Ascended Mogul and quantum limitless journal

After using half of the first loop of the masked file I feel a bit at ease and lightheaded.
Everything is going fine, I am less worried, some reconciliatios happened but I knew what they were.
Now I played limitless, lets see what happens.
I am better at expressing myself, Iexpress myself more freely. I saw myself in the mirror and my looks definitely changed.It’s more confident now.and A bit dominating


Limitless sure will get the most out of Ascended Mogul, as any subliminal listening is about learning new ways of being and challenging established beliefs.

Remember to take a rest day if you get headaches. Welcome to the process.


For now I quit limitless because I want to allocate all my time to ascended

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Awesome that you’re getting results.

One thing I think you should keep in mind is that these tracks are meant to be listened to from beginning to end in one sitting… the full hour.

That’s not a bad idea. I always advocate for focus. Play AM for 2-3 months even while you feel like you’ve gotten all that there is to get out of it, I promise you… there’s more :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind advice, yes I listen from beginning to end at least for 4 times, and incomplete listening is about 2 times overall. So overall 6 times.
And yes, I am planning to listen for 6 months and yes, I journal to discver new possibilities and changes.
One of the good things I felt was that it was not programming me rather than it was removing some false beliefs and getting out my core personality.

Today is the second day, yesterday I listened for full 6 hours, 4 hours during the day and 2 hour during the night,approximately.
Yesterday I also experienced a reconciliation which I was not aware of(at the barbershop). My face was like an angry and very serious (fake) alpha male and I thought this was it but it was just a reconciliation.
Today I woke up motivated to go to work and I was feeling very light and at ease. I am taking medications for adhd, anxiety and depression.
Today I forgot to tale my medications and came to work and on my way to work I remembered and thought about not taking my medications to see wether my anxiety and other problems is for my subconcious blockages or my dna. Because I feel this subliminal is removing my blockages and my facial expressio is more open and relaxed in a good way.
Today when I came to work I was more friendly, open and alpha male; I was seeing people getting overwhelmed by my confidence(it wasn’t like wide open eyes and dominant expression, it was a nonchalantness), I had a better presence and all my employees were treating me like an alpha male, yesterday before listening to the subliminal me and Nawid had argument and it was my subconcious blockages leading me to the argument and my bad judgement and behaviour. I was so bossy and it was bad. See when your subconcious changes your whole path of life changes. Yesterday when I had a reconciliation in the barbershop I attracted an argument. If I was today’s person those two brother wouldn’t fight and there was no need for me to intervene. May I even didn’t go to that barbershop.
Today my whole aura is changed. I had a very good interaction with Nawid and he was treating me like a real alpha. Not that I was his boss. I should say my father is a rich person and a politician and also a super authority charismatic person I mean he has charisma authority and he is the most controlling person in the world, I am serious. His authority came from his anger problems and he was getting into fights alot when he was young and he gradually commanded respect, he has a a super smouldering vibe eg. Ordinary people get afraid and cant talk in his presence. As a boy I was raised under his authority and my self confidence and everything was crushed and I got a lot of blockages because of how he treated me. Since I was 14 of 15 we had bad relationship and I hated him so having a bad relationship with my father had a deep root in my subconcious and I couldn’t be good and friendly with him, and he always loved child who is flattering and has the classic love for his father or at least expressing it. And to day after a long time I told him I love him(at least on the phone :slight_smile: ) and he was also sharing a lot with me cause my whole aura was changed and I was open to know about him.


The previous versions of these titles needed to be played 6 or 8 loops a day. The Qv2 version needs only 1 to 3 loops a day. It is that strong.

Since Ascended Mogul is light, start with 2 loops per day. And then later you can do 3 or 4 loops.

When Solace version comes out soon, you will have to use even lesser loops.

Even the makers of this subs here recommend lesser number of loops or the reconcilliation (irritation, depression, anger) and stonewalling (not seeing results) will be very high.

