Are there any INFJs on this forum?

Would love to discuss things with those who are of the same MBTI type especially regarding career.

PS: If you don’t believe in it, it’s okay. Just ignore this thread and please don’t try to convince me to change my mind regarding it.


I don’t like most MBTI sites, but I find the Cognitive Functions model to be somewhat useful for Decisions Screening.
Here’s a good description of the INFJ Functions.

Anyway, good luck. I’m not qualified to discuss careers for INFJ.

I’m ENTP, so more likely to be your soulmate according to the popular sites. :joy:


@Simon - LOL. No wonder I like you.

Jokes aside, am just fishing to get ideas from people who think alike, and hence the desire to talk to INFJs. I don’t take it too seriously (since I feel we can all change) but the MBTI of INFJ is too spot on for me to ignore and am wondering if there are any INFJs who are using subliminals.

Thanks for the link, Simon


I didn’t know what an INFJ was until I looked it up only a few minutes ago. I’ve always had a rare personality, from a young age on I could take all positions in life from popular one to the introverted researched but in a good way I just didn’t want to attention. I take in a lot of positions and experience them, I love to understand how society acts and learns, I’m much of a Carl Jung myself in a way.

Anyhow I’m clearly a INFJ, everything with it matches my personality. What about it?

After reading some stuff on INFJ, I can clearly say I’m 100% an INFJ.


@Hermit - whatDaYaKnow! Looks like I found an INFJ who found himself today! That’s cool!

But yeah, I must admit you did have that personality about you especially knowing a lot and wanting to help others (by writing a lot here). There are more characteristics like using intuition and having a more philosophical/spiritual mindset but I am sure you are finding out that for yourself when reading about the INFJ profile.

I was just wondering about how the career aspect of your life is for you. If I remember right, you are doing pretty well on that front. INFJs usually find it very hard to choose a career since they want to master a whole range of disciplines and their lack of focus usually ends in them not choosing a single path to master. Did you ever feel that way? How did you overcome that?


I’m feeling exactly that way,

I might have made some money at the age of 19 but let me tell you it was very hard for me. Intellectually everyone can do it, the hard thing was keeping focus and discipline. I’m doing stuff 18 hours a day from when I wake up to when I go to sleep, studying different subjects and I love it! The company on the other hand was a focus to grand myself some financial freedom, it was hard to me because of the clients I would like to work with, 90% of the companies out there focus on money instead actually providing value to the customer. But let’s not get into that topic here.

Let’s just by totally honest about the facts, I am all over the place, I follow my intuition and hearth but if I had a goal in my mind that isn’t about passion I would bypass that by using willpower to build up habits. I’d use the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired until now to get me there.

I’m always going to make money in the weirdest way and I have no desire to be a multi billionaire, if I did I would be working towards that goal already. None should desire to become even close to a multi multi millionaire at this point and time in the evolutionary cycle. Money is not going to be a slave system anymore in 5+ years. Just focus on self-development (spiritual development).


INFJ’s are of Andromedan origins that’s how I look at it, I have me theories which could go in much further detail but I think as well it wouldn’t be appropriate to discuss that on a forum like this one. By the way, we do find our career path once we follow our soul’s purpose. I have found mine but I haven’t got a detailed answer as to where I will be in a few years, many of it you as a person create yourself but the other half is set into stone.

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@Hermit - that’s exactly it. Although am not big on the money front, I would love to acquire more to achieve financial freedom to follow my other passions. Now I need to learn from you how to inculcate that sort of willpower to build up habits.

The problem with most INFJs is that they know what to do but will not do it. They give excellent advice to everyone but are hesitant to take advice themselves lol.

Could you point me again to what rituals you were talking about to reclaim ones life and power. You mentioned that to me in other thread but am not able to remember what you were referring to.

(sorry to chime in here, offtopic, but i just felt that I wanted to express my appreciation for infj´s. This type always make me feel so understood. Like someone is stroking my heart, in some way it almost erotic Love you infj! )


@aaa - thanks a lot for saying that. We INFJs love some appreciation because we give a lot and its good to recieve too. May I know what your MBTI type is?

