Ascended Mogul - Is it normal to have a hard time getting tired enough to go to bed?


Been listening to Ascended Mogul. Over the last couple of days I’ve been noticing it’s very hard for me to convince myself to go to sleep because my mind is always just bursting with ideas on how to make my life better. I have a hard time falling & staying asleep lately.

Anyone else experience this?


I was experiencing the same when listening to Mogul (business ideas) but I didn’t have any problems falling asleep.


When I did AscMogul and Limitless together I had to force myself to go to bed, because of how productive I was


That’s interesting. I’m planning on using a “softer” version of Emperor too but it’s going to look like this: RM+Mogul+BLU. I don’t need some elements of Emperor yet, especially, empire building. It’s great SC give us lots of possibilities to design our stacks. I’m tempted by AM a bit but I don’t see any real need of being more “alpha” although I’m sure I would develop on that sub nicely.

Wow love this

Now im even more excited about including limitless or QLst4 in my custom

Definitely gonna do that :sunglasses:

is it normal? Does it feel disturbing?

For some reason a thought popped into my head when you mentioned “force myself to go to bed”

I used to be an addict to Methamphetamines 3 years ago , and sometimes i would force myself into sleep (cause sometimes id stay up for 3 days without sleep)
which is something not really pleasant at all its very disturbing to try to sleep and you can’t actually fall asleep

Is it like that With limitless and other productivity subs?

I had AscMogul QV1 and Limitless QV1 on repeat for a week straight. So it was always playing when I was in my office. I wanted to make an iOS app.

Day 1 was pretty nondescript. I didn’t do much except download and install XCode.

Day 2 I started doing and looking at a few iOS projects from,, CodeWithChris.con and a few other sites

Limitless really showed up there. Day 2 I knew nothing except bare basics. By Day 7, 6 days later, I had a fucking app prototyped and working on my iPhone.

AscMogul and Limitless share a lot of the same modules, including the productivity and anti-procrastination scripting.

The downside there is I was consumed by a burning :fire: “hunger” to get this done. That had me calling sick to my day job. I basically took that entire week off. And I felt a sort of jittery buzz like as if I’d been hooked up to an IV drip of pure nonstop coffee.

I can’t say that feeling was pleasant but the feeling of making something that worked made it all worth it. To this day it’s still my single most beneficial reference experience of my time here at The Club.

I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. Not even a chance at a lay with a Ariana Grande. And she’s gorgeous so that’s saying a LOT coming from me.

Fuck, it’s been nearly a year since that. If not a year by now, and I’m feeling that same buzz again just relating the story.

I’ve yet to be brave enough to stack AscMogul and Limitless from the QV2. I did it one day with Emperor and Limitless. Similar productivity but no overpowering buzz.

EDIT: I had to force myself to sleep a few hours each night simply because I knew better than not sleep at all. I feel like I could’ve easily went the entire week nonstop. To paraphrase one of Dave Chapelle’s best skits: “SubClub is one hell of a drug “ :grinning:


Ascended mogul seems like a good sub,

But it doesnt fit actually my goals, i

But wow, you were more comfortable on QV1? Than Qv2?

Also i think running the V2 subs need more time i assume? And it needs more time, maybe QV1 was much faster and lighter

I have no experience whatsoever in the past versions, but people really be struggling with QV2 :rofl:

Im running stark and rm and ldu

I actually never noticed anything related to productivity on stark its weird, maybe a small thing or 2 really small things though

Maybe stark is more social more than productive maybe?

All aspects until now are social

But i would definitely recommend ascension or ascendedmogul to anyone joining subclub or emperor

Since everyone is really liking it

Not a comfort thing. More of a self-awareness thing. I still tend to listen to more than one loop of stuff. Even QV2. And I know I’d be sorely tempted to do with QV2 what I did with QV1. I’ve thought about a custom Ultima with AscMogul and Limitless. Just haven’t pressed GO on that idea yet.


Thats intresetin! But why not a regular Q?

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Less cores/modules minimum. I really just want those 2 in a custom but ultima only need 3 minimum. So I’d probably add mosaic to fill it out


Thats very light and good!

Wish we can get away with less modules like

7 or 8 on the Regular Q

Saint said we can make 9 possible but i wanna go with 7 or 8 :sunglasses:

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Actually, I’d go 4th module of machine: rest to help with the sleeping bit. Since that ties back to your original question


The problem is NOT that you have too many ideas, it is that your Mind is trying desperately to remember all of them. It won’t let you sleep because it fears losing them. :nerd_face:

Get a notepad or diary. Write those ideas down.

Once you do, then you will be allowed to rest. :sleeping: