Advice Needed in Order to Take Advantage

I’ve been running Wanted and Primal Seduction (both ZP) for several months now with great success in gaining the attention of women, but my problem comes in taking things any further. There’s no way I can think of to say this without appearing full of myself, so I’ll just say it.

In the past, I’ve never needed any “game”. Women frequently made the first move, and made it very obviously. Somewhere along the line, things changed. In general, women don’t do that any more. Their display of interest became more subtle at some point in time.

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed this. The upshot is, that I don’t act on those interested women. I’m at a loss as to what to do. “Just talk to them”, doesn’t help. In the interest of clarity, I get this interest from women with Wanted on it’s own. I added P.S. to see if it would help me take things further.

Would Ascension be a better addition than P.S. for this particular issue? All advice and suggestions welcome.

Try Wanted and Daredevil.


That makes sense.

I think you’re on the right track. I can’t remember whose journal it was, but someone had pretty good success with this combo.

Remember, no sub on its own will “cure” you. It’ll only help you shape your reality (and how you identify within it), but you have to be the one to decide on the direction and take a step.

What that new reality is, and how that reality looks, sounds, and feels like is all up to you.

So, what does “take things further” mean to you?

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past year here, it’s that getting as clear as possible about the result you want and being brutally honest with yourself about the deeper issue hanging you up…that’s the best way I’ve found to pick a sub (whichever you pick first, you’ll eventually find the right one).

Not saying you have to air out your stuff here, just my humble opinion on sub selection.


Wanted + Stark + Libertine and thank me later;): Cyber Stack Junior (Stark ZP, Libertine ZP and QL ST 3 ZP) - #56 by CyberSec

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“being brutally honest with yourself about the deeper issue hanging you up”. That’s an important point I mostly forget. The last two years of almost constant lockdown didn’t help my confidence.


A question I was saving for another time is something along the lines of am I ready for Libertine? If I’m already getting female attention, I suppose it could only help.

Use Libertine whenever you want just keep in mind it’s pretty energy intensive so you might get tired or need more food. From my personal experience, I use to be in the same situation as you and then I ran my stack from back in the day of Wanted + Stark + Libertine in vacation things get intense especially if your not use to it. Like I’ve never had girls approach me so when I use this stack and this kept happening almost every day I was a bit in shock so it’s definitely something to get use to (I use to get attention but mostly stares or girls gazing at me but them approaching me is a whole different thing).


I’m just now reading your thread from March 4th. That’s something I look forward to getting used to. When you had these experiences, had you already been using subs for long?

I hear that.

Something you might try is to lower the stakes for yourself, so you can rake in some smaller wins. Start building your confidence back up.

Are you approaching women for fun? Or does the thought of doing that provoke too much anxiety?

Where/how are you meeting them? They may be interested but not have any intentions in that regard, so it never progresses.

I like stacking the deck in my favor, so when I wanted to meet someone where we both knew what the intention was, I used a dating site. For hookups, an app might be better.

That got me far better results than chatting up baristas, cashiers, cute girls in bookstores etc… they definitely responded, but it never went beyond flirting, no matter what I did/said… after a while I realized they simply weren’t looking for any sort of relationship (whether long-term or measured in hours…), so I looked elsewhere.

I hope that helps!

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Not really I got these experiences a week into starting my stack

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There’s no anxiety, I just get stuck for things to say. I know how pretentious this is going to sound, but honestly in the past I was the one getting chatted up, so this is new territory for me.

That helps. Now I can’t get that AC/DC song out of my head, lol.