Anxiety or fear won't start


I’m running Asc Mogul, rebirth and Limit Destroyer.
Here is one reason why I can tell these subs work (at least for me). Some of the issues that I had are now just memories. For example there are specific situations that would trigger anxiety or fear responses. So often and for so long that it just became second nature to me. Here is what new. Right now, when those situations present themselves there is no anxiety or fear . Rather something very faint and distant. It’s almost like the anxiety or fear has nothing to latch on. A part of me still wants to go there just by habit but it’s not happening. And there is this little internal dialogue : “You should be feeling anxious or desperate right now. Why aren’t you doing it?”. To which the answer is : " I don’t know. It’s just not happening".

It’s like trying to start a car when the battery is dead. You turn the key in the ignition (trigger) but it’s not starting (no response). Even though you know the car usually starts.

Anyone feels like that since using these subs?


Yes, I have had anxiety for years! And AM and Primal helped me tremendously with this. I’ve been using competitor’s subs for years and they were not very helpful. If anything they made the anxiety and body tension worse… Amazing stuff.


Same here, in many situations, I don’t really feel different when running subs, but when you take action and face a situation, your reaction is different! I faced many situation this week at my job where I would of had anxiety, didn’t had any problem! Two weeks ago I was able to approach girls in a club! You really need to jump into a situation to see that you changed :wink:


Exactly. That might be the reason why @SaintSovereign and @Fire insist so much on taking action. That’s how you know if you’ve changed or not.