Any evidence 'Ultrasonic' Subs Are Processed by Subconscious?


Are there peer reviewed journals proving that ULTRASONIC subs are absorbed and processed by the subconscious mind ?

Note: I’m not talking about normal (below human levels of auditory perception) subs but specifically Ultrasonic subs

These studies seem to focus on non-ultrasonic subs:


Just take a look around and see what everyone here, and at other forums / communities are saying about ultrasonic subliminals. I’m sure you’re not implying this, but the notion that everyone who gets results from ultrasonic subliminals is suffering from a collective delusion is ludicrous to me. When I first started using ultrasonic subliminals, I wasn’t even part of any community. I just stumbled upon a producer’s website, bought it and went on my merry way. Then, I started experiencing the crazy dreams, the inexplicable rage, headaches, tiredness – all the things people complained about. It wasn’t until I started reading forums and joining various communities that I realized these things were common to subliminal use.

That being said, I’m sure there are, but now that I’m out of grad school, I don’t have easy access to the paywalls and libraries that these journals hide behind. And since I’m not a fan of how modern “science” is conducted (re: financed by big pharma and the government), I haven’t actually looked for any in awhile. And with organizations like the American Psychological Association declaring, with scientific rigor, that “traditional masculinity,” defined as “stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression,” is “toxic,” you’ll find that my trust in modern mainstream research has almost completely eroded away.

I’ve written a number of articles for grad school that were accepted into peer reviewed journals (at one point, I wanted to be a professor and that’s an unspoken requirement), and I can assure you – they were absolute BS. One of the papers was written over the course of about six hours, as I spent the entire night before partying in Tijuana.

We have our own experimental group, where we perform blind testing of our products. Some of those people are here – they have the title of “Founder’s Club.” Others wish to be anonymous.



Appreciate your reply. And you’re right - not implying anything negative nor was I insinuating some sort of collective delusion.

I am confident “normal” (non-Ultrasonic) subliminals work - they certainly have for me.

Just looking for some scientific type research on the Ultrasonic ones (other than tried and tested real feedback here and on other forums)

p.s. Any thoughts on the “luck/manifestation” subliminal I suggested on the suggestions thread ? :slight_smile:


Seconding this post because I have been looking extensively at scientific papers on subliminal messages, especially on self help audio. Since I only have “mixed” results with subliminals so far, I am conflicted whether I am experiencing placebo or not. I mean, placebo would explain why most of the time the initial results I get fade away after a while. This is a known characteristic of placebo.

As far as my research went, I have examined many online libraries and repositories and I can say that, not only the researches I found were old, they weren’t concluding.

I however think personal experience is what matters, no matter what any paper says. That’s why I keep trying new things until I have an undisputed evidence.

Subliminal give results, but it’s rather the inconsistency and the form of the results that bother me. It seems like there are other variables in play, otherwise I would get results with them continuously as long as I am exposed to them.


Yes, we’re looking into this. More information later.


Just be aware that subliminals are a SUPPORT system. They are SUGGESTIONS. They do not make you do something you don’t want to do or or not ready to do. They simply help give you resources and motivation and ideas that help you accomplish what you set out to do. The CAN shape your thinking, but you have to assist in it.

That could account for any inconsistent results you may have seen or gotten.


I disagree, see this post I wrote a while back. This is an alternative at the placebo theory, for the most open minded.
Subliminal can do much more than just shaping the thinking. They are suggestions, sure, but for your subconscious mind. And that thing can do much more than what people think it can. Actually, subliminal programs can even make you do things you (think) you do not want to do, literally. I’ve experienced it.
When I first started using subliminals, I naturally went for the seduction ones. I experienced those weird times when my body would move on its own and do things I thought I was not capable of doing. I’ve experienced those times where I’d crave so much physical contact that it was enough motivation for me to go out there and seduce. Can you consciously choose how much you crave the opposite sex and adjust that level however it fits your needs?
I’ve also experienced times where under a self-esteem sub I found myself more attractive on selfies my friends took with me but that I DID’NT want to be part of.
And there are more. Subliminals don’t just “give you resources and motivation and ideas that help your accomplish what you set out to do”. They can do radically much more than that. If so, then they also should be able to continuously deliver the same results.

And your argument doesn’t work on goals that don’t involve any particular conscious action besides willingness. Like a lucid dreaming sub, that I like to mention often. because this is a great goal for measuring the effectiveness of subliminals. Granted you do not consciously interfere other than playing the sub, the quality and frequency of your LDs should show you the extent of how much your subconscious mind can make things happen, by itself.

Now, of course, there are goals where subliminals act more like a support system like you said. For example, a subliminal tailored for business and life success may give you insight on what to do or on projects to work on. Although your subc can make things happen how its own, it’d be really foolish not to write down those precious insights and take action IRL to concrétize them. In this regard alone, I agree with you.

All in all, what I was trying to say is that if a subliminal can give you real results at one point, it can also give you results at ANY other given time.
And that’s why I think it’s good to seek evidence - we want subliminals to output the same result given a set of input, and repeatedly achieve this feat regardless of time and space.

I’ve thought of it again just now, but I think one good way to get evidence at ultrasonic subs would be to expose one to a relative and observe his behavior. AFAIK, the results that person would get couldn’t be interpreted as placebo. That leaves that either the subliminal worked as intended for him, or that you influenced his reality just by observing him with expectation.


