“When humans face too much information they resort to pattern recognition”
—Marshall McLuhan, 1968

The average person is exposed to more information in a day the a person in the 1700s would face in a year.

Information, after taking it in, needs time to be properly assimilated.
From this, you can extract great analogies for the sake of your subliminal.

Infact, it’s been happening to me. I don’t get 90% of the results until I stop listening to it, or switch to another subliminal.

Because the brain needs to be given a chance to process what’s going inside.


Is this referring to the conscious, or subconscious mind, or both?

How many loops of subliminals are you listening to every day?

Do you take breaks?

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This is the thing with me that I don’t know how should I go with…

I’ve been listening to 3 subs all first time (Ascension Regeneration and PCC) I alternate with each one each day, I run them min of 2 loops each sub every night. I’m hitting 90days soon but I have not seen many changes within myself, but I know they’re effecting me since I get all kinds of crazy dreams. I do take a break like 2 days of on weekends. Now I don’t know which road to go to maximize its effects. Up my loops? Take more rest days? Or even alternate the times I listened to? Any help from anyone would be great.

This is interesting and might be a key insight on sub use. Im feeling more clear minded now that ive stopped running stark q than i ever was while running it. Its actually soo much info if you think about it; script is at least 125 pages and thats multiplied by six for Q, and thats one loop. Now ive been doing just one loop every other day of standard ascended mogul and my mind feel sharper and more in tune. They did test the new build methods though and apparently they work well, maybe im just more sensitive to the stacked scripting. I wish I could at least handle one Q loop of stark, but even one loop gives me insomnia apparently

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Do you interact with people? (i.e. to see the emotional changes within yourself you need to get in situations with others)

If you ever decide to run stark again, would you be willing to run terminus just to compare and contrast?

I do yeah, I’m in Canada, in the west coast here and I go to hikes every week with friends and friends of friends

Maybe you’re already mature enough, so small time subliminals like A, Regeneration aren’t doing it for you?
And for PCC to kick in, the people you interact with have to be manipulative or some kind of worms (it allows you to see through deceit and detect hidden intentions)

What do you think?

He mentions regeneration use at night with no issues, So I assume he has an ideal situation for growth, just no fire under his ass so to speak :wink:

Although I don’t know what the crazy dreams are about.

This is a good point, It would be good to practice and reinforce the subliminal in challenging situations (comfort zone testing). Maybe provoke something without being too serious.

A big problem I have is just being in the right mindset for the sub or I will ignore it, this happens when I am reading as well, so it is an endemic issue…

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That can be a reason, so that’s why once my 90 days are up I will go for either a custom with major cores or get either Khan or Emperor. Maybe put Emperor core and AM core in my custom stack

Emperor core already has AM.

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Id be to afraid to, and it wouldn’t make sense since q made me too overstimulated to sleep why would more compacted info in the sub be any better?