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Hi there

Im wondering which kind of journal would be best to keep.
Many people suggest a handwritten journal in which you write your thoughts etc. and it just came to my mind to have some sort of video-journal or vlog haha.

What do you think about this idea? It certainly would be best to have as many impressions of yourself as possible, so I think having a vlog and a written journal may be the best solution to have something to compare your progress to


I admit there is a certain something about going out and handpicking a nice notebook with a leather cover (Moleskine is usually quite popular) and one of those pens that feels like there’s no friction at all and start writing.

As for a vlog, it depends on why you’d want to use it. What benefit would it have over a typed journal here?


Well I think it would complement the writing-part because you could see how your past self actually looked like in form of emotions, body language, voice pitch etc.


You have a point there. If it is worth the extra effort of setting it up and dedicating your time to the recordings, then by all means give it a shot. It would be amazing to see yourself “mature”.


Handwritten journal, yes. Vlog, no. I’ll get to the why in just a moment. As for the journal, the more involved the process of choosing one, the better results you’ll get. Spend some significant time choosing one that sticks out to you. My journal actually has a hardwood cover, and the paper is made from stone rather than wood pulp. It has a very mystical feel, and the first time I put a pen to it, I felt the “magickal buzz.” Your online journal can have a similar effect too, but I treat it a bit differently. With the online journal, I only talk about results that have already come to pass as a result of my practices. I do this to maintain the “code of silence,” and that’s also why I recommend against a vlog unless you’re an advanced alchemist and can resist its effects.

Most disciplines of mental alchemy will urge practitioners NOT to talk about their intentions, or what they’re working on because the psychological energy of those who are jealous by your growth will discourage you – even if you don’t realize it. Over time, the negativity will form limiting beliefs in your subconscious and will prevent you from success. I have experienced this first hand multiple times, hence why I stopped talking about some of the big things going on behind the scenes. People were using those successes to discredit and bash @Fire and myself. It’s easier to tear someone else down than to build yourself up and at times, I found myself a bit discouraged. So, I simply stopped talking about them until they came to pass.

Careful with a vlog. People will find all kinds of way to try and discredit you so they can maintain their sorry state of living. We actually have a really big announcement we’re dying to make, but we’re going to maintain the code of silence until it’s ready, simply to avoid those who would try to destroy our venture before it even starts, all because they’re triggered by seeing other people’s success.

Finding my True North

You absolutely have a point here and I use to follow this code too, but actually for another reason.
It discourages you because it is some sort of reward telling people what you are doing without actually doing it. However, when I said Vlog I didnt mean actually publishing it, more for yourself to see.

Btw. can you send us a link to the journal please? Sounds really interesting.


Sadly, that exact model is no longer for sale. I found it at a random store in San Francisco. Once it’s out, I won’t be able to replace it. I have heard good reviews of these journals, however: https://karststonepaper.com/


If you just want to study your own body language and attitude you don’t actually need to share it, you could just keep it private.

Sounds like quite a unique journal, never even heard of stone paper.

I agree you should definitely go to a specialized store with lots of different kinds of journals and pick up the journals, leaf through them, get a sense of how they feel. Same for pens. See if something clicks.