Ace's Emperor Journal


Last week, a buddy of mine told me to check you guys out and for many reasons the Emperor program caught my attention. The list of submodules really had everything I was looking for in one subliminal file.

Background info: I am quickly approaching my 34th birthday, happily married with 3 kids, already earning 6 figures doing something I enjoy, working for somebody else. I have been using subliminal programs for years, with varying results.

My top 3 goals in life are:

  1. Be a masterful lover, husband, and father;
  2. Be healthy and physically fit weighing 180 lbs or less with less than 10% bodyfat;
  3. Be a financially independent entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist worth $10million or more with $1million or more in liquid assets.

I have been working on these goals prior to discovering the Emperor program and am looking for this program to assist in those goals.

I think you guys are on to something with this and I’ll occasionally report my results and questions.


So far, I tried one night listening to the ultrasonic build one night and the the experimental ultrasonic build another night. On the 2nd night. I did have a wild dream where I was chasing down an international group of criminals somewhere in Europe. It was a pretty badass dream, imagine Taken + V for Vendetta + Fast & Furious.

In addition, I was a little more efficient while doing some housework yesterday. I kept having the thought that I didn’t want to waste time. So if I had to go to the basement, I would carry something that needed to be taken down, and likewise on my trips up from my basement.

Separately, I would really like to understand the difference between the experimental vs. regular version. I don’t mind running the same subliminal audios for months at a time, I just want to choose one and stick with it.

Can they be run together? What if I run the masked version and the ultrasonic version at the same time?


I’m on Day 5 of listening mostly to the Extreme version and so far here’s been my experience:

  • Increased thoughts of how to use my time more efficiently;
  • Getting closer to my goal weight***(I was previously listening to another subliminal dedicated to this result, so there may be synergism between the two programs);
  • People unexpectedly coming to me for advice and opening up to me about personal issues;
  • I’m more direct in my communication; (I still see opportunities to be more direct, so I have room for improvement);
  • I have a desire to read about great emperors and empires of the past and leadership;
  • A co-worker unexpectedly gave me $10 to buy water for our office. I normally do this weekly out of my own money. I helped him with something he was working on, despite his previous dick behavior.


These results are very impressive. I invested in a bunch of subliminals from a competitor company who claimed to use secret technologies that could not be disclosed. One particular program which was deemed experimental was marketed as able to make women want to have sex with you. Unfortunately its been 2 years under development and have not seen any tangible results.


Without mentioning the program, I’m pretty sure I know which one you’re talking about. I tried it more so to arouse my wife more often, and got some interesting results, but the major draw back was that in creating a “sexual aura” my body would basically overheat and I would burst into sweat in public, for no other reason than there were beautiful women around me. I wasn’t nervous or anything, but like clockwork, I would feel a flush to my skin and immediately start pouring buckets of sweat. Not sexy.

As far as Emperor is concerned, I haven’t noticed any increased affection from my wife. I do catch other women making eye contact more, but I’m not in it for that. So it’s no big deal. My wife and I have built something solid and I’m not willing to throw that away for meaningless sex. So I appreciate women for their beauty and their feminine energy, which is beautiful in it’s own way. I interact with them like any other humans, no matter how physically attractive they are. That is all they want anyway.


Day 6: I had an overall feeling of "don’t f*ck with my time"and slight rage toward anyone slowing me down. My thoughts and actions were aligned with efficiency.

Day 7: More people are making eye contact with me. I don’t have the rage from yesterday. I started reading a biography of Alexander The Great. It is inspiring. It’s amazing how much influence he has had on the world over 2000 years after his lifetime.

Also the following happened and I am sharing purely for the creators and those curious about this product: I work in a large city filled with beautiful women who normally appear to be in a hurry and try not to make eye contact with me. While walking near my job, a women who could have easily been a model made eye contact with me, as we were walking towards each other on the street. Neither of us broke eye contact and we smiled warmly at each other in passing. This is not a regular occurrence.


Day 8: Nothing substantial to report. A normal day. I did finish the Alexander The Great biography by Freeman. I have another one to read soon. I listened to a Dan Pena seminar. He’s always inspirational and real about the amount of work and effort it takes to achieve greatness and wealth.

Day 9: A weekend day with my family. Strangers struck up short conversations with me at the park. And I struck up brief conversations with a few strangers. My wife and I got on the same page with some upcoming expenses and budgeting.

Day 10(today): So far, I listened to a book about the leadership principles of Julius Caesar. I’ve started a book about Genghis Khan. It’s interesting to read about the warrior kings from centuries ago. Human nature is still the same.

I’ve also committed to collecting authentic coins minted during the lifetimes of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Marcus Aurelius. I may add other as I continue reading about great leaders. These coins will serve as an inspiration of what is possible during one’s lifetime and a reminder that even the greatest among us will die. Since they all cost thousands, they are longer-term goals.


It’s been really interesting to see your development, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


@Fire, it’s interesting going through this process with your subliminal. Since I am less than 2 weeks into listening, I am immensely curious as to what life will look like in 3-6 months.

Day 11: I made progress on a certification I will soon be testing for. A different practice test was unexpectedly offered for free. I now see where I should focus my additional study efforts.

