Any evidence 'Ultrasonic' Subs Are Processed by Subconscious?


Can ultrasonics be listened to with phone speakers? And go to sleep while it is playing? I’ve always played makes other subs …I’m new to subclubs.


Yes, phone speakers are fine.

There’s an app called FrequenSee which is an Audiowave Spectrum Analyzer. It will allow you to see the frequency and volume of sounds that are above the range of easy human hearing. Just play the subliminal from a source, then use FrequenSee or a similar app. It will allow you to set things up properly.

People used to listen while sleeping a lot more. But you’ve arrived to Sub Club just after a major power upgrade to pretty much all titles.

Titles are so strong now that overnight listening is no longer necessary. Most titles only need 1-3 loops (or repetitions) per day. Also, just like with your physical workout, the rest and recovery phase is where growth happens and the work you’ve done gets integrated into your system. Many people have found that sleep times are a great opportunity to let that happen. You may be the same.

But as long as you 1) DON"T overplay and 2) DO give yourself sufficient time to rest and integrate the new patterns, it is up to your own convenience and decision when to play the subliminal. If daytime is impossible, maybe you’ll find that night time works well for you.


I see, great. Thanks for the info :+1:


Think of subliminals as a friend who’s Jesus and is showing the path and slowly changing your mindset and yourself to become the version of you that you want to be.