As Above & So Below - Review


Disclaimer: It is difficult to say everything I want to say without revealing half of the guided meditation. I do the best I can.

I just went through my first listen of these two SuperChargers included with Alchemist and more than ever before I’d like to get something off my chest. :slight_smile:

To begin, I’m no expert at visualizing real things. Meaning that True Social causes me some difficulty because I have a hard time creating those images of me being in that particular social situation.

But these two tracks go beyond that, they dare you to dream big, to explore your limits. So that made it far easier to do for me.

Second, I do like to meditate, so I did set the vibe, dimmed the lights, assumed the position and played with quality headphones on and zero distractions.

So here goes…

As Above:
This SuperCharger is all about realizing one’s connection to the Universe (or God, or whatever is out there). About becoming one with it.

The background track created an image of a pianist that walks into an empty theater, sits down at the piano and while leaning on one hand uses his other hand to just play with the sounds, improvising, sort of expressing through music what it’s like to be daydreaming. I liked it.

The visualization is similar to one that I use myself. I tend to float up into the stars and become part of the universal center as it expands across all. As Above does it a different way, but it felt quite comfortable to do.

Then came the unexpected part. In my own meditations, I often draw energy in from the Source, but here we pull the whole Universe in. That was something. My whole body started twitching as I had this compressed ball of light inside of me trying to expand again. I knew that unless I kept my focus on it, it would do so.

It wasn’t until the instructions came to the transmutation part where after a bit of effort the twitching ceased and I was greeted with a warm comfortable lightness.

After that, I interpreted the instructions as allowing me to go into a microcosmic meditation, just calmly circulating the energy around. I wasn’t all that bothered by the lead-out and was quite easily able to maintain the state going into the next track.

So Below:
And what a track it was. Right in the first moment I felt like someone had messed with the volume and my world exploded.

Then the background music came on and I felt like a Khan, overlooking his people dancing wildly around the bonfire. It was awesome!

The visualization called for a different location than the steppes of my Khanate, so I switched to a different native tribe. Still dancing wildly though. :slight_smile:

Then came the energy visualization. Whenever we think of energy, we see a bright white light, comprised of all the colors in the spectrum. But that’s a limiting belief by itself. What if you took away all the colors, all the light and was left with only the energy? Pure, raw and unadulterated. Like closing your eyes when your lover slowly runs a feather across your body, you have to depend on your other senses.

I admit a was a bit frightened at first, but then I started to really enjoy the feeling. It was so strong, so powerful. I went into ever greater detail how it would feel like. I was part of it, it was part of me. And there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish.

It was no surprise to me that when asked to transmute it towards my goal, I did not even remotely feel this was about sex. Instead, to me it was about power, success, raw masculinity.

This one really did a number one me, as I’m writing this I still have a half-smile that claims I know something you don’t an I’m enjoying that fact.

Incredible, totally incredible.

Now a review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t at least try and find some imperfections. I’m one of those people that find it exceptionally hard to give 1 or 5 stars, it’s always 2 or 4 for me.

First, something I remarked to Saint already, I felt like the normalized volume on So Below was louder compared to As Above. Now this might not be true. I was already in a receptive and meditative state and trust me when I tell you So Below comes in like the percussion section of an orchestra.

Still it seemed like the speaker’s voice was a bit louder too, one consonant in particular (if you have other SuperChargers you’ll know which one) became really pronounced.

Nothing disruptive, just a bit of a wake-up call after the gently floating sensation of As Above.

Next, as soon as I went into So Below, all the good stuff from As Above went away. I sort of expected it and would likely not listen to both of them back to back, but rather listen to As Above in the morning as the sun comes up and So Below in a dark room at night.

I do intent to listen to them the other way 'round though. See if it makes a difference.

You may have noticed I did not go for sexual energy with So Below. I think with practice I could, but for now it felt more natural to go with how the energy made me feel, like the world was my playground.

