Alpha title for the man who lives for women


I proposed it somewhere on the board but I’d like to see an full alpha title that would be built to embody the man who lives to seduce and make love to women; The ultimate seducer, the man who women are incapable of resisting. The Rogue who lives for fully exploring his fascination, love and lust for the feminine.

I could see this built on the foundation of Primal Seduction, but fleshing out and optimizing the sexual, alpha, physical, social and stylistic qualities necessary to be this man, though, it should be noted that not all great ladies men are necessarily exemplary in physical qualities, or in wealth or celebrity, but still are astonishingly successful with women.

While built upon Primal Seduction there might be elements of Ascension, Sex Mastery, Power Can Corrupt, Emperor Fitness, Spartan, Inner Circle, Mogul etc. that could be relevant to this.

Some models might be Errol Flynn, Lord Byron, Casanova, Wilt Chamberlain, Jack Nicholsen, Serge Gainsbourg, Steve McQueen, Hugh Hefner, Duc de Richelieu.

One might also think of pick-up artists like Mystery , Tyler from Real Social Dynamics or Neil Strauss, author of The Game.

You can probably think of your own favorite examples.

Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction” gives context as do great works of literature, the corpus of PUA materials and history.


Primal vs Ascension


There is a “male equivalent to Seductress” in development.

And we already have Emperor, Khan, Stark, Daredevil, PS, PS-IT, etc. serving a variety of seducer types.


I guess I see this as a purer, more focused version of some of those alpha programs. The other alpha titles are more general than I imagine this to be.

Maybe the male version of Seductress will be the equivalent of what I am getting at here.

My main point is that this be aimed at the man for whom women are everything. A kind of pure version of the archetype, that then could be stacked with other titles, obviously if one wanted to shift the focus a bit.

I had thought of The PUA being the model, but that seems too shallow. I imagine a deep dive into the history of seduction as a life path towards fulfilment.



@dorfmeister - have been waiting for “The Seducer” myself. @SaintSovereign, @Fire. Please do the needful.

PS: don’t forget to include male enhancement in it too :grin:

PPS: Not to forget the promised Ultimate Author/Writer title too


Something that specifically embodies The Art of Seduction would be pretty cool-I was just thinking of the Rake-little article below some differentiates would be (this is different than the magician archtype @Hermit mentioned though)

  1. Undying Passion for woman
  2. Reputation and/ or Aura of woman wanting to be with ‘that guy’
  3. The feeling of the world falling away
  4. Aura of ‘danger’ and mystery
  5. Loving challenge
  6. Complete indifference to societal or other opinions or judgement-with masterful calibration
  7. Unquenchable sexual passion
  8. Incredible verbal persuasion
  9. Aura and/or actions of ‘never being gotten’/ unattainable even as he is totally devoted to any woman
  10. Master of insinuation/ sexual subcommunication/ and creating vivid imagery in stories

The Rake is the second persona described by Robert Greene, in his masterpiece, The Art of Seduction. The Rake has an unquenchable sexual passion for women. He can never have enough. A Rake uses an incredible repertoire of verbal skills and persuasion techniques to seduce women. Let’s examine the details.

Let Passion Lead the Way

Let’s go back to Part I of this series, where I describe the balance between passion and obsession:

Even when a man is successful, it isn’t long until he is overwhelming her with attention. Like an anaconda squeezing the life out of its prey, such men suck the excitement out of women. Be aware of your intensity. You want to give a little, then pull back. This is referred to as a “push pull technique.” It’s unwise and dangerous to go overboard when pursuing a woman because it will allow her to think she “has you.” Instead, maintain a sense of mystery. You want to show your interest, but not become obsessed. It will drive her wild and make her want you even more. This is the X factor, one that nearly every man lacks.

With the Rake person, you will do just that – make a woman think she has you. This is a slippery slope (as I alluded to) because you want to make the woman feel euphoria, but don’t want to look soft and exploitable. Women are masters at identifying such things. As Robert Greene describes in the book:

“A woman is often defensive and can sense insincerity or calculation. But if she feels consumed by your attentions, and is confident you will do anything for her, she will notice nothing else about you, or will find a way to forgive your indiscretions.”

The Rake oozes passion . You must make a woman feel like she is all that matters to you in the world. Even though a Rake’s attention span is fleeting, in the moment, he is wildly devoted to a woman’s needs, primarily pleasure. You need to avoid distractions and focus 100% on the woman you are attempting to seduce. Listen to every word, and respond with confidence and poise. Your intensity must be unmistakable!

