I am currently doing True Social, Khan, Mogul, and Limitless.

I am at St1 Day 19, and due to exams Mogul is and will be off till 20th of November.

When I go back to my regular stack, I wanted to further add Power Can Corrupt. Will ths make my stack too intense?

My stack will look like this.

Mogul x REPEAT
Power can corrupt x REPEAT

True Social in the morning and before meeting clients

Limitless while doing business research


What are your ultimate aims for your new stack? In other words, how will this stack get you there?


@Michel I wanna develop status, and be a more charismatic leader and oerson.
I feel like I’ve been low status all my life, and have not leveraged my opportunities of connecting with high value people at all, I have had ridiculous number of opportunities.
But I Went through my opportunities rather passively.
I’m am afraid most of my opportunities have run out.
But I wanna make best use of any opportunity I get again.


This is something I’ve never expressed… Do u think it’s stage 1 of Khan that is breaking it down? @Michel


If you’re talking about business opportunities, Mogul with Khan and Power is a powerful stack. I do suspect though that Khan could be all you need, since you direct the eventual outcome towards what you want.

Yep, sure. ST1 asks serious questions about your current life path. If it’s “false” or “inauthentic”, it’ll be broken down.


@Michel Oops I forgot to mention that I wanna expand my small family business, build it into an empire from the foundation my dad has built. I’m the only heir.

The status is secondary goal but still important.

i would want to handle the status and communication part asap

The business goal is a long term plan, no set time frame.

I am currently abroad doing my masters. firstly I wanna be financially independent by 2020. Then from there, while still abroad slowly build the business connection’s and keep on building the business, may be expand it to abroad even.

I’m sorry English is not my first language, I get distracted while writing, and my writing gets all over the place.


Maybe swapping out Khan with Emperor instead?

It’s up to you, however if running and maintaining a family business is important, do you really need the Total Breakdown stage? Isn’t it better to get going immediately with creating wealth?


am yet to start running it. I am still just learning the business.

In the past years I just did it passively, with not much interest. Now I’m taking active interest. I finally realized what I was wasting all this time.
So I am getting a complete Khan make over, to develop confidence, courage, power, assertiveness and boldness. I think lack them often.

I still have time, till I take over completely.
So, I’m adamant on completing the Khan process. But I am open to add anything to my stack that will aid in my goals and see quicker results, hence I have mogul and true social. But I’m open to swap if necessary.

Do you suggest I finish emperor first? Then come back to Khan. I have plans to move to EOG after completing Khan.


Emperor will install all of the confidence, charisma and presence that Khan currently does, in a shorter timeframe. It also has its own “clear out” phase. Stacking Power or Social will help soften Emperor’s cold edge. It’s never too early to get started.

@raphael, @Darkphilosopher, @realbillperry, what do you guys think?


I think I’m experiencing a distinct feeling of deja vu reading your questions, Michel. :slight_smile:

Some of them were discussed in arc’s previous thread. It’s good to see arc went with the curiously absent AMASH’s suggestions.

Please don’t swap out the others so soon after you started, arc. Give them a chance to work on you. But adding Power might give you an edge. Power was designed to hook into Khan quite well, so there’s no disadvantage there.

Although you should calculate your exposure to ensure you still get enough of each program per day.

Another one that springs to mind reading how you didn’t leverage your opportunities of connecting with high value people is Inner Circle, another curiously absent thing. When it shows up, it might be worth considering also.

Oh, and do realize that some stages of Khan will cause your opportunities to stop manifesting while the inner work is happening. That’s just how it works and is not your fault. Read some of the journals to figure out which stages.


You are a brilliant observer to remember this. Have you been secretly using Quantum limitless? :wink:

@DarkPhilosopher will u please elaborate on this a little?


@Michel - since he has time, Khan will be fine. Also @DarkPhilosopher 's advice regarding adding Power Can Corrupt is good advice.