Are there any ravers here?

Who attends events like Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, Coachella?

What are your experiences?

Wait till you go to Burning Man.

I attend it on YouTube :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Just read a little bit about it on wiki, doesnt seem like I’d be interested in it as it’s not EDM. right?

That doesnt count… at least for my plans :smiling_imp:

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Burning man is like the artsy environmentally conscious grandmother event. The unfestival. The playa gets turned into an interconnected set of camps like a city. (Think Fallout camps without the radioactivity) There’s art and music and many of the things you’d get at an EDM event in terms of recreational entertainment just no “headliners”.

There’s also infernal playa dust. My college roommate and a few of my friends went. I… am not a stuck in the middle of X camping/outdoors kind of person. I’d probably go to Coachella before burning man because it’s more diverse and there are infinitely more creature comfort options.

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Ew… I NEEEED Tiesto and David Guetta

It’s a crazy festival, with crazy people, in the middle of the Desert.

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Define crazy.

Crazy is ‘out-there’, far away from what we define ‘normal’.

Crazy is much more normal, then what normal actually is. If that makes any sense.

Why Coachella, as compared to UMF or Tomorrowland?

I’m not that into current EDM or the scene anymore. Coachella has more to offer me. That said, I hate crowds and am an introvert so the largest thing I’ve been to in recent history that wasn’t a prof conference was Afropunk here. Even then, I stayed in the relatively smaller vip sections when available for comfort.