Ascended Mogul, effects on the Ego


Hey guys, I’m fairly new to SubliminalClub and recently purchased ascended mogul. I have a few questions regarding this sub. I’ve been trying to follow the spiritual path for about 5 months and have come to believe that all our issues,faults,negativity and unhappiness comes from the belief we are that picture we have made up in our head about ourself and decided that is who we are (ego). I’ve been using this sub for around 6 days running ultrasonic version all night and masked 4-5 times during the day. I realise it’s not far in but I feel I’m having reversed effects of what I’m looking for. Does this sub amplify the ego and a bad idea for someone like myself to use or will this benefit me and help disconnect from a self image.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks heaps


I don’t have the product myself, so someone else will have to answer, but I would ask you to consider some things.

Given the path you’re on, how materialistic are you and how do you feel about money? The most important thing about having financial freedom is the belief that you deserve to be so and in our world that does (unfortunately) tend to include monetary wealth.

Second, the Ascended part will try to turn you into an alpha male. That means a certain amount of confidence and assertiveness. As an alpha, you realize there’s a hierarchy in human society and you’re somewhere at the top. To be at the top, you need to have a very strong self-image. People will instinctively follow those with the strongest sense of reality.

Finally, are you certain of the picture you have in your head about who you are? Maybe it’s not what you thought it was and the subliminal is bringing some of it to the foreground for you to deal with?


Before running subliminals I also read a lot about ego and don’t want to feel like I am better or worse than others. For me the best option is Khan ST1. I understand myself a lot more and what I realised today is that the outside world doesn’t affect me a lot and I have a real freedom to choose my reaction. It was hard to run for the first days but then it became smoother and now I like the process of clearing myself.


Thanks for the response, as to materialistic I do like nice stuff and living comfortably but don’t identify myself with things.

Possibly could be. My conscious idea of myself doesn’t line up with my subconscious beliefs and sub is bringing that forward and I am seeing that as negative programming.


Thanks btaras, I should have read a bit more into it but yeah that’s what I’m looking for also I don’t want to feel better or put myself before others. Maybe Kahn would have been a better option.

I assumed Acension would be like spiritual ascension connecting to a higher level of consciousness. That’s why I though I’d ask.

Appreciate the advice :+1:


I really like those results that you have mentioned about being able to choose your reaction and outside influences don’t effect your reactions. Have you noticed any other effects that Kahn sub may have made.


Look at it this way. Money and some degree of materialistic pursuit is part human society. To really let that go, you’d have to join a monastery or go live on a mountain in China. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a minimalist lifestyle. You can have a very Zen-like home without any distractions and lots of open space. It’s still comfortable. Take this guy for example. He found a great balance between a spiritual lifestyle within the boundaries of a Western society, called the Urban Monk. Plus, decluttering is always an important step on such a journey, letting go of things that you’ll never use or don’t need.

But with all that, there’s still financial independence and material possessions.

As for my question, I just wanted to point this fact out to you because it is likely the subs try to make it so you are comfortable having nice things that are yours. And if that clashed with your teachings or belief system, I could see some “rejection” symptoms appearing.

When it comes to the name Ascension, keep in mind that for many men, the journey to becoming an Alpha male is seen as an elevation. An elevation of status and lifestyle. That’s probably why the name.

Well, good luck on your journey!


I noticed many effects but don’t know if I remember all of them.
It showed me and keeps showing my deepest fears and insecurities. Every day I learn some new lessons. Sometimes I just feel sad but don’t know why.
It is hard to face them but after that, I feel refreshed and like I am a new person. What interesting is that I feel new myself so naturally like I’ve always been this person. Also I am not so emotionally attached to my past.
Now I am ok with all of my emotions. Before I wanted to feel and show only positive emotions and repressed negative ones.
I am less hard on myself and other people. Now I understand that most of my emotional reactions are because of me being a child made some conclusion of the situation, I bring it to my adult life and other people are in the same situation.
I have more desire to support others and help them. Want to understand people better, respect their opinion but at the same time, I respect my opinion.
The confidence that Khan gives me is not like I am sure I will get something, make something or the situation will be the same as I want. It is like no matter what happen I will handle it emotionally.
Before running Khan I fought with my internal dialogue, felt like it is a cause of my insecurity. Now I think that my insecurity is a cause of my internal dialogue and imagination. After I cleaned a lot of my insecurities my related dialogues and imaginations to those insecurities also disappeared. Now I try to learn from them. Not all pleasant imaginations are positive. If you have some images in your head where someone praise you or think good about you and you feel good about that and your self-esteem increases, it means that more likely you have some insecurity or feel like you are not good enough. You have to be honest with yourself.
I feel a lot calmer inside than I was before but at the same time have a lot of energy to pursue my goals.
Hope that my reply will be useful for you.


