An open forum apology


May seem a little strange but I have gone back and read some of the comments I have left in the past and I will openly admit although I was probably attempting to be sarcastic or funny that what was posted could have easily been taken as harsh criticism and that has never been my intention.
Running Dragon Reborn I have made great progress in either not making unnecessary comments but also put far more thought into what I do post so it’s more beneficial , helpful, and hopefully not self absorbed or narcissistic. I realize that not everyone catches sarcasm which isn’t a criticism just the reality that without tone or context it’s easy to misinterpret. I enjoy being a part of this community and interacting with everyone.
Thank you for your time


This is your best sarcastic post yet.


Now now… be nice…even if you’re joking. This was probably a difficult post for @Jcast to write.


Sure I’ve seen qualities such as pessimism and sarcasm in your posts. TBH I never really held it against you. I just figured that if you kept listening to subliminals, especially healing ones, you’d get a different mood.

I realize this post may not have been easy for you to write. Apologizing in public … or private … is not easy for me.

I’m just glad you got the insights you have. From what I’ve seen on the forum, you seem like a different person.

I think you said you know @subliminalguy is that right?

Have you talked with him?

Does he seem to think you are a different person?

I mean, I understand the apologetic feeling and the post. I would encourage you to take the insights, and make them habits.

That’s why I recommended YOU write a testimonial! The change to me is obvious, and I’ve never met you.

Dragon on!


I agree with @RVconsultant. Baring your mistakes to others means, to me, you’re making amends to yourself as well. I applaud that.

You’ve come a long way @JCast.


I also agree with @RVconsultant

I also pointed this out in his thread how I had noticed the change with you and your energy. That was your old self and I’m so beyond proud of you for the changes you’ve made to better yourself man. DR has done incredible things with you and it seems your life is getting better as well as your energy.

I’m so glad this sub has given you what feels like a new lease of life and a new way to enjoy it.

If anyone’s the poster child for this sub it’s you.

Super proud man and beyond grateful to get to see your journey unfold.


Hey! I am the nicest badass in the world :grin:

It was probably an easy post for @JCast to write; he is a dragon reborn on the leading edge, after all.


Don’t worry about it mate. I’ve seen some of those post and seen others where I felt you’re hurting. We all go through our ups and downs in life. Glad you’re taking this step, it sounds to me you’re evolving.

Now I’m even tempted to get DR when I could, my unevolved undisciplined mind could use it…


To be blunt, DR I think is the most powerful subliminal I’ve ever run.


Thank you for the replies and I do very often feels like the poster adult for this program. I have run various subliminals for probably close to twenty years and none of them even were a planck length compared to the measurement of what SubClub can do specifically Dragon Reborn. I can still be pessimistic and times because I tend to want to lean towards being realistic.
I feel like I was the epitome of self delusion for most of my life. Not seeing things as they really are. I can say I feel like I am a different person because when I look back at who I was , what I did , and how I behaved I honestly have no idea how or why I did anything. The often complete lack of priorities just blows my mind. It doesn’t really surprise me that I alienated a lot of people.
It wasn’t difficult to post believe it or not. It just felt appropriate.
I just think a lot of times a lot of what I thought or felt about the past just it doesn’t seem like me it seems like it was an entirely someone else. It’s frustrating at times only because I think back to all the time I wasted focusing on stuff that had no real meaning to begin with and how that time could have been used potentially to achieve much better things but now I think that comes in learning to grow from your pain and that’s where I’m at right now even as I continue to make progress. I’ve said it before and they’re still times I look at things and asked myself how did how did I ever think that was OK or appropriate?


I feel like now more than anything I want to set an example if that makes sense? To show what’s possible. I’ve spent so much of my life behaving like a self absorbed narcissist delusional fucktard that it I just want to do the right thing


That’s really something man. That and I’m also inspired by @JCast 's new thread.

I know I’m very immature, I’m also good at making excuses for myself not to excel, to the point I’m getting older everyday with nothing much to show for.

Drats, I’ve removed some stuff in my cart… see you later then True Social and Limitless…

Sounds like DR is a must. Hopefully I can include this in my budget before Christmas.


Something I keep forgetting to mention @RVconsultant is that I’m probably close to seventy percent deaf in my left ear so unless Dragon Reborn is seriously kicking in with the physical healing I am running this with reduced hearing abilities


Thank you for your courage, awareness, and willingness in posting this.
You’re progress is fantastic.


So even with hearing loss, you are experiencing a lot of benefit. I hope DR helps restore your hearing.


I’m not expecting it . Being realistic but it would be awesome


@JCast, you already hold the record for the highest number of self-deleted posts.
There is no need for you to self-censor now.

You were always well-liked on this forum, and continue to be.



I wasn’t aware that was common knowledge


I have no intention of censoring myself. Probably just choosing to word things differently where appropriate or not say anything at all. In posting this thread I wasn’t seeking approval or validation.


I thought your comments were pretty funny in the dark-humor range. Never had any issues with them. But still, transformations are always a joy to watch, and I feel like you are growing for the better