Apollo: A New Workout Custom

Just ordered a new workout custom. Solace FLAC.

Focus: Build an athletic, trim, aesthetically pleasing, and healthy body with an emphasis on masculinity.
Baseline Goals: Exercise Consistently, Eliminate/Greatly Reduce Junk Food Bingeing, Boost Masculinity
Tangible Goals: Body Fat 15%, Bench Press 225lb, 15" Arms

Godlike Masculinity
Beast Within

Physical Shifting
SPS: Muscular System
APS: Arms
APS: Torso
SPS: Fat Burn

Results Enhancement
Serum X
Carpe Diem Ascended
Extreme Exercise Motivation
Fusion Optimized
Deep Sleep
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver
Mountain Breaker
Health Codex

I know that several forum members are successful in the fitness arena. I would appreciate any feedback from them as well as the Forum Ambassadors @Invictus @RVconsultant @Luther24 @Azriel @AlexSQ @Brandon @Lion @Malkuth @Ice.


I’m going to edit as I go as I’m just doing something but I feel like 3 cores will be too much, especially a Stage 4. I don’t feel like you need GLM & Beast Within together.

What about them cores enticed you to use them?

Edit: I know why you chose them, I just want you to write it in your own words what each core will bring you so you can specifically choose which one may be a better fit over the other.


Since you have already purchased it, try it out for a couple of weeks. If you have issues with it, remove GLM in your next custom and try that.

Sometimes a 3 Core ZP custom is no problem. But sometimes it could feel heavy.

If this is the only subliminal you are running, it could work.


I chose GLM to give the custom a masculine boost and to help develop my masculine core and bring strength, power, and discipline to my workout program and nutrition. I was also inspired by @Fire’s recent article Fire's Journal - #38 by Fire

I chose Beast Within to help with exercise recovery.

Since they are lite cores, I didn’t think it would be a problem. If it becomes a problem, I will remove one of the cores.

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I kid you not I was thinking about a custom for fun at the service today, with 95% of the same modules you put here (except GLM core and Mountain Breaker), and damn man :heart_eyes:

I do agree with @Brandon and @Lion though, about the 3 cores might feel a bit too much at some point, so if you want my advice, run it for 5-7 mins only during the first run.

Also if you want a name for it, you can call it “Ambrosia” :wink:


Quite a coincidence! I will take your advice on the first run. My pre-workout is pretty potent, so with a potent sub and pre-workout, they might have to throw me out of the gym. :smirk:

As for the name, Apollo speaks to me. I’ll save Ambrosia for your next custom. Lol.

Looks good lol

Best way to stop the junk food bingeing is to start a diet plan. This helps you have something to commit to and follow with discipline - a clear path. Make sure you’re eating adequate amount of calories and stuff.

I’d make a diet plan right away if you haven’t already and watch it become better as EF4/Health Codex manifest and guide you to what is most optimal - same with your workout plan.

That’s all, I think. Have fun

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Thanks. I had that in mind already. I want to structure my diet plan around the right macro percentages, adequate protein intake, and 16/8 intermittent fasting.

Any suggestions from the forum on those macro %'s and correct amount of protein would be appreciated. I weigh in the 160’s.

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Most would probably suggest 0.82g (minimum) to 1g protein per bodyweight.

Calculate your overall calories needed, aim for 0.82g-1g protein per BW and that’s really all you need. Carbs and fats you don’t really need to worry too much about as long as you’re hitting your calories and protein intake.

What he said.


I’m going to try this to start. It translates to about 1g of protein per lb of body weight. I would estimate that I need about 2000 calories for maintenance level with moderate exercise. 1750 cuts enough off my total needs to cut fat at a reasonable pace.

P C F Total
Calories 700 525 525 1750
Percent 40% 30% 30% 100%

Does this seem reasonable to you?

Felt inspired to draft a meal plan based on 1.0 protein : weight ratio and 40-30-30 Protein-Carbs-Fat. About 1800 calories.

Grams Calories
Protein Carbs Fat Protein Total
Protein Powder 25 8 2 100 110
Protein Powder 25 8 2 100 110
Post Jym 0 120 0 0 120
Cereal 2.5 126 14 10 150
Soy Milk (3/4c) 4.5 33 24 18 75
Nuts (1/4c) 4 12 168 16 196
Protein Powder 25 8 2 100 110
Tuna 17 0 2 68 70
Bread (2sl) 8 142 66 32 240
Cheese Stick 18 12 216 72 300
Protein Bar 20 64 56 80 200
Protein Powder 25 8 2 100 110
Total 174 541 554 696 1791
30% 31% 39%
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Nothing like coming back from a fierce workout and seeing my new workout custom sitting in my inbox.

Shout out #1 to @luther24: Great advice on starting a diet plan ahead of the custom.

Shout out #2 to @Brandon: More great advice on protein uptake. I have never consumed that much protein. I must say that it is really helping my strength and size gains. My arms are now 13.5" and I feel bulkier.

Shout out #3 to @Invictus: Your journals are inspirational and you always give great advice.

Hmmm…I wonder how you guys became Forum Ambassadors?? :thinking: :grinning:


New cover art for Apollo custom


Glad I could help dude.

There’s this awesome guy on YouTube that I just started following who has great advice. It’s pretty common advice, for me anyhow, but it makes a lot of simple sense and doesn’t over complicate things.

Hopefully this helps you.


Great results.

Are you having soy milk? It isn’t conducive to testosterone production. Please replace it with something else.

Thanks. Will look into that. I use it to flavor my cereal.

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@Invictus, did you mention something in your journal about running your work out custom right before your work outs? Or maybe an hour before? I can’t recall. Also, do you run it before every work out or on the every other day schedule?

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Yep, listening right before working out increases a bit more of my strength and acts like a pre workout.

Recently I’ve just been doing the every other day schedule, keeping it simple, but might change eventually.

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Thanks. I’ve been running it before work outs every day I work out.

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