Anyone buy 'name embedding' subs?


I’ve read in the forums that getting a personalized sub with name embedding works faster and better for the user, but I haven’t gotten a response yet from support. Does anyone know the pricing of it? Been interested in name embedding QL, Emperor, or Regeneration.


I’ve sent a homing pigeon to Paris. The last one didn’t appear to have made it though, probably got wasted on croissants.

Either way, it would be up to the price of a custom. I really have no idea, although I’m interested in getting a name-embedded myself (all the cool SubClub staff members have one).

There are a few members using customs, but I don’t know if those are fully custom or “only” name-embedded.





Thanks for the info. Not going for the full customs as something like QL practically has all the features I want for the brain and I would rather buy a full custom for something that isn’t in the store. If just name embedding makes that particular sub that much better, I would love to purchase that type of custom.


Wonder how much the lower end of a multi-stage sub would be since I’m only interested in the name embedding as of now if it works better.