Word to Live By

The Rake uses words to seduce, not his appearance . No persona speaks to the “looks don’t matter” theory than that of the Rake. Good looks are a bonus for the Rake, serving to enhance his impressive demeanor. Remember: Imperfect men can hold the keys to desire if they know how to act. You can thrive with women as long as you throw caution to the wind and have an unwavering sense of confidence. Some of history’s greatest seducers were hardly attractive, but they possessed a key characteristic, a mastery of persuasive language. Their weapon was the spoken word and what a weapon this can be.

You want to master insinuation – mixing and matching words that infect women with a deep sense of attraction. Storytelling ability is also crucial; your ability to paint a mental portrait of your sexual desires is a cornerstone of the Rake persona. Women cannot resist such a verbal attack. The Rake holds nothing back – he will praise and promise his way into a woman’s heart.

Be mindful of your pursuits. Just as you never choose the easy route in life, do not waste your time on women that you can have easily. Such pursuits are fruitless because they will never quench the thirst of a true Rake. The Rake is only interested when presented with a challenge . Due to strong seduction skills, the Rake targets top-tier women because they are the most attractive and thus pose the biggest test. Such a challenge keeps the Rake in the game. The Rake is filled with confidence, and nothing flames his competitive nature more than the pursuit of a woman who plays hard to get. His conquests are boring if there is no challenge during the seduction.

Women are attracted to men who embody a hint of danger and mystery. Such a man offers the thrill of the unique, an escape from boring, everyday life. I used Christian Grey to describe the Siren, and Grey can also easily be cast as a Rake. He gives his full attention to his targets, and intensifies his pursuits if faced with resistance. He stops at nothing to convince Anastasia that she must be his. Without such a challenge, Grey would simply walk away and pursue another conquest. The boredom would be overwhelming. It takes an apprehensive woman to keep a Rake’s interest. The Rake will gladly devote time and energy to a woman he finds mesmerizing, but he will go the extra mile for one who makes him work for it.

You want to embody the qualities women obsess over – confidence, sarcasm, dominance, etc. – but you don’t want to give in so much as to look desperate. If you stoop to predictability or neediness, a woman will begin to look elsewhere. Be bold and never be afraid to rock the boat to keep things interesting and mysterious.

Your Reputation Precedes You

Another crucial component of a Rake is his reputation. Women know he is promiscuous. A Rake is nearly impossible to tie down with commitment, but that only serves to make women more enthralled with him. He is honest and unashamed with his behavior – he is what he is and doesn’t apologize for it. It is up to the woman to reel him in for good.

In the book, Robert Greene mentions the prolific Rake, Pablo Picasso. The world-renowned painter could never stay loyal to one woman, and was constantly looking for his next challenge. His passion was unmistakable, however. This Telegraph article describes his persona brilliantly:

Loyal, generous and affectionate when it suited him, Picasso could be astoundingly brutal, to friends, lovers, even complete strangers. Yet he felt real, often anguished passion for each of these women – a passion he explored in tens of thousands of paintings, drawings and prints, in which he attempted to capture not just the way these women looked, but the totality of his feelings towards them.

Passion mixed with reputation defines a successful Rake. He is a conqueror of women because of these traits. Instead of diminishing his value, his reputation enhances it. Why you ask? Women are attracted to men who have been deemed “worthy” by other women. A man always surrounded by women is a man who is desired by the masses. Women know that there is something such a man possesses, and they want to find out more. A woman who is constantly on her toes becomes all the more attached to a man who can keep her there. The air of intrigue cuts deep.

Robert Greene perfectly captures this sentiment:

“Better to be abandoned than undesired by such a man.”

A man known for his conquests offers an irresistible temptation for women. They can’t help but imagine what he is like, and how he gets women to fall in love with him. Their dark side comes out, and they want nothing more than to be his next “victim.” The Rake is instantaneously desirable because of two things:

  1. It will be fun to see how long they can resist his attempts at seduction.
  2. It will be a challenge to keep him loyal once they fall under his spell.

Openly, women will deny this venomously. It is only when they come face to face with a Rake that such feelings manifest. To be desired by a Rake is the ultimate ego boost. Plus, the challenge of trying to tame such a man is a woman’s favorite game to play. The women who brush off the Rake are always the hardest to fall for him. It is with such women that the Rake gives his best efforts. The challenge is too good to pass up. The sense of fulfillment of such a conquest has no equal.