Please do not expose anyone to subliminal audio without their consent. You don’t have the right to violate someone’s mind to prove a pet theory, especially when the “placebo” argument itself is very shaky, and dare I say it — a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The subconscious mind seeks to find homeostasis. It has to — given the fact that one of its core goals is ensuring your survival. A subconscious mind in flux from some kind of stimuli, like subliminals, believes it’s in danger, as these new radical ideas could potentially lead to you getting hurt. So, it throws up the reconciliation responses — depression, anger, fatigue, fear.

This is where the CONSCIOUS mind kicks in, and why we recommend so hard to take action. As you take action that are line with the subliminal’s Goals, you’re telling the subconscious that the new ideas are okay, and you aren’t gonna die from acting on them. You are reinforcing the beliefs, and solidifying they as reality.

The examples you posted are a bit misleading. The subconscious mind just can’t override the conscious mind and it’s critical gate. If it could, my job would be A LOT easier. In all of the examples you posted, you simply recurved a strong subconscious urge and acted, albeit begrudgingly.

Now, don’t take this personally, but…

Sitting back on your laurels doing nothing but “watching for results” will most certainly result in inconsistent results that seem to fade. You start a new subliminal, it does its magic, and then you begin to say, “well what if it’s all placebo?” And you start looking for ways to discount what happened, like the lack of “scientific evidence.” And then, the subconscious makes THAT reality real instead of the one you wanted.

To be quite candid — it’s obnoxious to suggest that all the people receiving benefits are all experiencing a long-term collective placebo.

If you want more evidence, wait for the experimentals that @Fire and myself are working on. These should improve the validity of ultrasonic subliminals.


Not at all. I approach EVERYTHING I undergo with a open mind and “whatever happens, happens” mindset. Understand that, it’s important. Results don’t fade or filter because I expect them to. If it was true, all my self-help tools would also fail at some point. Which isn’t the case.

So no, I’m too careful and invested into finding myself to fall in the traps of self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’ll still disagree about that. To begin with, the points of using ultrasonic and masked affirmations is to bypass the critical gate.

But that doesn’t change the fact that:

  1. I consciously didn’t want to act that way at all. (In these present moments)
  2. I only realized what happened AFTER I acted.

This behavior was driven subconsciously, and this was completely irrelevant of what I, consciously wanted.
That kind of things happens basically ALL THE TIME to human. Most of how we act are predefined subconsciously, and that’s why subliminal can change you when they work. I’ll say it again, but the simple conscious effort that I judge needed for that is allowing. But this is already done by buying the product AND dedicating time on it. If the conscious mind WANTS results and/or change, there is no barrier.

I’m not suggesting it.

By all mean. I’ve said it a few times that I’m interesting into the experimental programs.


The connection between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind goes two ways. The critical mind protects the subconscious from data going IN and expresses the will of the subconscious on data going OUT.

Subliminals bypass the critical gate with information on the way in. The new subconscious urges generated by the subliminals must still be sent through the critical gate on its way to the conscious mind for physical expression. When that information is challenged by the critical mind, that’s when you get the reconciliation process. Hence, why we always say, take deliberate, conscious action — as it aligns both the conscious and subconscious minds, meaning the critical gate has nothing to dispute.


I believe here we’re talking about different things, but I’ll leave it at that.


@fluid because of hearing issues I have had for the last ten years I have used almost entirely ultrasonic subliminals for the last several years and I can tell you that they do work .Possibly better than masked subliminals


I remember being skeptical about this years ago. Taking action changes everything. The problem is that you don’t realize that your critical mind is doing this so you end up disbelieving it. Think about it.

Your listening to subs because you conciously want a change right. But at the same time it’s your concious mind that is blocking it. So to me it seems like there is more going on with our concious mind that were even aware of happening.

My most vivid dreams happen when I’m actually sleeping listening to ultrasonics moreso than masked. They are more profound.


For the masked and ultrasonic audios - how do we know what the subliminal messages are and what is being said?


how can you say so surely?


You don’t, that’s why this is such a niche product and requires a strong sense of exploration to use. That being says, this is a legit business — we’d get nothing from putting negative things into our scripts or faking things. That’s why we have an open forum and why we try not to apply heavy moderation to it. We would’ve been exposed by now if we were engaging in bad behavior.


Of course - that makes sense. It’s just that as someone new to subliminals - I think it’s important to know what my mind is being programmed into. Is there any reason why the script isn’t shared considering the superchargers have voice overs anyway? (in terms of other businesses stealing your content)


You just answered your own question.

Note that the voice overs in superchargers are different from the script used in the underlying ultrasonics.


This is one of maybe two or thee sub producers who have found a better way of doing it than just saying affirmations. Their subs have a greater effect than most of the other companies. If you were in that position, wouldn’t you want to keep your special recipe a secret? They are trying to make money after all, and the more people know how they do what they do, the harder that would be.


It’s not really the “affirmations” that are secret. It’s in the scripting; meaning the sentences and paragraphs and type of language being used in order to get outstanding results. That’s what’s secret.

If you want an idea of what that is read the list of details on the sales page . All the scripting will be about those goals. :grinning:

Anyways just for argument sake say someone on YouTube posts a list of affirmations In the details page of their sub how can you prove it? Best bet is to read reviews here to know subclub’s subliminals are legit.