Anything other than emperor?


Hello everyone,

Why would I use any of the other programs if I can have emperor? It seems to be an all in one package - is there any use in buying ascension, mogul or sex mp3s from subliminal-club instead of emperor?


Ascension, Mogul and Sex Mastery all have specific, exclusive and quite extended scripting just for them, pushing them to excel in the areas they are made for.

Emperor has just their core scripting, in toned down versions. Not an all in one package, but a subliminal designed to get you to evolve as fast as possible, as far as possible. To become an Emperor.

Different subliminals.


Thank you Fire. Can I buy Emperor and stack it with one of the other subs?


Keep in mind that we cannot know how the results will manifest with you, and how the stack will work and interconnect exactly.

Hence, you’re taking this on your shoulders.

Having said that, yes you can.

Feel free to experiment with stacking subs in a different way, and finding your optimal listening and stacking schedule. We are here to help you achieve your potential and dreams, not limit you.

A good idea would be to journal carefully what stack you are currently running, hours for every sub and everything, and noting down the differences as you change the stack.

This way you will be better able to customize your playlist to your needs.

And of course, take action.


Does this apply to Ascended Mogul vs Ascension and Mogul separately too?


To an extent.

Ascended Mogul has more complete versions of Ascensions and Mogul, with added scripting to make both sides work in unison to get you what you desire and need at the moment, as well as some extra modules I cannot disclose to spice up just Ascended Mogul.


I read on the product page that one can mogul with ascension. I want a real deep positive change, how would you recommend me to approach this?


I currently brought Emperor, i think it is too much. Two weeks n no real changes i know short time but Acsended lite seem to be effective within a week but mainly for attention from man. i was looking to stack it with Mongul, but from the above comment that " Ascended Mongul" is formulated to work together and it is complete with extra. Would that be a better choice or just stack with Mongul. It was mentioned that Emperor only has the core of the above above Subs and it mayb better to start with something a little more focus.
Thank you,


I can only speak for myself Emperor does work in fact it began waving its magic within a week of me using it. My poor self image was resolved, self esteem was much improved. Please note you have to put yourself in “awkward” or “uncomfortable” situations to make it work.