Because Alpha males are in rare supply (and dwindling rapidly); to hold one to one is a pinnacle achievement. Women dream of such men from the days of being a little girl. A woman will try and fail with such a man any day over being rejected by one. Better to plunge into his unpredictable world than suffer the blow of rejection.

Wrap Up

Men with women have pieces of the Rake persona. Nothing motivates a Rake more than a challenge. Because most women are easy to conquer, one who denies his advances get his full attention and best efforts. Their passion takes over and they become obsessed. The Rake will stop at nothing until the seduction is complete. Once successful, however, the Rake will likely seek out another conquest. This makes women all the more attracted to him. Being with a Rake is only half the fun. The other half is attempting to keep him tame.

The Rake cares little for public opinion or socially accepted norms. He lives by his own code and rules. His words are more important than his looks, but make no mistake – the Rake persona is deadly when it comes to seduction. He shamelessly pursues women and his weapon of choice is a verbal arsenal of seductive overtones. He is desired because he offers an escape from predictability, bringing passionate chaos to a woman’s life. Master the qualities of the Rake and never again will you fret over attracting women.


@Azriel - The Rake would make an awesome title. I do identify with it. Even when I tell women from the start that am keeping things fun with them and noncommittal, they love to hang around me. They also love my passion, wit and poetry. Which helps lead them even more to me. And I do it with utmost sincerety because I am deeply attracted to them all. And even though the affair might be fleeting or last a couple of years, it’s only because there is another woman to chase. And many more to seduce.


That’s awesome Raphael

I’m not familiar with the other Archtypes in the Art of Seduction except the Dandy

but I don’t think well get a lot of pull for Dandy Q :joy:

But the rake has some really cool qualities- when I was in a certain social group
all the woman made fun of me for going after all the woman, and then I ended up dating one- when she and I split up-I slept with her roomate and then a friend of another one of her roommates who visited from Europe. I did not set out to do this…it just kind of unfolded that way, and then she wanted to get back together, and all that woman in that circle would make fun of me for being shameless and ‘casting such a wide net’ and then want to be with me, the momentum and reputation made things really easy and fun. Never been in a situation like that again-but to have a sub geared towards creating that in manifestation, i.e. Rake, would be pretty cool


If your busting out your poetry with woman, and it’s working,
your bring a lost art back :sunglasses:


I am not sure what would be in the male version of The Seductress, but I think there are possibilities for a title that may be an even more specialized seduction title.

I think a lot of men would like an Alpha title that is strongly focused on ticking the boxes of being the man that women want, and even if he isn’t, at first, when he starts talking to them he becomes that man.

Great things become become possible when this area of life is handled.


@Azriel - oh how women love to shittest men. At first, I didn’t know how to handle such questions even when i knew they were doing that. It’s a matter of mindset though knowing that they are testing you at the same time having that devil may care attitude that turns them on because they know that such silly tests simply bounce off of us and we can joke about it or even shrug it off.


@Azriel - and yeah, regarding poetry, no wonder Lord Byron is my role model lol.


Just go easy on the Opium :wink:


@Azriel - hahaha! No worries there, bro. Drugs, Cigarettes and Alcohol aren’t my weaknesses at all. Am for food and women. So yeah, have to be careful that I don’t down too many Shawarmas lol


lol Shawarma was always my end of the night consolation prize


I’ve been listening to Robert Greene’s audiobooks lately and I think using “The Art of Seduction” for context could give a title like this great depth.

I tend to think of a PUA as a sort of technician of seduction as opposed to a guy who is a natural or a guy who is simply really good looking or has massive status and can pull simply for those reasons.

The PUA is ideally a scholar and a life long learner.


@Azriel that looks like a great site to explore! Kudos for the links.


Absolutely, this reminds me to go over some of the other articles on it.
Hope you get some good stuff there!


I fully agree with this, take for example the PUA Steve Jabba, an extremely good looking guy who is also fairly confident. It is impossible for him to teach this.

I used to work with a natural, who quite frankly was phenomenal but he had no idea what he was doing and couldn’t teach it either. this guy really liked women (not just for sex) but enjoyed the interaction with them, and to be fair I don’t know of anyone really good at game who doesn’t genuinely like women.

So yes, the PUA is a scholar.

But lifelong? No.

I think most guys who learn do so because something went wrong in their lives. After a few hundred approaches and a few dozen lays we simply realise its a numbers game, how vacuous most women are (indeed most men as well) and there is no such thing as a magic vagina. so most PUAs sort of give up in their 40/50’s.