About to Jump into Khan


I don’t usually talk to people on the internet. But I think I like you guys.

You know what it means suffer. But through all of that, some of you know what its like to get through to the other side of it. To be true humans, to fully experience the self unbridled by trauma and self set limitations. And feel like more than a machine. To be human, and to feel the pain that goes with it is right.

I want that. It isn’t something I should do, it isn’t something expected of me, but it is good and right.

So, I am going to jump headfirst into Khan ST1. It is going to suck. A lot. But, I need the biggest rock I can carry to get the best out of myself. Wish me luck.


Good luck! You can do it :smiley:


First of all it takes guts to make this leap of faith.

Yes it will suck a lot. A lot of us have been there. Being broken down hurts. A lot. Especially if you have a lot of emotional baggage. But, guess what? After being broken down, you get to be rebuilt to something better. Just keep on looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.


Just to clarify, ST1 IS for removing bad programming, but you won’t be too exposed as Khan will reprogram you at the same time.

It’s 80% cleaning, 20% replacing. Expect reconciliation, anger and irritation, but also women attraction, morning wood and better confidence.


@EngineHeart - my usual advice to those who do Khan is to excuse yourself during ST1 and (usually) ST2. These stages will possibly be rough on you. I gave myself a “vacation” during these 2 stages (am almost done with ST2) because they are the breakdown and reprogramming stages and a lot of inner work is being done which leads to a rough time mentally. I try my best (in terms of action) in those 2 initial stages but don’t beat myself up if the results aren’t optimal. The best part are ST3 and ST4. But you would also be surprised at the positive changes that do take place during ST1 and ST2 too. All the best!