Lol, you know me well. I know exactly how to reach every goal quickly and effectively although I don’t have this inner feeling of not wanting to. I’m pleasantly surprised about this INFJ theory, where have you read about it?

By the way, not that I don’t have the willpower or mentality to reach the goals. It’s just that I don’t care about the goals because perhaps they aren’t in alignment with my soul’s purpose. You see everyone here on earth has it’s place in society and plays an important role in the bigger theater of the universe that’s playing. Science may categorize these people in different groups as the one mentioned above, ‘INFJ’. In actuality why do you think these people have gotten these characteristics from the universe? Giving greater insights into reality is what I love to do. Because I understand, and you’ll will as well if you follow my advise from the following paragraph.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram followed by the Middle Pillar followed by another Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It should’t take more then one month daily practice to master these rituals and the changes you’ll get out of it will be immense compared to anything you’ve seen out there. I could list a thousand reason on how and why this works but I allow you to find that out for yourself.

  • Be aware that this may open you up to your astral sense and you might hear, see astral beings after being 3 months into the practice. Don’t be scared about them, they can’t touch you or do anything related to negativity, actually it’s quiet fun and playful. It’s just that you’ll shine light on the astral that may attract little astral insects but they won’t affect you in any way. You might also hear voices or see passed away friends and or family but there’s not to be worried about.

@Lion are you an INFJ?


I’m an INFJ. what you said about knowing what to do but not doing it, and not finding a career path because I’m interested in 18 different things hits the bullseye.


Yes, @Hermit. Am an INFJ too. That’s why I know about the giving advice but not taking it part haha.

Looks like you have figured out a lot of things and kudos to you on that.

That’s a very interesting perspective on not caring about the goals. I will definitely need to re-think and intuition on that. Maybe a “system thinking” will help.

I have a desire to have a nomadic lifestyle. Iwould like to achieve some sort of financial independence to do that. I would love to write books, but don’t know on what genre. I guess am figuring myself out. And like you said, I will get there.

Will have to take a pause on the rituals though. Maybe when I reach a state when I am more comfortable dealing with the astral plane, I will look into that. Reminds me of my interest in DMT and hopefully one day I will able to have an Ayahuasca experience which will also help answer my questions.


@HappyHero - oh man! That “knowing what to do but not doing it” is like sweet torture. Sometimes I just wanna kick my own ass lol

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@Hermit, @HappyHero - there are many videos on YouTube that explain the INFJ personality but two of my favorites are Frank James and Renaud Contini. They are both INFJs themselves and do provide deep insight into INFJs. Am sure you will enjoy listening to them.


For INFJ’s, I think it is important to have a financial income that comes from his or her passions. I’m a natural healer, psychologe I tent to understand person and there behavior patterns but I’m also very passionate and interested in human health and advanced technologies interacting with health. So I am going that direction. It’s a passion that will both satisfy me and bring me in the abundance needed to get ahead in life.

Thank you @Lion this is what I enjoy about the forum, lot’s of like-minded people here studying various interesting concepts that can actually lead me into new paths of learning and observing. These personality types really caught my interest and I will thoroughly study it the upcoming days to add in my library of knowledge. (Another reason not to spend time on the business, lol). Anyhow I do work on it without excuses everyday 4 hours of pure focus where I do nothing but working on the business, and it has gotten me where I am at right now. INFJ’s like us can come up with many strategic methods of making money without putting in much of effort, so I would say you can do it as well.



I actually took this test here:

And I came out to be an INTJ


@SaintSovereign recommends the HumanMetrics site for testing.


@Hermit - INTJ! No wonder your thinking part is active.

But yes, your advice on making money from our passions still counts. Maybe I have to choose one passion to start with instead of thinking that am losing out on the others. Then later take the rest of my passions up once there’s sufficient money being generated daily automatically.

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@Simon - thank you. Will be useful for the others wondering about MBTI