You’ll also notice I didn’t mention the word “aura” until now. My experience was that it wasn’t about cultivating an aura. The aura will come naturally as you learn to guide the energy inside and around you.

I admit I felt a bit nervous at first when doing So Below. It’s easy to think that all good things are basking in bright white light. Just consider that energy itself has no concept of good, it just is. And that makes the visualization of the light more of a crutch. Energy itself doesn’t need it. I think that’s what made So Below so powerful to me.

Finally, I would have loved it if it had gone for the originally planed 20 minutes and spent some more time just basking in the energy. Especially in So Below there was so much more for me to explore about it.

I would like to add a few tiny tips. Some I’ve already stated, like As Above in my opinion is better at the start of the day and So Below better at the end of it. The contrast in the visualization supports it as well.

One simple thing you can do in energy cultivation is to place the tip of your tongue lightly on the ridge right behind your teeth. Don’t put any strain on it, just close the connection. And when you visualize the energy going up and down your body, remember it goes up your spine and down the front. If you can slow down your breathing enough, you can synchronize it with the flow.

So, that’s my initial review. I’ll likely post more if I remember or after listening some more. To me it would be a really cool idea if everybody posted their review of these products in this thread, keeping them all together and easy to find. You can see all the different experiences. So feel free to post your As Above & So Below experiences here, I’d love to read them.

Thanks for reading!

Anybody using Alchemist Supercharges for manifestations?
Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist
Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist

Awesome feedback — thanks for this. I’ll take a look at the volume. So Below was exceptionally hard to mix and master. Might need to take another pass at it.


How long are each of these tracks? Thanks.


13:42 and 11:34 respectively.


@DarkPhilosopher I am not going to be using Alchemist anytime soon, but these superchargers sound amazing. Would you recommend using them with Khan?


They do feel amazing, yes. Especially the more grounded energy from So Below.

I’d recommend running them regardless. They are obviously not something tangible that you can use with Khan (like Libertine, True Social or even Legacy), but will still help with energy cultivation and meditation, which in the long run makes you a far more resilient person with a strong presence. Something that does benefit Khan.

If you do manage to use So Below to cultivate sexual energy, that obviously helps with Khan as well.

Actually, if I had Libertine, I would be inclined to start with So Below, keep the energy circulating at the end without coming out of my state, and then transition into Libertine and see what effect that would have.

If someone has both, please do try it out and report back.


One more thing. I realize I sound like a big fanboy for So Below.

You should understand that I believe both have the same potential and power, but for me like it will be for many, I simply don’t have the semi-enlightened (and possibly holistic) state to truly appreciate and utilize the energy that comes with As Above. Yet.

Also, I think As Above is for the more abstract pursuits, the grander things, while So Below is more earthly and tangible.

I wanted it to be clear I love both of them, but I will need to work more on As Above in order to reach its potential. Which is a good thing. It forces me to improve.


As above. I listened twice since yesterday. I could not visualize the different scenes but I could feel the warmth in my arms. And it concentrated in my hands. Sometimes it was painful in my fingers. Sometimes I had images of lava, sometimes light.

Now my question : the actress is saying that we can do whatever we want with this energy. What does it mean ? I feel warm in my body and particularly my hands, but then what ? It is quite typical of good relaxation with a good blood flow.


Once you’ve used the sub to charge up on energy, you have the option of letting it go or charging something with it.

For example, use the energy from As Above for manifesting or healing by directing it to a visualization of your goal or directing it to whatever needs healing.

The energy from So Below can be directed towards your sexual centers or spread throughout your body for exercise purposes.

Either can be used to charge the energetic field around you with an intent or something you wish to radiate.

You’ll feel the energy change into something else. It might change texture or color.

That’s what it means. The changing (transmutation) of energy from one form into another, one of the big things in Alchemy.


