Any official Reccomendations on Stacking A Standard Major with a Custom?


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Are there any official reccomendations for or against sacking a standard Major sub with a name embedded custom?


There are no recommendations for or against as far as I know. Use the same common sense as when stacking “standard” subliminals. Meaning: try and keep a common theme in your stack for better effects.

Personally, I would also recommend adding Mosaic in your customs when you intend to use them like this.

Poor mecharc… so many choices. And now there is Ultima Beyond.


I really admire people who can empathise my suffering :’)



@mecharc have you decided which modules you are going to include in your custom? What strength do you prefer?


My Custom is gonna be Entrepreneurship Focused Q2,
I will stack it with EOG from Stage 1.


StarkQ CoreMajor Subliminal Core


Ascension Q CoreMajor Subliminal Core


MosaicResults Enhancement


Stop Porn and MasturbationEmotional Healing


Productivity UnleashedProductivity, Results Enhancement


Limit DestroyerEmotional Healing, Results Enhancement


Leader of MenSocial, Status


SultanStatus, Wealth


Deep SleepPhysical Changes, Results Enhancement


Quantum Limitless ST4 Q CoreMajor Subliminal Core

What’s up with you bro?


@mecharc here’s my list

And there’s also a secret module which I haven’t included yet I am planning to go for terminus build.


What’s your goals bro?

  1. Physical changes
  2. Alpha personality
  3. Start an empire


@mecharc now I am confused should I ditch yggdrasil and go for sultan.


Alpha of Alpha will give you fast results but maybe not profound. Ascension Q will give you deeper Alpha results.

For empire building I think you should go for Stark Q core (if you wanna be social while doing it) or Emperor Q core (If you wanna do it alone). In contrast sultan is also wealth but not as deep the the previous 2.


@mecharc Based on your recommendation I will replace Alpha of alpha by acennsion core.i have already included stark Q in my list.and i will be stacking my custom with emperor Q after 1 month. But I am confused between sultan and yggdrasil.


Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


@mecharc I need one more suggestion. Should I go for Ascension or ascended mogul core?


Why are you adding Stage 1, Stage 2 Stage 3 and Stage 4?


Stark has Mogul in it, so Ascension.

That is solely dependant on your priority. I stuck to sultan in line with my goals

Plus, You should only keep Khan St1 and St4, all 4 will not be necessarry. ST4 has st2 and st3 in it already.


I was thinking it will make it more powerful having all 4 stages but now as @mecharc pointed out I’m only going to include stage 1 and 4.


@friday @mecharc now that I have removed khan St2 and st3 from my list. I have space for 2 more modules. I am thinking of including limit destroyer since khan St1 already have regeneration.
Any suggestions on which other module should I include.


You seem to be rushing on choosing your modules.

Take the time, think deeply about it otherwise 2 weeks later you will end up creating a new one like I see it happening here on the forum.

The power of the Q store is that you can target specific goals and problems, build on your strengths, limit your weaknesses. But first, you need to know exactly what you want out of it to align the subliminal with your unconsciousness as much as possible.

Also try to keep everything as focused as possible. Khan Stage 4 alone was considered so dense in the past that running it without prior listening could give you “no results”.


@fruday Thanks I will take my time and decide before proceeding further.


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask