Am I doing twitter wrong?

I’ve been trying to grow my twitter for a month. I’ve reached 37 followers. I’ve seen a guy reach 50 followers in 5 days. So, i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong.


My current strategy

  • comment about 40 times per day on big accounts
  • tweet 2x a day

I’m trying to create an engagment group with few like minded individuals so we can all comment in eachother’s tweet which pushes the tweet up in the algorithm.

Any advice or reframe of my results? I feel like I have a big hole in my strategy.


@Luther24 im pretty sure is the guy who was growing on twitter - I may be wrong, maybe they’ll be able to help you out.


That’s not a realistic strategy that’s going to gain followers. A bot can literally do the same thing… so can a 5 year old.

I don’t know your stack but I recommend Stark because it helps you grow any kind of social following quickly. It also separates you from the competition through ingenuity and creativity.

When people run Stark and go out in public, they have a celebrity halo-effect that garners attention. That same celebrity halo-effect also translates into the social media realm, where you stick out from the crowd and attract popularity like a magnet.

True Sell might also be something to consider because you are essentially “selling” yourself and your tweets to people.

True Sell objective:

Compose beautiful sentences that come out with effortless ease – right there in the moment.

Tweets are just a string of sentences with a 280 character limit per tweet. You want them to be high ROI and impactful.

Also, how is your profile picture? Those matter a lot on social media… subconsciously more than most people think.

I remember when I changed my profile pic to a koala on here and someone felt that I was less intimidating. I don’t understand why because that koala was a beast and not to be played with but yeah anyways. :laughing:

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