That’s seems like some real life changing results you’ve had. Its kind of exactly what I looking for when I went for acceded mogul. That’s defiantly useful thanks for sharing! I downloaded Kahn last night and will give this a shot. I’ll keep posted. How long have you been using ST1 and did you use it to solely just run st1


I have been running it from June 1, when it was released. I run it 5 days and 1 day off, 12-15 hours a day. I use it solely because stage 1 contains Khan core script. I think that it is complete subliminal that has it’s own goal. Facing fears and traumas makes you more masculine. You understand yourself, other people a lot better. After cleaning out your traumas you feel better. People who use other stages and don’t try stage 1 can miss a lot, I think.


I spent many years trying to get rid of my ego/self-image. That path just made me deny my humanity and my real desires. I think that eastern spirituality (buddhism, advaita) is basically disconnecting from your subconscious stuff and moving your attention to a place where you feel like you’re free and all that stuff doesn’t exist. Yet it doesn’t go anywhere and still affects your life, you just don’t notice it. And oftentimes it comes out in ugly ways - you hear of supposedly enlightened spiritual teachers being total jerks, abusing people behind the scenes etc.

As long as you are in a human body, you’re going to have an ego. You can deny and suppress it, or you can just make it healthy and in line with your values and goals.


Please allow me to let out my childlike curiosity, I am a philosopher after all…

What makes me curious (and more than a bit afraid) is how a person that is truly able to fully let go and embrace his/her spiritual side, possibly be called enlightened, can still function in society.

To the best of my knowledge, one cannot survive in general human society without lying, influencing and manipulating. One cannot function without possessions. The most successful people are the ones that know how best to do these things without losing themselves (like you put it: make it healthy and in line with your values and goals). There are many things in society that prevent people from truly reaching (I don’t know a better way of putting it) a higher vibrational state. It appears we are actively being held back from evolving, from achieving our full potential. I suspect it is in part because it is human instinct to always put themselves first before others and because of that we can never achieve a truly cooperative society. It’s a healthy instinct, likely the reason why we as a species have survived this long, but it’s not helping us grow beyond the tribal way of life that we’ve had for ages. Tribes have gotten bigger and are no longer just geographical, but they are still dominant in every aspect of our lives.

Am I completely wrong? Where does the balance lie? Is it possible to let go of that balance and embrace oneself without becoming a wandering monk relying on the kindness of strangers for sustenance?


I don’t agree that one cannot survive in human society without lying and manipulating. I don’t believe honesty and integrity goes against being successful. Sure, maybe if you want to become successful in politics or become a billionaire, it’s harder to to get there while remaining a decent human being because your competitors are not. I think true financial success comes from providing something that has value, then you don’t need to lie and manipulate. Same with relationships, without honesty there is no real relationship.

I agree that there are a lot of things here that prevent us from reaching a higher state (or rather, work against us when we try to do that), but I still think it’s possible and working through our fears, traumas and limiting beliefs gets us there because it’s that stuff that keeps us in a low vibrational state. I think embracing your spiritual side would be aligning your human self with your higher self, rather than getting rid of the human. So a human still remains a human, just not entirely driven by selfish motives (me me me) but lives and acts from a higher perspective. So you still have needs and desires but your way of achieving those will be different than someone who is completely cut off from their spiritual side.

The idea that a truly spiritual person is some monk who has nothing and doesn’t care about anything is just some people’s idea. I don’t believe those monks truly don’t have desires - I think they simply suppressed them with vows, meditation etc. It’s all there, just needs certain circumstances to come out. The point of spirituality is to integrate all parts of ourselves and become whole, rather than castrate ourselves and deny certain parts of our existence that are “not spiritual”.


