An open proposal for the forum

This may be received well, or it may not. My only hope is that over the past couple of years I’ve acted rational and civilized enough that it be considered in that regard, rather than a nonsensical & ill-thought-out newbie suggestion. :sweat_smile:

It’s a general concept, open to modification and suggestions. And, it may also be a terrible idea for reasons I haven’t considered. But here goes.

I propose something like a sandbox that new members are restricted to until they prove themselves to be non-troublemakers. Or perhaps another analogy would be a forum probation period… They could introduce themselves, ask some basic questions, but would not have free rein to start new topics and would have a limited number of posts per day they could make (so use them wisely!).

Combined with the enhanced flagging rules that @SaintSovereign mentioned, this could dramatically reduce the effects of trolls.

Yes, it would be hindering some legit new forum members, but as long as they behaved normally and without ill-intent, they would be granted full forum status soon enough. There is absolutely precedent elsewhere… for example, you don’t start out a brand new driver with doing 60mph on a freeway, they have some limitations to make sure they know what they’re doing before they have the ability to cause some harm. You also wouldn’t turn a child loose on a table saw on their first day of shop class either.

I understand there are some limits on new members already, but since ZP has leveled up the subliminal game, I humbly suggest a leveling up of community access might be a good idea too.

Thoughts @DarkPhilosopher @RVconsultant ?

Assuming the forum software can do such a thing without extensive modifications, of course.


Congratulatioms on getting proposed bru



Wow @BLACKICE, you literally posted what I wanted to write in my journal yesterday :rofl:
But yes, I agree with everything here.

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I have proposed similar things to Saint in the past. Not entirely certain what the forum software can and can not do, but at very least I proposed a private section for journals of people with experimental listening patterns. So those not following the recommended patterns who do want to share their experiences.

That way it’s possible to study the atypical gainers without confusing or incorrectly influencing newer members.

Other than that, it’s perfectly possible to make an invite-only section. We already have the experimental section and the Alchemist/Black section, we could do another section.

The risk you/we’d be running is to create too great a division between the users. Especially if the invite-only users start hanging out in their private corner and interact less with the new users. You don’t want that to happen. Or if at some point 90% of the users are in that group. Then it just becomes a normal part of the forum and we might as well increase restrictions for new users instead.

Another question would be to consider if the section is for all non-troublemakers or for all members proven to have contributed value through answering questions, coaching, writing thorough journals (well, I guess I’m not invited then :slight_smile: ) and things like that.

Everybody (even Arch Alchemists unfortunately) can become troublemakers given the right circumstances. So perhaps such a restricted section should be for those whose names and profile pictures (their “brand”) we actually recognize because they made an impact. That makes it sort of a little club where we come to sit back, relax and play chess while having deep discussions about things, knowing we’ll get answers based on proven experience and thinking processes, not just opinions. And if a member does go through a nasty spell, their membership is revoked temporarily.

Might even play with the idea of requiring a sponsor and a second to get in. Staff invites a few, they then sponsor others they believe should be in there.

Before you know it, people on Reddit will start talking about the SubClub secret society. :slight_smile:

Time for me to stop writing before my imagination runs into that rabbit hole any further.


An intriguing idea.

A troll and a spy will take theyr time to attack and if you give somebody the trust stamp and then he attacks, the kind of damage is much more profound compared to when you can sort out a Lotherbucker from the beginning



There’s still all the regular flagging and moderation available if someone turns out to be a well-established mole. Consider this however… if someone is “good” until they achieve full status and then suddenly they have grevious issues with the tech, with the company, etc… there’s a paper trail of positivity leading up to it which negates much of what they might say once they have a free voice.

Will this stop trolling completely? No, of course not. But it will stop the lazy ones who can’t be bothered to put in the work to get full status, or who can’t restrain themselves from being a complete a$$hole while still under probation, which will weed them out anyway.

Like I said, I consider this a concept in progress, and there is very likely a better solution than precisely the one I laid out. :nerd_face:

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Interesting idea. Some forums require that the first 5-10 posts a new member makes receive moderator approval before they become visible to anyone other than the moderation team.


I considered that, but I’m not in favor of volunteering other people to do work… I saw enough of that in the nonprofit sector. :wink:

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