About Spartan Zp

One of the objectives of spartan is:

  • Cultivate a mindset of embracing the challenge and hardship, a mindset that pushes you to excel not just physically but even in everyday life.

I want to know from the people who have run Spartan how were your results regarding this particular objective.



I have a whole journal about spartan over 9 months. Go read:

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Also I didn’t ask you specifically I meant anyone who has run Spartan.

Yo, @Detective_L!

There was a time (when I initially joined SubliminalClub) when I used to use Spartan solely for the mindset. At that time, it was not ZP build of course but even then Spartan used to give me a strong and alpha mindset necessary for getting things done other than just exercising.

Infact the presence of mind of Spartan was so good that I used to use, and even recommend it, as a title to help deal with reconciliation when running Khan Stage 1 or even Dragon Reborn.

So yes Spartan is much more than an exercise audio and will help with cultivating a mindset that embraces everyday challenges.

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I am thinking of getting it for the next cycle few cycle. Thank you as always @Lion !!

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Relax bro I just thought you wanted an actual in depth reading, and maybe some feedback on how it comes off when you just prod people to come give you their results.

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I mean, many people do that and I don’t see anything wrong with it. :man_shrugging:
Anyway are you going to share your results or not? :sweat_smile:

It feels like khan but physical, intense drive and will. You’ll have this warrior mentality to a lot of things that go on in life. It’s low key my favorite program.

As for results man I don’t know what to tell you, it’s subtle but you’ll have this “push it to the limit” mentality

I think you’d gain more insight into it running it yourself because I’ve been running it so long alongside so many programs that I don’t know which program brought about which result


Thanks! That’s more than enough.

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@Detective_L Could you move this thread to Q&A please. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I somehow always manage to forget doing that. Thank you for pointing it out.:sweat:


I would appreciate if more people posted here. Please.

Am i understanding that right that it will help you getting the mindset to not procrastinate?

That is exactly what I asked.