Thanks for your explanation. It means I can use the enegy in my hands to help heal some body parts of somebody through massage or at a distance ? It is an image I saw, hands healing


Yes, but keep in mind, these type of things require practice and discipline. Alchemist with help accelerate results, but you’ll still have to do some work.


@DarkPhilosopher nice review. I am currently struggling with this one . As its hard to visualize and i am not feeling anything what you are feeling. To be fair i am going to keep at it and see if anything happena.


I’m fortunate enough that years of Reiki, Tai Chi and Qigong have allowed me to guide energy well enough that I experience physical sensations when I do. And since I have yet to meet someone that can make energy visible, guiding it always comes down to visualization. I imagine the energy traveling where I want it, and it follows my lead. If I go too fast, I feel resistance and I’ll slow down.

I’ll admit I’m pretty bad at visualizing. Usually it’s just impressions of something rather than anything clear. But like you, I keep at it. Besides, daydreaming is a fun albeit time-wasting activity.

I still need to try them back to back the other way around, my ST2 experience is messing up my days. Another thing I want to do is As Above followed directly by a Quantum Healing session. See what that does.


When I visualize stuff, the visual part isn’t easy for me to make a whole picture…but I am decent at imagining the bits and pieces that imply what i’m going for. A la Neville Goddard and all that.

Of course it is MUCH easier for me to visualize when first waking up or in hypnagogia as I go to sleep. What Neville called the “State Akin to Sleep”…which is basically just a very effective form of self-hypnosis I think.


It may be that alpha/theta brainwaves allow your mind’s eye to function better. Your able to look inward and imagine what you desire.

I was discussing this with Saint just now. When he imagines an apple, he is able to get every detail of said apple clearly in his mind, with all his senses. I, however, get something more like a very detailed description of that apple. I could tell you everything about that apple, I know it’s there, I can turn it and look at it from all sides, but I’m not entirely certain if I’m actually seeing the apple. I think I am, but I’m not certain. It could be that maybe my subconscious is seeing the apple and I’m asking it to describe it for me.

When doing the visualization with these superchargers, I can describe many of the details. My subconscious also associates the images with things I remember from my life. Hence I can get really descriptive. And I could swear I’m seeing it. But am I?

I have a question for you guys. When you think of energy, what do you think of? A bright light, like the sun? A warmth, like warm water from a bath? A smell, like the smell of flowers? Or a feeling, like lightness or alertness? Something else?

I’m asking because to me energy has always been accompanied by light. Which made So Below so surprising. Is the light just a way to make sense of it (energy)? Does energy actually have a visual aspect? Or does one need to turn energy into light? I know lots of people can feel it, but how many can see it?

I know, big question. What is the true nature of energy? I’m tempted to answer 42.

PS A little note. One of the reasons why True Social is harder for me is because it takes more time for me to get the picture. I have difficulty doing it at the speed of the track. But if I turn off the track, sit down with my eyes closed and just take however long I need, I can do it.

Same thing goes for any visualization, I suppose. Some people get it clearly in 30 seconds, some need 5 minutes. If you have difficulty, try turning off the track and just do the visualization for yourself. After a few tries, you’ll probably get faster at it.


I see energy as waves accompanied with a warm potent feeling.

Please keep up with your journal @DarkPhilosopher . What did change over time? What do you feel? How does the practice affect you? What benefits do you feel?


I did a ritual today and I used As Above just before. I am quite pleased with it, during the phase where I visualized being one with the universe, not only did I feel empowerd, I also felt energy, especially on my feet. (this is one of my sensitive area)

The technique per se is nothing new but the subliminal in the background may help.


Oh also, I am pretty sure the visualization from the second part was “coming” to me, rather than initiated by me. This is something I rarely experience. It’s like seeing, rather than creating.


When developing As Above / So Below, the original visualizations were completely new and “cool.” As much as I wanted to go with that imagery, it simply didn’t produce the same results as the one we ended up going with. Glad to see that decision paid off.


This is exceptionally interesting – can you elaborate?