AGI in 7 Months! Gemini, Sora, Optimus, & Agents - It's about to get REAL WEIRD out there!

Y’all ready?


I am ready for my new jobless life in front of the TV, watching movies from AI TV.

First I will watch “The Tower of Babel” :relaxed:


Yeah I have been following David Shapiro on youtube for a while.

Inevitable developments in anti-aging, curing disease, cheap energy, etc thanks to AI and Quantum computing make me excited for the future.

But I do wonder if there are any challenges or negative effects that will take us out. So I have mixed feelings on the matter. Am more optimistic though.

Wonder how SC subliminals will affect our future life in that utopian (or dystopian) world.


to know where we are going, we have to look in our past.
i suspect there will 2 main types of people. first type is people who are totally connected to technology (Ready Player One, Blade Runner ish, wearing VR all the time) and the second type is much more connected to nature and real connection with physical people, (like Avatar, solar punk ish).
it just comes down to what we really want.