Alpha 2.0 custom + emperorQ + IronThroneQ + sexMasteryQ

Starting a new journey, so a new Journal as well. I won’t be update the journal on a daily basis, aiming at least once a week.

Current status: full time employee with good salary, in an open relationship
Main objective: BECOME ALPHA 2.0 (
Key objectives for Alpha 2.0:

  1. you are CONSTANTLY happy
  2. confident, masculine
  3. if someone gets in you way, you don’t battle or try to convince them because you are too busy with your goals. you just move on
  4. financial and social freedom freedom

I’ve pretty much run all status/sex subliminal since SubClub started, 24/7: emperor, khan, primal, stark, sex mastery, primal seduction. I’ve decided on the following stack, as soon as I receive my custom:

supercharger (ultima version): ultima-test-stage1-a: once a day, in the morning
alpha2.0-terminus-custom x1
emperor-q x2
primal-q x2
stark-terminus x1
sex-mastery-q x1

ALPHA 2.0 CUSTOM is based on ascension, primal and sex mastery. The focus of the sub is: masculinity, confidence, presence, optimism. Additional modules: Ascension Q Core, Primal Q Core, Sex Mastery XQ Core, Lion IV, Dominion, Power Unleashed, Rogue, Carpe Diem Ascended, Total Nonchalance, Invincible Presence, Godlike Masculinity, Alpha of Alpha, Natural Winner, Extreme Exercise Motivation, Joie de Vivre, Earthshaker - Sexuality, Instant Spark, Iron Frame, Temptation, The Forge.


Great looking build,
just got that book on kindle
looking forward to hearing your results.

I’ve been asking everyone whose run both-if your up for sharing
why Ascension in the custom over Emperor?
Do you find advantages over one vs. the other?


the way I thought about the custom is more about a baseline that I will always use no matter the focus in a period in my life: I might focus entirely on seduction, or entirely on business - what would I want no matter what? that’s why ascension instead of emperor.


That makes sense,
I’m reading that book you recommended.
It’s fantastic and a great new model to strive towards


Glad to hear you find it valuable, Azriel. It’s been helpful for me, I like the non-bullshit approach, obssession for what you want etc :smiley:


Yesterday I got my custom subliminal, but I decided previously this weekend will be 2 days of pause.

I’ve changed a bit the stack, removing Stark altogether and replacing Primal with IronThrone, since Primal is already in my Custom. I’ll run this stack for at least 3 months and evaluate after if I’ll run it until the end of 2020. I will go back to Primal instead of IronThrone, if lockdown will be enforced again.

I’ll run the stack continuously starting tomorrow, with this ratio:
Alpha2.0-T : Emperor-Q : IronThrone-Q : SexMastery-Q - 2 : 2 : 2 : 1

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How’s the custom going?

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It’s going great, I need to start journaling :smile: I’m running a pretty heavy stack: custom-Alpha2.0:khan:primal:emperor in a ratio of 2:2:1:1 and it’s the best stack I’ve run so far to be honest.


@lovage, @Azriel - Caleb Jones aka BlackDragon is really cool. I discovered him 3 years ago when looking around for answers to “How to be an alpha male”. In addition to ebooks and websites that were okay but pretty vague on the topic, the blackdragon blog was in contrast simply awesome. Especially when it comes to allround practical development. And i wanted to imitate him lifestyle of being outcome independent, dating multiple beautiful women and having a location independent business(es).

I got the paperback of “The Unchained Man” since i loved his blog so much. Also got his recent ebook for setting up Alpha 2.0 Business. Both are very good. But reading books is one things and taking action another haha. So that’s why am here with Subclub to help me.

Excellent journal by the way, @lovage. Good luck!


That’s awesome! love to hear any details,whenever you do choose to journal :slight_smile: That is a pretty badass sack


Very cool,
can’t seem to find the ALpha 2.0 business ebook,
his unchained ebook is great though.

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@Azriel - here it is:

Awesome thank you sir!
Have you implemented it to effect yet?

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@Azriel - not yet. But soon.

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I’m going to take a week off in the wild, not sure if I’ll have internet. I’ll start journaling after that for sure!

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hows the Alpha 2.0 sub journey!?

Any updates.


Hey man,

I started a new journal here: All q: khan | emperor | primal | sm | libertine

I’ll add a new update today :slight_smile:


Just wanted to drop a nugget for readers in addition to this topics custom. The creator of A 2.0 has claimed 95%~ return rate on his ex’s. The method is basically this module,

The theory revolves around the women leaving him and coming back, after a failed Disney relationship… as the man becomes clingy and too many rules etc.