some high-end courses in various areas of business for pretty much 1% of the original price.
I found myself listening much more to audiobooks and looking for information that can/will help me on my journey.

Now during week 2 to 3

I have had people hitting me up from the blue, people I haven’t been in contact with for months reaching out to me and wanting to hang out.
I have found some new motivation to start exercising and taking care of my body, so I recently invested in an activity bracelet. This also has me wanting to look physically better, taking care of myself more to become more attractive. Not just to be/feel healthy, although that is my current primary focus. I am doing much more in the day-to-day basis for my physical health.
I’ve had dreams relating to my self-confidence, self-esteem and in general how I feel about myself. I value myself much more these days.
I seem to be having a better relationship with the people close to me. I have a tendency to shut people out a lot of times, but I have been more open lately which has helped my relationship with other people.

I still have an ache/pain in my left shoulder, Ascended Mogul seems to be healing an old shoulder damage of mine. Aside from the pain, my shoulder is experiencing numbness and some spasm from time to time.

Like another user mentioned, there is some stiffness, it’s hard to relax while on Ascended Mogul, so that’s something I would like to be “fixed” and changed. I also think there should be something in there that allows the user to enjoy the moment. Grinding and all that is vital, but breathing for a moment and realizing/viewing on what one already has achieved is something that I also think should be added. I think this also goes hand in hand with “Extreme Happiness”.

Other ideas/concept which I think should be added into Mogul follows here, some of these may already be present in Mogul, of which then that could be good to add to the sub-descriptions :slight_smile:

  • Abundance, overflow of good things in your life.
  • Creating/going into an identity/reality of yourself being rich.
  • Letting go of attachment, need, and outcome
  • Removal of negative influence.
  • Attract/Manifest mentors, social circles that has what you want. For example; Success, wealth, venues, girls etc.
  • Take responsibility - Taking responsibility for the results that happen and occur in your life, good or bad. Not playing the victim card.
  • Accepting and harnessing your dark side, also known as the “Shadow”. Accepting and making use of all your potential power.


Great post and results. To address some of your concerns, though –

AscMogul is difficult to run because it’s causing some VERY VERY deep changes on a level that you won’t find with other subliminal programs. I can guarantee that the attributes we target with AscMogul isn’t being targeted by any other subliminal producer. There’s no way to “fix” that, just like there’s no way to stop muscle soreness from occurring after a hard workout. Also, the discomfort you’re experiencing actually serves a purpose – one that I can’t reveal because it’s a trade secret, but trust me, you’re not just “suffering” in vain. That emotional turmoil (that you’ll feel anyway due to reconciliation) is being redirected to help you achieve the target goal. Other subliminal producers will just blame you for “resisting” and basically, you’re just suffering just to suffer. Not with AscMogul. Since you’re going to feel discomfort anyway, we decided to add scripting that would DO something with it.

Most of those ideas are indirectly stated in AscMogul’s scripting, but we’re taking a different approach than other subliminal producers. We’re not trying to force you to meet our version of an “alpha.” Instead, you’re being guided down a path of discovery for yourself. That being said, there’s certain things we won’t directly state in the script because we’d be doing what all the other subliminal producers do.

Rest assured, though – mentors, social circles, long-term and short term money manifestation and abundance, etc. are in the script. Abundance and overflow of good things in your life is directly stated in the primary goals. That’s all I can say there. :wink:

Perhaps we will add some more descriptors to the copy. It’s tough because we’re taking such a revolutionary, different approach to scripting that we don’t want to reveal TOO much.


Can’t really say that I have noticed too much externally on Ascended Mogul, at least not that I can claim that it has been the cause of.

It has been getting me through some internal shifts, all of which I currently can’t really remember. Some of them have been mentioned above and have continued to been “solidified” and gone deeper.

I really feel like I’ve gone deeper and deeper into myself. Slowly but surely begun connecting with the “darker side” of myself.
I’ve been looking into the Dark Triad more and more lately, as well as TRP. Some of it ain’t of my interest, but in general, lately I’ve been more “ok” with the darker side of humanity, and it’s all slowly being integrated into my conscious being.

Lately, I’ve gone into a “no more knowledge” state, where I no longer read for the sake of reading and “being productive”. I’ve been much of an action-faker and “productive procrastinator” where I read because I need to find that golden piece of nugget that will change everything. We all, however, “know” that there isn’t that golden piece that will change everything. It’s all about taking action using the knowledge you already have and if/when you stumble upon a new issue, then you can read up on it, but not anything more than just fixing it.
Instead, I’ve gone back to what I used to read a few years back, novels, biographies and inspiring stories. And I’m happier with that.

Haven’t listened to AM for the latest 4-6 days or so. Spent the weekend at a festival and had a good time.

Will be switching to Emperor when it’s out, and looking to update more often with that (assuming that it does deliver on its promises)


Remember – in our scripts, we focus less on making magical manifestations happen (though we do believe in manifestations and there IS scripting for us). We focus more on getting you to take action and make things happen. It’s the difference between many of our competitors and ourselves. In their marketing, you’ll notice that they talk about all the magical stuff that will just fall in your lap. In our marketing, we focus on upgrading yourself to the best version you can be.

It’s a synergistic relationship. To make external things happen, you must first change yourself.

Joking but not joking:
Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Don’t try to identify “external things” that “come from the sub.” Everything comes from yourself – the sub just helps.