Art/creativity supercharger?


@SaintSovereign I was just wondering if there are any plans for a general creativity or art supercharger? I think it would be awesome to have a short supercharger that helps you connect with flow states more and switches on a more creative mindset. I’ve found that a lot of creative work gets squashed if the inner critic comes out too early. Doesn’t have to be art come to think of it. Anything that can put you in that mindset where you can bridge ideas from your deep subconscious to your conscious better. Sometimes it’s hard to access that if the right conditions aren’t met.


Beyond Limitless may be what you are describing.
At least I felt an increase in creativity when using it


I think beyond limitless helps with this too. Also QL stage 2 is supposed to help with creativity though it isn’t a super charger.


Must have missed that one. Seems more geared towards learning, but maybe there’s more to it than that. I guess I was looking more for cultivating a state, like true social or libertine. Something similar to that to get you into the creative headspace where things flow.


It helped me very much with visualising when I used it. You can get very creative with this one, for example visualise your music


Yes, Beyond Limitless is exceptionally effective for art and creativity.


Awesome, I’m definitely gonna grab this one too. Thanks guys!


Mind’s Eye will probably help with creativity too once it is released since it works with visualization.


@SaintSovereign it is stated this is specifically made to bound with the limitless subliminal script, how about Quantum Limitless?


Yes, it pairs well with QL.


@SaintSovereign or @Fire is there a plan to release a supercharger for alchemist within this year. Simply curious since I’ll be running AC and QL, plus their associates Superchargers within the next three months.


We already made TWO: As Above, So Below.


Got it. Thank you