Alexander: Sex & Seduction


Upon my first listen to S&S I noticed a significant shifting and reframing of my worldview in relation to the goals of the program.

Rather than using past failures to continually keep me in the identity of someone who wasn’t good with women, I reframed the majority of them. I realized just how many opportunities I’ve had in the past, how many successes I’ve had, and how many more I could have in the future.

Day one I chose to go out to a bar with a friend, which ended up with us at a house party. I don’t usually go out to bars, and I’ve been especially introverted since beginning EMPEROR, so this was significant for me.

Women have been giving me very positive looks since I began the program. Cashiers will lean in when I’m speaking to them and smile seductively at me. I feel people staring at me whenever I go out.

One thing that is apparent is that I need to expand my dating pool. I have a friend who is more than willing to go out to bars with me and I’ll be doing that. I’ve regularly gotten laid off of Tinder and recently OkCupid, but I realize just how many opportunities I have in day-to-day life that I’m not capitalizing on.


I went out to a bar last night with my buddy.

From there we jumped to a club.

We were about to leave when at the entrance we see a whole 5 of our other friends, purely by chance. We spent the rest of the night until closing with them and had a blast. Flirted with a couple girls, although nothing came of it.

There are other things in the works as well, I’ll post about them when I see more progress with them.


Went out again last night.

Talked to some women, nothing came of it. It was also a Thursday, so the scene wasn’t lit, but I’m taking every opportunity I can to get out while running S&S.

It seems that one of the first results of S&S is manifesting a group of friends for me to go out with.

During EMPEROR I stayed inside and focused the majority of my attention on myself.

It’s only been a week since S&S was released and I’ve been out 3 times since then. I’ve also been hanging out in public places if I have no reason to be at home, passively looking for women to start conversations with.

I’ve gotten laid quite a few times this year running Subliminal Club but these have either been coworkers or girls I met online.

The thing they share in common is that with both you’re already pre-vetted: you either spend hours in the same building with this person or you both share a common attraction already before you even talk.

Going up to strangers is a new ball game for me but I’m putting in the time and effort, changing my habits, learning and growing and becoming better at all this.


I obtained a new fuckbuddy the day after the last post.

She had an astrology line on her Tinder bio, so I messaged her about it, talked for a day and then the conversation died out.

A week later she messaged me her number, setup a meeting, and then I fucked her.

She ended up revealing to me that of all her matches, I was the only one to hit her with a unique opener so she knew she had to meet me. This falls in line with what @SaintSovereign said about how S&S works.

I got rid of the last girl I fucked on my EMPEROR journal for various reasons, most important of them being I didn’t enjoy the time I spent with her, at all.

There was also another girl I was going to meetup with but she gave me a major red flag so I let the conversation die out.


I just remembered this journal existed and was amazed by how quickly S&S worked.

I started the journal on the 16th and by the 26th I already had 2 girls in rotation.

Granted, I went out 5/10 of those days and stepped up my online dating, but that’s extremely quick.

I felt I had to post because since Primal came out I see a lot less love for S&S, but this subliminal is definitely a beast.

Edit: this was all done on the V1 as well. The key (as its always been) is to take action.