That’s true, you don’t need to manipulate and lie to be successful. Honesty and good value is the key. I believe you attract to yourself exactly how you think and treat others.

I can see what you mean about there still has to be some ego there because any kind of desires or wants have to be backed by some image of yourself achieving them. I’ve eaten up a lot of maybe misleading stuff regarding to enlightenment or “destroy the ego” I think the true value is in mindfulness. Ego will always be there regardless as you said may as well put a good ego in there. But when you practice meditation and learn to disconnect from your thoughts and be aware of what you think. When your negative subconscious thoughts pop up You can choose to dis identify from the thoughts let them be and they have to power to control your emotions. Then your emotions can’t control your thinking and you break the loop most people are stuck in. When you think about, this constant need to improve yourself with spirituality ego/death, subliminals it’s all ego in its self so really is it possible to to destroy the “one/ego” seeking to destroy itself. It’s like the chef of police trying to find the arsonist, but the chef of police is himself the arsonist.


Have you ever met someone that didn’t tell lies, not even white lies?

Go ahead and imagine events at the workplace and in personal relationships where it is necessary to be diplomatic or strategic, or to go along with people even though you know they are wrong (great idea, boss), if only to make them feel better (I have total confidence you’ll do a better job next time // no, of course you do not look fat in those pants, sweetheart).

Or all the times we say sorry because it is customary, even though we don’t mean it. How many truly are sorry when they accidentally step on another’s toes? We feel neutral, it happens, we’re not sorry since it was completely unintentional. But we say it nonetheless, because it’s expected and people get angry if they don’t hear it. Simple social etiquette.

And all the things we tell our kids! I personally would love to have a one-on-one conversation with Santa Claus. Not to mention ask the Tooth Fairy where she leaves all those teeth. How would your child fare at school if you didn’t lie to them until they were old enough, just like pretty much every other parent?

White lies are what keep the peace. They are what enables a person to thrive in their professional and personal life. And we tell so many as part of being social and civil that most of us don’t even realize anymore when we do it.

As for manipulation, the art of negotiation is based on manipulation. So is compromise. To create a win-win situation, you need to guide a person, you need to take charge. An alpha male manipulates and influences most people they meet to some degree solely through their strong sense of self. Through subtle hints and even non-verbal communication, we are all always manipulating others in our world.

In my opinion, white lies and subtle manipulation are all part of our social filter, the thing that keeps society going. I’m certainly not saying to be evil or unethical. All I’m saying is that there are certain things that separate us from running around in loincloths in the jungle, the things that allow us to call ourselves “civilized” while living in dense cities with thousands of people. These are among them. I wish we didn’t need to, that people would act in the real world exactly how they act online, hidden behind the perceived anonymity of the Internet.

But let’s agree to disagree. I chose to put Dark in front of my username because I tend to take the pessimistic viewpoint in a debate. On the plus side, it gives the world ample opportunities to positively surprise me. :slight_smile:

You make some interesting points. I suppose we can never fully let go of ourselves without losing what it means to be human. But we can reach a point where we accept ourselves and the past no longer leeches our energy, allowing us to exist in the moment.

I was wondering what Nitro’s thoughts on this were, but I see he’s just posted while I was writing yet another far too long post. I can’t help myself, I’m intrigued by the human condition. So for going on too long, I am - honestly - sorry.


Good points :wink: I guess it comes down to your vision of enlightenment. The way I imagine it is being totally free of negativity, happy, fully fulfilled with what you have. Present and not being emotionally affected by negativity. Feel a connection with everyone and everything. I don’t think need to live in the jungle or wear robes for those things.


i ilked that discussion because i get into it deeply and i think steven taylor books like the leap is identifying enlightenment in definite ways its an eye opening book taking the myths out of the topic itself and offer a clear picture .


Thanks for the link Dida. Looks very interesting. I’ll defiantly be checking this book out. :+1:


We need an ego to be driven and to be successful in life. If you look at all the famous millionares all of them.have an ego.


Yeah that’s maybe true, but most also meditate. Disidentify from there thoughts and that breaks the link to there ego so they know the difference.