Advice for next stack

Hi everyone, I need some advice for a possible next stack.

I’m almost finishing my second cycle of DR + LBFH and I think I’d leave it there (or maybe do another cycle if V2 is released soon) because it looks a bit “stagnant” now.
I haven’t experienced fireworks since DR and have been running it for nearly a year.

I hope to have a more noticeable effect from other titles and was thinking of directing my attention to the sexual and romantic area.

So, to have some context

I must add that I have always had a “difficult” relationship with sexuality, conflicting beliefs about it etc …

Currently I have almost no interest in watching porn, probably aided by DR or LBFH but I think it’s mostly from reading the EasyPeasy method.

I also don’t notice any interest in any particular girl, I can hang out in a club without being attracted to a single girl… and that’s weird. While I have always had a hard time expressing my interest for someone, it has always been like pretending not to be interested…

I have at the same time the feeling of missing something not having a woman, sex, romance and the feeling of not needing anything or anyone.
This “I can do myself” is a main theme in my life since I was a little child, my mom trying to help me eating and me getting angry cause I’ve to do it on my own, difficulties making friends because “I don’t need anyone”, etc.

Now, I’m looking for pile tips to fix this area of ​​life.
I’d like to keep LBFH, mainly because its meaning has a deep connection with me (although I’m not experiencing anything like what others have reported)

I was thinking of something like PS + SM + LBFH but I would like to have other perspectives from you. (I also see Wanted has a lot of what ps + sm would get, but maybe I’m wrong)

Thank for reading and for any insight


Almost one year, that is admirable. That should mean you have layed some serious ground work for other subliminals :clap: Sounds like you are a bit bored as well, and healing can be tedious in the long run, so spicing it up with other subliminals makes sense.

I can relate to that when I was younger, and also what you are saying with the whole, “I can do myself” thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Been there done that.

Have you thought about running something like Primal to start with? It sounds to me like you need to do some sexual healing, so stacking it with LBfH should work really well for that IMO. I find that in periods of a long time without dating or being particularly sexually inactive, that energy kind of stagnates, or is transmuted into other things. But as soon as you get out there again, it starts to move and flow again.

Primal did heal me a fair bit sexaully, and also got my “Chick-Radar” going again. It made me not hide my sexul desires anymore, and my head was just on a swivel observing all the beautiful women around me. Maybe after a while on Primal you can add PS instead?

As I mentioned earlier, this one I know all too well from my own youth. To me this has become my greatest strength, and also when I got over the whole FOMO thing which is ingrained into us by society, I realized I only need a few really good friends. Most people can’t stand to be alone or by themselves for long, but it’s truly a superpower to have.

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I’m a little confused here lol

You don’t feel attraction to women?

Have you always been like that? How is your libido?

Dont worry confusion is just temporary

Do I get horny? Yes
Do I feel interested in any particular person? No, they just seem al the same…

If you read what I wrote I said I always had difficulty expressing interest into others but it was like faking
Now I’m not sure I even need anyone but it can simply be frustration

High but it is seen as just a way of coping with life. There’s no much more interest than that

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Okay, so you do feel physical attraction to women but they don’t interest you on other levels.

There’s a difference between seeming the same and actually being the same. If you’re in a club and look around you, it’s easy to glance over all the women and go “yeah, they all seem the same”.

However, if you went and had deep conversations with each of them and found out about them: such as what they do for a living, what their interests are, what their quirks are, what their personality is like, what they enjoy in the bedroom… then suddenly it becomes apparent that they’re all different.

I suggest expanding upon what you mean by “they seem all the same” because it doesn’t seem realistic to me.

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You know when someone has deep anger but on the surface seems calm? Its not recognized even by himself
Its similar, I perfectly know that when I see a beautiful naked woman I get horny af.
But before arriving to that point I dont feel any pull (now, it’s not always been like that.

Everyone has is personal drama yeah… But it grows from the same roots.
“Same” problems expressed in “different” ways.

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So Primal would be the best choice?

Is this the right section to ask for suggestions?

Yes it is.

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I would suggest this stack:

  • Primal (Seduction, your choice)
  • LBfH
  • Wanted

I think this stack will hit the spot.


Right, I think I’ll try a cycle of Primal+LBFH alone first, and see if I get recon etc (I’m still having “issues” with DR4+LBFH, recon or overexposure I’m not sure…)

And then maybe add wanted, or switch to PS instead of Primal

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Re-reading PS product page

Primal Seduction is not a simple merger of the two–it’s a rebuild and rebalancing of both subliminals from scratch.

I’m not sure why one should go for Primal instead of PS? :thinking:

From my perspective you should run Primal only if you want Primal objectives and you are not interested in the Sex and Seduction part, otherwise go PS.

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mmm… but this is from Primal page

The subliminal that will allow you to finally love women AND have them.


Approaching any woman will become easy. Flirting with any woman will become a fun past time. Getting rejected will not matter. Having multiple women in your life at a time will become an objective reality. That is what PRIMAL is about – coming back to a more primal state of mind, where seducing women is a natural instinct… you have just forgotten how to tap into it.

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Well thats the thing with suggestions… at the end of the day you gotta decide what you think resonates better with what you want.
As far as I know the main focus of Primal is Inner Game and the main focus of S&S is Outer Game, making PS a balance of those aspects.

So what you feel will benefit you more at this moment of your life, outer game, inner game or both?


Yes, that’s why I’m trying to understand the differences.
Reading the product pages looks like both PS and Primal have outer game

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Not by the description but personally as I understood it over time, I used Primal when I just want the inner game; With that comes being relaxed and being comfortable in my own skin.

On Primal I’m naturally attractive and can act on my own attraction when I want to. It’s also a very feel good sub, at least in my experience.

I’ll also stay with Primal if I am in a relationship but would like to maintain my edge so to speak.

PS is for me a hunter sub, when I want to actively meet and date. If numbers is what I want, I’d go with PS in my arsenal. Some of the things I say and do when it’s “on” almost felt like I was on autopilot. I found flirting fun, and almost like second nature, not to mention the push to do so.


Im sure about that… what I meant is to differentiate between main focus vs secondary. There can be overlaping objectives, but the main purpose of Primal is Inner Game (with a little outer game flavor), the main purpose of PS is artfully develop and mix both inner and outer game.

A good rule of thumb can be…

If you want to focus on inner game, then Primal
If you want to focus on outer game, then S&S
If you want to develop both simultaneously, then PS


Thanks both!

I’d like to improve both in the end but I think it’s better to heal the inner side first

Let’s go with Primal then :wink:

… and keep listening to LBFH