Welcome to Subclub!


Thanks raphael
But I must confess that I am very tempted to listen more. But I promise I will create interval.
And as I read in the guide, I could listen upto 6 loops.
But as you said the recommendation is on starting from 1 loop


Mehhn I am feeeling goooood
I just have this vibe. New manifestation pathways are just openning


The guide is for the previous version which was Qv1, my friend. Please be careful. Many people report very good results at first by overdoing the number of loops. Then it comes crumbling down.

More loops doesn’t mean better results. You can get excellent results with even 1 loop. Try 2 loops which is still safe.

2 loops, 5 days a week and then take 2 days off. This is optimal. You will still get excellent results.


This is from the supporthub:

“If this is your first time using one of our titles, start with two loops per day. Increase to 2-4 loops per day the following week. If you begin to experience overload, stonewalling or reconciliation, drop down a loop until you start receiving results again.”


“if you listen Monday – Friday, take Saturday and Sunday off. If you listen Sunday – Thursday, take Friday and Saturday off, and so forth. Do NOT skip these two rest days. Like going to the gym, your mind needs time to relax and process the subliminal scripting. Skipping these rest days can result in overload (fatigue and headaches), stonewalling (a total lack of results), or reconciliation (emotional turmoil associated with integrating the subliminal input with your current beliefs).”



Thanks for your concern, I will definitely reduce the loops.


@Alphamale I was also concerned when you said 6 loops per day. If you’ve already hit hard reconciliation and it’s only day ONE, that’s definitely too many loops for you. it won’t be sustainable over time.

Try listening to two loops per 24 hour period, and listen to them both while you’re sleeping at night. That should be pretty good, and after a week or two, you can increase it a bit more. The subconscious mind handles subliminal messaging much better while sleeping than while awake, so if you CAN listen to them while sleeping, it’s usually better. But still listen to the full loop from start to finish :slight_smile:

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To put it into perspective, my favourite subliminal right now is a product called Heartsong. If I listen to it once every 2-3 days, me and my girlfriend have amazing communication and pretty much never fight. If I increase the loops past one loop every 2-3 days, all our old patterns come back to the surface.

I think most people need more than one loop every 2-3 days for most products, but it just goes to show how powerful the new products are, with Qv2, or with brand new products like Heartsong.

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Also, your results so far are AWESOME! Keep it up, find the pace that works for you, and soon these changes will become permanent :smiley:


The problem is, when I’m listening to the loop. I am very relaxed and an alpha male(with some problems that I will mention on a new question in the forum of course)
But after some time the results start to vanish(I know it’s the first days) thats when I start listening again and today rwsults have gotten permanent. And there was nothing much special except I jad some anxiety about sth that I’ll mention in a new question. I did not have new result but so far so goood

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These are quick results. They’ll be temporary at first because you’ve only listened to the subs a few times, and it hasn’t become a deep part of your personality yet. But as you listen to the subs more, and act this way more, it’ll slowly become permanent. It’s on its way to being permanent already!


4th day
Thanks billions
Today I listened less than other days. Thanks for your motivation.
Today I was feeling better and new manifestation pathways opened, like I found my fathers covid vaccine card, my personality was cool and lovable with norulhaq and esrafil and naqib.
But some Ideas came to my mind in between the progress and I hesitated to execute them. But I was a bit better at execution and leading. Today at Lucky five all attention was on me. I Talked with the hotel boss about the quality of their work. I commanded respect.
All the girls were zoomed on me. I was more in the moment, better with my family and I manifested fame on instagram. I am using the manifesting pathways.


Good stuff, bro.

Just wondering. You sure you want to mention your friend’s names in this journal? I mean, I don’t mind but am guessing you prefer privacy (or are they nicknames of your friends?)

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Hey Raphael,
I am journaling and I want to remeber everything when I read it later.
Dont worry, these have no idea about these thing. As I said less tha 10 people may know subliminal in our whole country

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