Any tips for getting started with YouTube content creation?

I’ve been doing some searching on Google, but if anyone would like to share gear recommendations and tips for getting started on YouTube I’d appreciate it.


Just for clarification.
What kind of content do you want to create?
Do you wanna make videos where you speak into a camera? Or do you wanna make videos where your not recognizable at all? Narrate stuff?


I want to show a painting or drawing and my hands from above as I work on the art.

Paintings and drawings will be relatively small - no bigger than 12×16 inches.



Also thinking about using the same set up to stream on Twitch.

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Depending on your budget, the most important gear is the overhead camera mount.

U can either get a specialized mount or use a normal tripod mounted at an angle with some weight at the ends to prevent it from falling over.

It’s cheaper for overhead phone mounts around 50-60 dollars, for camera mounts maybe a 100 dollars more. You have some great options on amazon

For the camera you can either use your phone if it has a decent camera or check this out

Some people use gopro cameras

Gear is actually one small aspect. The most important is what story you say while showing your art skills, along with the background music

Try to dissect the video editing style of famous art YouTubers and check how it works.

For long form content it takes 10 or more videos to get traction. If your good at editing then 5 should be enough. For shorts channel just pump out a style of showing art and experiment to see what works for you.

All the best on your journey


50% if not more of youtube success is understanding thumbnails and titles.

If you can make killer thumbnails, thats the entry for people to view the video.
Once I changed my thumbnails, my channel grew massively.

It depends on your niche a lot, idk about painting, so look up guides for that.

Content of course is important. Depending on what kind of an audience you want. You dont HAVE to do the retention editing like mister beast.


Thanks for all the responses!

I have not yet ordered but this is the gear I have decided upon after much research. I plan to start creating YouTube videos of me painting and talking about the process. I also plan to begin recording hypnosis audio tracks with this set-up.

Elgato Facecam (webcam)
Elgato Wave XLR (audio interface)
SE Electronics Dynacaster (microphone)
Two Elgato booms arms to suspend the webcam overhead and put the microphone near my face.