Also I had a very wild dream last night. In the dream, my wife and I were in our bedroom, when randomly a girl, we knew in high school and haven’t seen since, came in to the room said “Hello” and then went into our bathroom. Then my wife started saying she wanted to go through my phone because she knew I was messaging other women. Not true and so unlike my wife, as she is not prone to jealousy. I was shocked and outraged at her request and lack of trust. Then the dream got crazier. She started wrestling me for the phone, which I refused to give her on principle. Finally, I got her off me, stood her up and told her to leave. I then just stood in my bedroom in disbelief at the whole incident. I was very sad because it felt like the end of everything we have built. Then I wake up while still in my dream to find my wife laying next to me in bed, and I am relieved. The next thing, I am at work with my co-workers and I am just laughing at the realization that it was all a dream and everything was okay. It was very Inception like, with a dream within a dream.


I mean, you’re welcome to try… but I would highly recommend NOT doing this, lol. We’re actively working on our hybrid technology. I don’t think it’s actually going to make it work better, though, due to the way we build our subs.


When I ran the masked version through my frequency analysis, it shows activity in the same ultrasonic range as the ultrasonic versions. Does that mean you have ultrasonics running in the masked version? It’s not a big deal, I’ve been primarily running the Extreme version anyway.


Day 12: Another crazy dream, this time I was in a club with some family members. I struck up a conversation with an attractive girl, but something she said immediately let me know she was not my type and I quickly ended the conversation. Then I walked across the club and some guy picked a fight with me and we comically fought. It was like a kung-fu parody the way we fought.

Separately, I stopped by an auction house near my job and talked to somebody about collecting ancient coins. It turns out that coins minted during Alexander The Great’s lifetime can be had for between $500-$1,000. Coins from Marcus Aurelius reign are similarly priced. Julius Caesar’s coins are over $1,500 but still much more reasonable than I initially anticipated from online research.

I finished reading 21 Great Leaders and learned some key lessons from the examples. I seem to be in an information gathering mode regarding leadership. I have several books I’m going through all related to leadership.


Days 13-16: In terms of effects, the last few days were similar to the previous ones. People continued to make eye contact. I had a few vivid dreams.

I finished reading a 2nd biography of Alexander the Great and another book, The Ruler’s Guide. I highly recommend The Ruler’s Guide as it lays out the thinking and decision making of one of China’s greatest emperors. The foundation he set allowed his family dynasty to continue for 300+ years. He faced many of the same issues leaders face today and his philosophy for handling them is refreshing.

I also started reading the new Trump presidency book, Fear, and a biography of Napoleon. Contrasted to the other leaders I’ve read about, these two seem the most narcissistic. The new Trump book, uses interviews and facts to paint a the picture of a leader out of touch with his team, facts, and his country. Everything is viewed through the lens of, “How does this look for me?” Similarly, Napoleon, for all his military success and boldness, is blind to his wife’s affairs, other people’s ambitions, and the effects of never keeping his word.

I will continue to listen to the experimental version of Emperor for the remainder of the month. Afterwards, I will determine if I should switch to the regular version. In reading other journals, I see there is a common theme developing whereas users feel less bogged down by the regular version. I do not feel bogged down, but I would like to see an increase in my productivity and income.

For those interested in the effects on women, I continue to get more glances and stares from women. Overall, women are easier to talk to, but as I am not in this for the effects on those other than my wife, I am simply having pleasant interactions and injecting a bit of fun in my day as well as theirs. On another note, I have had less sex while listening to Emperor than prior to. Despite this lull, I have no desire for fapping. It’s as if its not even an option.

As the noticeable changes seem to be calming, I will only post updates that clearly reflect a shift in my thinking, acting, and or way of being.


Day 17-19:
Antifragility is concept put forth by Nassim Taleb in his book by the same name. He posits that Darwin’s idea of survival of the most fit an be expanded. The most fit is our chaotic and unpredictable world is antifragile, able to get better and better when exposed to unpredictable and/or unprecedented stress.

Emperor is making me antifragile. Yesterday, Day 18, I was given some unexpected news about a close loved one, not medical or fatal, but devastating in its own way. Despite this news, I was able to accept the reality of it without too much emotion and begin focusing on the what needs to be done and how it can be done.

Although, I was fairly resilient prior to listening to Emperor, it has gone to an unprecedented level.


I want to read that book. I am curious if I should read Black Swan before hand


I’ve read Fooled by Randomness, but not Black Swan. While I plan to go back and read Black Swan, I am able to follow his ideas, in Antifragile, without an issue. He provides plenty of examples of Black Swan events and fragile / antifragile people, things, and systems.

I started it this morning, and found it very timely considering recent life events.


Yesterday was my personal New Year. 34 years on this planet and I am more excited than ever for what the future holds. And at the same time, I am appreciative of all that I do have.

Some amazingly positive financial things are happening, I’ll hold out on the details until the deal closes.

I finished Black Swan. It’s an excellent although sometimes erudite analysis of the fault in our innate way of thinking in stories. Combined with some other things I’ve read, have had me thinking about the fallacies in my thinking and ways to question major decisions or plans of action about ongoing annoyances. I am also thinking about investments like Taleb’s character, Tony. I’m thinking about what is the “sucker’s bet.” And then I’m wondering how to avoid making the sucker’s bet.

IOIs are becoming very overt, especially on underground train platforms.

Today I noticed that my voice is changing. Words are resonating from my throat and chest and I easily talk louder. This was one thing I kept dealing with even with other subs, for some reason, my normal speaking volume is just under clearly audible from 10 feet away. People would regularly ask me to repeat myself. Despite my efforts to speak louder all the time, it was a struggle. But over the past few days, my volume has not been an issue, and I can feel my voice resonating differently inside of my upper body.


Happy birthday, man!


Happy birthday from everyone at Sub Club. :slight_smile:


Thanks @samoman and @Fire.